Monday, October 29, 2012


I am so concerned about my dear blogger friends who may be in harms way.  Please know you are everyone's mind. 
Take the best care possible.
Everyone is praying for your safety!
My precious granddaughter, Wrenna, and her Dad came to visit and spent the night.  It's been a long time since I've seen them..and I hated to see them leave.  She was on her way to Venezuela to join a crew and learn to sail.  Adventuresome young woman.  Exactly like her mother (my daughter) and her father.  I know I hugged her too tight when she left..and bit my tongue (to some extent) to keep from giving out warnings to her right and left.  She is such a tiny little girl..and to me, seem so vulnerable.
She told me, with her arms around me, "Grandma, picture me in a golden light out there with my arms reaching up, shouting "I LOVE MY LIFE!!!"  I smiled and said I would. 
Her father gave me a link so I can track the  movements of her boat..does that calm me??
When is her return date?  That is the hardest part.  She has none.  No cell phone contact.
I am hoping there is another way of contacting her..and since they SAY the boat is very modern..and of course the photo's show this..just maybe we will be lucky and hear from her.
*extremely HEAVY sigh!*

Saturday, October 27, 2012


 I don't cook like I used to, I've gotten lazy and I admit it. and then I find recipes that are so simple and this blogger makes it so easy to follow them, that I just can't help myself.   
If you love to cook..and like to try new things..AND old things...visiting Joyce is recommended.

Of course she always takes photo's as she goes along..very specific..and so  easy to follow.
Here she is showing how to make a ghost cake.  :)  Not a flat one ..not a cut out one, but one that is standing UP!!  Neat? 

 Even though it is easy enough to go back and see the recipe's..because she keeps them all listed on her sidebar...SO convenient!   I found this wonderful loose leaf cookbook that has been great for keeping Joyces recipe's in.

Really heavy paper with nice pockets to store things.  I've removed all my stuff  so you can see.

several pockets through out the binder..makes it so easy to tuck things away and not lose them.

Lots of places to write in recipes also..but I like printing them and adding them to the binder under the right tab. 

See? :)

Thanks to Joyce@ October Farm for sharing so much with us..not to mention her lovely home.
I don't think there is anything this woman cannot do.  Sincerely!
There are other cooking blogs out there..but October Farm knocks my Autumn socks off!!

So..that's it for now. 

Lots of company..the pace is stepping up...October has been a busy month and we are thinking of planning a Halloween party for the family...something easy...
I mean really easy! 

Sending you love,

P.S.  I found this treasure at Costco..but I'm sure book stores carry it too.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012



 I found this on Etsy.  On the lid in lovely script (I should have taken a pic of it) it says "This is what happens to Fairies that don't believe in Witches.'
Since I don't have tiny ones to frighten (it's high on a shelf) I got a kick out of it. 
I just thought it was..funny. I bad? 
..and on the Autumn side of think of tiny mice babies cozy in a nut shell...Ok..yes...I have a thing for tiny mice! 
(I have a feeling I'm not making any brownie points here! )
So anyway...
 ..scarey black cats...(wha! Pink flowers??) 
oh well..
 Skeleton heads...and pumpkins and a spell book there in the corner of the picture..
(sheesh..why didn't I think to take a picture of that??)
I DO love my fireplace this Halloween.
We found that old corral post out on the ranch and rescued it..and made a mantel out of it..
Oh..wait..I already told you about all that...and showed you the mantel.  
Didn't I? 
Well, shoot, I am plumb out of stuff to show you I guess.  How many days do we have left until Halloween? 
A road trip?  Naw...
Vacation time is over..and we took ours in the back yard...
Lets see...I don't cook that much...or anyway I would rather visit Joyce at October Farm...OH..wait that reminds me.. I DO HAVE something else to show you... :) Later..
I forgot..( I hate getting old!!) but maybe there's enough time to
join Marty's Table Top Tuesday  party..  love Marty's blog! 
Wishing you love,

