Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I cannot believe I actually have a set of dishes I use for breakfast...but I do!
When the children were all home..there was one..just one..set of dishes. The second set was for Holidays and special occasions only! Now I have my daughters doing the same thing. Breakfast dishes...I LOVE it!

I hope you can see the little rooster napkins I just bought from Gardners Cottage.
Yes, yes, I use my little coke glasses for juice..but..I mean..we're NOT having company for breakfast..and I like these little glasses!'s ok..right? Right?

I really do like these little cherry dishes..but..after I got them I noticed the little spaces in the bands of red and it sort of makes them look as though they are chipped. I am used to it now..but for bothered me. Hey..cherries are cherries! I really like them. (now I want roosters! ~smile~

I am just showing this last picture because I wanted you to see that my stools are also painted with cherries. I bought the stools from Penny's and had an artist do them for me. I thought she did a wonderful job and after over five years not a single chip in them.

Just this one last thing. Nothing to do with tablescapes really..but I just love leaving these pretty plates in my cake saver. I use them all the time because they are out and so handy.'s kinda pretty too.
All done. ~Smiles~ (Yippee, I did it again...sorta!)


Monday, April 27, 2009


The name of this blog is balisha-never enough time. The reason I have chosen to show case this blog is because she has something so special to contribute. Her blog is one of those ...quiet, unassuming that sort of sneaks up and endears itself to you.

Balisha is wonderful at adding a bit of historical facts on many of her subjects. Gardening being her speciality! (wait...almost forgot that amazing apple pie she baked recently!!)

The deeper you dig into this blog..If gardening interests you, and it does most of us..the more fun it is.
Or if you have questions about plants, I bet Balisha can help you..just ask her. She is a no nonsense person..but SO accommadating to folks.
You will grow to love this woman. Visit her and find out for yourself.

Allison at A LITTLE SHABBY ALWAYS CHIC has been sweet enough to bestow the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AWARD upon me. This is a young woman who already knows how to make a house a HOME. When you visit her you will see that at her tender age..she is well on her way! SHE IS AMAZING!
Thanks you so much Allison! You always make me smile!

I would like to pass this ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AWARD on to Lucy at ENGLISH COTTAGE IN GEORGIA. She is a lady that has her plate full and has the most amazing attitude! Always warm, always caring and goes that extra mile to show you she cares!
She deserves this award so much! Thanks Lucy, for being you!

Ok..I'm almost done. By now you can probably tell by the hours that I can't, you poor sweet things, you are subjected to some extra's. I found this little shelf at a garage sale for a dollar I think, bought a pot and filled it with flowers and attached it to the wall under our bedroom window. This little home needs all the help it can get...and I think it helped. I really do!

Just wanted you to see.

Ok..I am finished sharing. ~smile~ If you stuck with me this long...thanks SO MUCH! I appreciate you!!

Love and hugs,

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I think it's time I tried my wings this beautiful Monday..

Thank you to Susan from Between Naps on The Porch for hosting this lovely event.

These are the green dishes that I had questions about. I am featuring them here so you can see how they can be is the before..

And here is the after..they are used for the centerpiece of a Springtime wedding shower for my Granddaugher Rachel.
Another view of the table..

Brownies on my old real depression glass cookie plate looked beautiful.. notice my very old vintage tablecloth used over white linen...perfect! It worked...

And here are two of the green hobnail cake plates and the berry bowl on the top filled with even more Spring flowers. The third stacking cake plate was used to hold in another way on the table because all of it was on a silver cake pedistal holding with the theme.

And..cupcakes.. I just want to add that all of the cupcakes and desserts, decorations etc. were made by my daughter, Maryalice. She did all of this for her niece. My only part was loaning my things to help out a bit.

And chocolate coverd strawberries...HUGE cold and delicious!

And..a fruit tray..
And..the Springtime theme continued with this lovely HUGE butterfly!

Just different views of the table that I thought you might enjoy.
The beautiful lovely pink bows on the backs of each chair...sooo pretty.. This home is featured in the books by Emilie Barnes...which certainly adds to the beauty.

