Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The photo below was taken at my daughter's home. Many happy times were spent there. 
The home was once owned by the famous author Emily Barnes.  

This is a photo of six of my seven children taken some years ago.  My daughter, Sandy was not in it because she was living  in Georgia with her little family at the time.  My son that passed away in November is on the far right.  Pat.  This Easter his absence was felt.  Next to him is his brother, Mike.  Mike and Pat were 13 months apart in age and very, very close.  Crib mates.  It's been a tough few years for our family.
 Next would have been my first born daughter, Sandy, and "big sister" in our family...then my third son and forth child, Danny.  Danny is the one that lost his kidney's and his sister Erin donated one of hers.  She saved his life.  What a time it all was..a stressful time for all.
The chubby one is me before I revolted and stopped trying to keep my dark hair.  *Hint*  Never wear a bulky white sweater in a picture..it just DOES NOT work!  :)   Next is second daughter and fifth child, Erin Kathleen, then Maryalice, and then last..but far from least is my baby girl Dawn.  She is the mother of Wrenna Dawn on Face Book otherwise known as "Wrenigade"   The one that is off adventuring in ...Switzerland? right now.  She is coming to stay  with me for a bit in August..and needless to say..I cannot wait.  My granddaughters are ..amazing.  Every single one of them.  I be-est SO blessed!!  So are the grandson's and you KNOW how us grandmothers can go on and on...

Easter was really nice.  Four young great grandchildren were here racing around and this grandma was in heaven to have them.   Five greats were missing.  Only twenty four for dinner this time..many had to work and some were far away but were remembered at family prayer time as were those far away and those that have made their transition and are waiting for their Mom.

Belated Happy Easter to all of you out there... YOU ALL are another reason I have been so blessed.
Thank you for being there..
I'm out here trying to get my act together..


P.S.  Did you know I turned 80 while I was "gold bricking" and not blogging?  Yep, back in early October.  Some of you that do face book knew because my children advertised it.   LOL  How am I taking it?  NOT well..not well at all, :) but on the other hand ....I am happy to be here.