Friday, October 19, 2012


Yep..that's what I am all about.  Things that taste good and look cozy...but first the sugar!
My sweet daughter came to visit me.. and brought me these 6 inch sugar cookies that she makes.
Many years ago I gave her my sugar cookie recipe and she has tweaked it to make it her own.  They positively melt in your mouth.  She doesn't say..but I think they have lots ...and lots...of butter.
Believe me, I've asked...all she says is that she will make them for me.  Bless her little bakin' heart!
Spice cupcakes made from scratch.  It could not have been a better birthday. I happy.  She does such a great job.  
I have a bit of a thing about bows.  I tie them on everything..almost. 
Am I bragging about my next to youngest child.  YES!  I am! 
I am so proud of her.  I have great kids..and would you believe that all seven of them cook and bake?? 
Restaurant owner-son
 Cabinet maker-son
 Cabinet maker and student-son
Office manager for 5 doctors and homemaker-daughter
 High school councelor and homemaker-daughter
 Homemaker and manager of their own construction business.-daughter
 Masseuse (and a fantastic one!) and homemaker-daughter
Is that seven...yes.   
No doctors or lawyers... :)   Sooo...anyway..where was I..??  Sorry, my mind wandered....Oh yes..
 I love my Halloween table this year...even if it is a bit messed up.  Perhaps I'll set it with china for Marty's Table Top Tuesday.  ???   :)  IF I don't forget.  Do you think it's my age?   Shhhh...never mind.
I couldn't help it.  I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything this year..but I had to buy another black cake plate.  The BIG one.  I had one but..bakin' daughter sort of borrowed it and then it!  It happens with daughters. 
(yes...that's birdie feathers on the floor in the background...  HEAVY sigh..
 and then I saw the tea pot.  Both are by Rosanna Rococo Noir.  There were offered on Amazon. 
I ordered the creamer and sugar too.  I found those on ebay..but so far they have not arrived.  They are in the exact style of the teapot.
Cute?  :)
Thank heavens daughter's aren't into black decor...  Yet!
This is the post I did a couple of days ago..and it wouldn't work.  Fellow blogger Sandie
@ Chatty Crone helped me..figure out this complicated situation by telling me to.."just erase the whole thing and start over!"    It worked.  She is SO smart.  Is this where I say "DUH??"  :)
Sending you love,

Thursday, October 18, 2012


I fell off mine when I saw this picture of Maine's recent QUAKE! :):)
Well, I will try to post once again.  The last one ended up in trouble and I lost a couple of comments. 
It just was not showing this is sort of a trial run.
My sweet brother in law sent this to us...and PH called me in to look.   I burst out laughing and I think the laughter from California could cause us to have an earthquake!!  Is this too darned funny or not!!
(end of trial run)
Wishin' you love,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Cloches are something I have very few of...but...since I want to join in Table Top Tuesday..
this is my tiny contribution...
and yes...
I'm just a PARTY ANIMAL at heart!  You heard me right.
I did my post last night...and then this morning..found this little cloche.  Very Halloween.
A tiny Fairy that the Wicked old Witch caught,  or so they say. 
I found this little Halloween treasure on Esty. 
and then there's ...
...there's this little one...and..
Tha...tha...tha's all folks!! 
Now I'm off to see some REAL cloches... :):)
Wishin' you love,
Joining the only meme I ever join...MARTY'S  @ TABLE TOP TUESDAY...
Join her to see some REAL cloches... :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


...but of course! 
This spidy is very old.  I've heard spiders don't live long, but this one has followed me to three homes.  She doesn't even scare me anymore, except for one..tiny little thing... 