This silver plate punch bowl with footed tray I found in a Thrift shop. I bought it and brought it home..but..somehow it ended up with my daughter. The edges are trimmed with roses..and of course I love that about it. Note the butterfly my daughter added to the handle for a bit more of the Springtime theme of the shower. Please enlarge so you can see the butterfly better.. :)

Lots of silver was used for holding flowers such a teapots etc. The flowers were all from both my daughters yards. They love to garden as I do.

Is there anything prettier than a vase of Spring flowers...We all have our rose bushes...and they come in handy when you want to entertain. VERY handy. Beats running to the floral shop or the super market..and they are fresher! Sooo pretty!

I just got home a bit earlier and wanted to get this up and posted for the morning.
Everything went Granddaughter looked beautiful and cried when we placed her "Bride To Be" satin banner over her head and across her chest. She looked lovely. I do have a picture of her but she is shy about having her picture I won't do that. Maybe later. I have stuck to the makeover of those matching green glass stacking cake plates..
I hope you enjoyed seeing them...
Hugs to all..


I have been honored by Smart Mouth Broad for the BELLA AWARD and I am going to be impossible for my family to live with for awhile. Thank you SO much!! She bestowed this award on me because she thinks my blog is lovely. Thank you SO much SMB!

You must pass this award on to 15 people whose blogs you think are really lovely and who are new to you. This helps newcomers also. If you do not have 15 new to you, just choose those you think have lovely blogs. This award is yours to take and post on your side bar with the name of the giver beneath it. Enjoy and congratulations! I think you are all wonderful!

My choices are as follows and this was NOT easy. I lost my first list so I hope I have chosen correctly the second time. None of my links (ho hum) worked! I fooled around and fooled around and lost then entire thing! Pushed the WRONG button..and even lost my blog for awhile! Never mind...on with my choices.

A Little Shabby Always Chic

A Cottage By The Crane LakeI know you are man enough to grab this award and dare anyone to SAY ONE WORD! Besides, I KNOW you love cupcakes..oops..I mean teacups full of flowers!

The Cutest Cottage Lamps

Welcome to 2L3B's World

The Cottage On The Curve

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

English Cottage in Georgia

Nana's Kitchen

Never Enough Time

Acorn Cottage

A Girl's Gotta Nest

Crystal Rose Cottage

Frugalious Living

An Accomplished Woman

Applestone Cottage

A Stroll Thru Life ...also was one of my choice. Someone else has already bestowed this lovely award on her...but..I still want her on my list.

I tried to pick not just ones that were new to me..but new blogs for the most part.
I think all of these are really nice and am trying to get to know each of them. I consider them LOVELY. I hope you find something special in each of them as I did.
Kind, sweet, talented people..all!

(I lost two comments when I lost my post. I am so sorry. Jane..don't kill me..ok?)

Love and smiles~

Friday, April 24, 2009


Yes, I did this ALL wrong. You are supposed to put photo's up first..then go back and put your name in..but..I was right there...and it was staring me in the face on Designs By Gollumand before I could lose my nerve I found myself hitting that little button....and it was OVER. I was in. So...I rushed to my computer to put up ...a not so great Foodie Friday thing..which is nothing to be proud of. (I don't mean to bring shame Gollum! Sorry!)

On the back of the Hersheys Cocoa can is a chocolate cake recipe that I love. My favorite, actually. I just didn't add my usual Hershey's frosting but added chocolate chips..and a dusting of sugar. GREAT with coffee. I know, I know, lame..but hey, I am at least in there..kinda...
p.s. Now my dishes I AM proud of. They are Royal Doulton and are called SPRING in a series of four seasons from the Brambly Hedge Collection. ~smile~ I have all four of them and I love them!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This is NOT the picture I wanted to it's not! It should have been one of the theatre..and the framed's a ...hamburger restaurant. ask? I HAVE NO CLUE..other than it is the only picture I could think of to take when I realized I had blown it!!!

Yes...and this is a picture of the MAJOR LOSER!! you think I could use a bit of hair spray (and some color??) Sweet husband snapped this..I didn't feel like smiling..but I did. I am showing this because I DESERVE to be seen like this!!!

This is a close family friend, Joanie, my grandson, Brock, and across the table is my daughter, Mary. (She is the one that lives in The Barn.)

I am not sure where the time has gone..but here I am on Thursday and not much accomplished. I did get to go to a local theatre and see my Grandson's documentary tonight. That was a wonderful thing! It was odd to see his name up there in one of those framed ad's for films. I'm really proud of him as he has been working on this film for a long time. His best friend started it and then at the age of 19 passed away. Brock stepped in and picked it up for his friend and has spent a couple of years completing it. The name of the documentary is
THE LOST SPARROWS OF ROODEPOORT. Lots of work and time went into the film and it is now complete. here is where I become a MAJOR LOSER. I took my camera but got caught up in all the fuss of family and friends, etc..and didn't take a single picture.
Makes me sick. One of those times when you want to stand next to a wall..and BASH and BANG away for about five minutes...
But I'm old and going to die one day soon bother!! GOOD GRIEF GERTIE! Can't I do anything right????

I am being hard on myself because I can't get this moment back! The next time one of my family accomplishes something this great...I WILL TAKE PICTURES!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Ok...I have been tagged by Smart Mouth Broad to carry the "8 Ball" and answer 8 questons about 8 things (puff puff) about myself. I have put it off for a few days now..but...I WILL DO THIS. So..prepare to be bored to death...and YES know NOT what you have done here!! So...


1. Going to bed.
2. Finishing this task!
3. Losing weight!
4. Growing up.
5. Riding SMB's Harley...before I die.
6. Getting the rest of this hair grown out!!
7. Seeing my Grandchildren in Georgia..I miss them terribly!
8. Tomorrow

1. Cried
2. Laughed
3. watered the lawn
4. Read a book about Princess Diana
5. Groomed my plants on the front porch and the patio
6. Blogged
7. Washed clothes so I would have jeans to wear today.
8. Stayed home from church.

1. See my brother..he is ill.
2. See my sister, I miss her.
3. Install new carpet and hardwood floors
4. Paint every single room in this place.
5. Travel to Ireland
6. Talk to my Mom again.
7. Figure out what on earth is going on in this house!!!
8. See my best friend in Arkansas.

1. Two and a half men
2. Family Guy
3. Dancing With The Stars
4. Hallmark Hall of Fame
5. Discovery channel
6. New
7. The View
8. The Ellen Show

LIST of 8 wonderful people I tag to do this...

1. Swaddle Cottage
2. Cottage in The Curve
3. Happy To Be
4. My Little Cottage in The Making
5. 2L3B's
6. The Blue Ridge Gal
7. Sweet Nothings
8. Note Songs

This was easier than I thought it would be..and really fun.
I am looking forward to seeing what my bloggy friends have to say!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


She is under my chair as I type this. She is always nearby watching me. I love this little dog. She was a gift from Frank.

She is usually under the bench and I have to be careful not to step on her. She will be five years old this November.

These were snapped on my daughters front lawn yesterday when we went for a visit.

How she loves to run. She barely touches the ground and her fur is so long you cannot see her little legs.

She never goes very far..and never where she can't see me. She is brave and gentle.
She is all the things I would like to be. ~Smile~

Pets..they mean so much to all of us. After Frank died..she was never far from my side. She adored Frank and I used to think she favored him.. and he deserved it.
She was a Christmas gift... Mele means Merry in Hawaiian I think. Mele Kalikimuka is her full name. If are from Hawaii...and I didn't spell it right...forgive me. I tried.
Hugs and have a wonderful Monday..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Perhaps it's just me...but to me it's the little things in life, just those little things, a kind word, a smile, just anything to show love, beauty or understanding. I love to write and when I began this blog, that was pretty much my intent. Then something happened and it made me a protective of my private thoughts and life.

One of the lessons I have learned on here from precious bloggy friends is...that it can be easy to be misunderstood...and when that happens and you cannot fix it...just keep going. Be yourself. I am having a wonderful time. Oh..and that reminds me...
Smart Mouth Broad is going boot me one if I don't get my "8 ball" thing going. I gotta get hot on that.