She doesn't look so big from here...however... living room window looks right out on her's sort of startling! 
I can see her clear from the family room, through the kitchen and clear through the living room...which is kind of unnerving ...especially after we just had our home sprayed...four times in a row trying to get rid of ants.  Sort of like a horror film where you kill all those ants and it ends up something that makes SPIDERS GROW HUGE!  *giggle*
I have this active imagination! 
And so on to the
it'  :)  PERFECT!
Used to be a terrible rusty black...very old.  Probably like...40 years.  PH NEVER throws anything away!
NOT if its working..(or holds mail) .ah well...  so...I painted it...(it's a much deeper red than this photo!
it has a magazine holder at the bottom which is perfect for holding baskets of blooms!! 
Yeah??  :)  neat huh. this witchy shoes came out on the front porch...
That's all I have to say about that.
This huge pine tree in the front yard gives off tons of beautiful pine cones...those have been there.....never mind..but I really do need to do something with them.  (trash can?) 
uh huh..uh huh.  Lots of stuff..lots of stuff...
The heat killed all my ivys...and..listen..WHO would design a home with the bathroom window..right next to where guests knock on your dingy dang door??? Sheesh!
The door bell rings...then the toilet get the picture.  Terrible design! 
 ...and who the heck hung that sign on my front porch!!  :)  Me of course.
My mother and my brother bought that for me one Halloween many years ago.
My mother has been gone for nearly 14 years now...I treasure that sign.. 
Too long of a post?  I try not to do that... :)
My love to all of you,
The End 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 So say I!!
I don't know..what do you post about when it's so quiet.  I can hear the clock ticking (barely) in the other room.  Another birthday and the clock sounds softer each year.  I definitely need hearing aids! 
I wonder if that is why older folks start losing their hearing, so they won't hear the clock tick away the hours?   And maybe that's why they lose their they can't see the wrinkles that the passage of time brings? 
I don't know....just a thought is of those random thoughts that goes through old ladies heads... :) 
The top of my piano is crowded...but.. 
I love it.  I overdo everything!  Always have!  :)
Sorry, but less is NEVER MORE!
Sweet Granddaughter came to visit today and brought  bouquets of Autumn flowers for my birthday... Not just ONE bouquet for Grandma...but TWO...because...
These Fall roses are just so pretty and they smell fantastic.  Is there anything quite like a rose?
 So...two bouquets...because ....more is always wonderful.
Seven children...Twenty grandchildren..because..
LESS ..IS NEVER MORE!  ( So says my crow..."NEVER MORE, NEVER MORE!!"
That's all I have for Tuesday...maybe I'll join Marty on Table Top Tuesday... :)  I haven't done that for awhile. 
Love to all,
P.S.  Would you believe the heat has broken a bit and we may even have rain by the end of the week!!  Yippee!!!
Thank you so much Marty..for another chance to share our Tabletops!  Join Marty and be inspired @    

Monday, October 8, 2012

~THEY SAY.....'s my birthday...but to be honest...I'm really pleased and surprised that I remembered.
I never remember ANYTHING any more!
  We were on our way out the door when sweet and patient husband snapped this of me. 
Today is my 76th birthday and I am trying not to think about it too much or I'll remember it's all a downhill slide from here on out.  :)
No partying..just a quiet dinner for PH and I.  Not in a party mood lately.
Now I have 80 waiting for me...and dear PH will be 80 this next year.  I am grateful for every single day. 
Wish me many more?  LOL   PLEASE? :)
My love to all of you,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


YOU have not seen me with my hair hanging down.  I aways have long hair  but I wear it up and hanging down, well ...yep...witchy woman! :)
I really DO like this little witch...but she hates me in "blue jeans" which I am forever in....and her smile makes me edgy.  As you can see, Scarecrow doesn't like her much either.   I think it's that ..grin! this Witch...we are great friends!  I think it was love at first sight.  She is in the living room and has her very own chair....for now.  She loves flowers.  Maybe that's why I love her. 
Yes, I think, or rather I know, that decorating is a sort of therapy for me.  I'm not saying it's for everyone because of all my friends, none of them are like me. 

I just love fabric sculptures.  I cannot imagine what it takes to do one of these.  Each is done by an artist.  I am sure there are probably patterns but as with everything, every artist has a different take on a sculpture.  The fabric is stiffened and it must be so hard to make these.  I don't even know how they are done and now I wish I had asked each of the artists. 

It's interesting what appeals to some and not to others. 
I bought these scare crows last year and they are fantastic.  Such detail. When I unpacked them this year...(wait...maybe it was the year before that I bought them!)  No matter.  You would have to hold them..feel their weight...they are amazing.  No drawn on faces...all lovely embroidery work!
Here is a photo of the pair of them sitting together in our dining room.  The artist that made these did NOT scrimp on quality.  Love these...
My crow on a stick!  He is so rustic and he sits above my sink and watches me wash dishes. 
He LOVES shiny things so I have to put the silver away...otherwise it disappears.  :)

 Witches are a favorite of mine.  I collect them.  This little sweetheart (she HATES it when I call her that) sits on an old suitcase on a drum table at the end of our couch in the family room.  I have to laugh at this old Witchy woman...did you notice she has my hair?  I wonder if we are related?   Don't answer that!! :)
Thanks to all of you for ...just being here!

Love and hugs to all,