~Mr. and Mrs. Twee T. Bird~
It was a Spring wedding and really quite lovely! Trailing feathers ..the whole shoulda been there..or not... ~smile~

I won these little Target birdies from Linda at My Shabby Rose Cottage and I am delighted. I missed out when Target had them for they must have been really popular. She had a giveaway and I was fortunate enough to win. Thank you Linda!
Please do stop by and see her delightful blog when you get a chance. She is so warm and charming.
Another sweet blog and delightful person is Marcia at Frugalicious Living. She is just precious!! Do pay her a little visit also.
When I first began my blog in December, wonderful bloggers like Swaddle Cottage, Smart Mouth Broad, The Blue Ridge Gal were quick to jump in and give me courage, make me smile and were just there for me. I went on to meet wonderful bj from Sweet Nothings and Sheila from Note Song...and the list goes on and on. You need only look at my side bar to get a sampling of those that were just there with a kind word!
You are in a community of women (and a few wonderful and kind gentlemen bloggers too) like none I have ever seen and I will likely never see again. We share our good days, our bad days, our tragedys and our loves..and I want to say this... MANY of us love our homes and families and that love comes across through our blogs. I don't think any of us expects perfection every day. We are human beings and life is NOT perfect. We write, we craft, we sometimes sell, we show our pretty finds and bargains and we share our talents!!
If you have not found what interests you...just keep looking and you will come across what you are searching for. Someone with the same interests and talents. A good story now and then. Some that make you laugh, some that make you cry and some that just make you scratch your head in puzzlement. ~smile~ Occasionally you won't agree with someones view...but how boring it would be if we all saw life exactly the same way! Blogging. What a great thing to do and what a great place to share.

~Smiles and love...
P.S. I just want to add (just tryin' to do things right here..)

My birdies are Mr. and Mrs. Twee T. Bird. Let me intoduce them. So...anyhoo...
Mrs. Twee pointed out immediately upon landing and being let out of that very stuffy but safe bubble wrap that she would be waiting for him near the baggage return while he got coffee.
NO ONE flippin' told her it was just my turn table and she was NOT happy and I felt bad. She went nuts looking for her baggage! (it was on the floor!) Oops...

Mr. Twee was not too pleased at seeing THIS kind of sugar for his coffee..but Mrs. Twee pointed out he should not be so picky..and THEN...Suddenly....

Sorry this post is so blankyblank long. I was fine..then I remembered I had to do the birdie thing. (oh grief! now it's even longer...sorry!!

Mr. Twee noticed this...and began to yell "OMG..I think we are in Hawaii!!! Linda didn't tell us we were going to Hawaii!!" Naturally, I hurried over to straighten him right out by grabbing my pineapple...when I realized they had FLOWN THE COUPE! I mean MY COOP! I went rushing out to find them..oops! Uh oh...

There was mad barking..a flutter of feathers...and they were GONE! YES! Right out the door!

Needless to say..knowing where they thought they were...I was frightened to death that they would... THEN...shouts of joy...something about a "BLUE LAGOON??" (blue??? I gotta clean that thing!!) and guess where I found them...yep! In my birdie bath..Mr. Twee kept shouting "lookeee..I can float!" OMG!! He was filling with water..the FOOL! I rushed right over and jerked him out..saving his life.
THIS STORY IS REALLY GETTING ME DOWN...AND NO DOUBT YOU!!! So..I marched them right back inside the "coop" and showed them my lovely "Emilie Barnes" book and AW and decided perhaps California would be fine...and Hawaii could wait!
The (puff puff!) E N D!!

(Whatta pain in the tail feathers that was!!!) :) Just kiddin'..don't kick me outta blogland!
AND Thanks Valerie for reminding of our wonderful blogger men that help make our blogging days a joy!!! Hi Christer!!! :) Um...was "blogland" politically correct? :)

not! shhhhh..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Just a place to curl up awhile with a good book...maybe a nap. The wind blew all day long today..sometimes it seemed the roof would come off. Today is Tablescape Thursday...and Etsy is having a blue day..and though I don't sell anything, I now and then buy some treasure of theirs. is my blue. I never have the nerve to enter on the Tablescape page...and this is not a tablescape. This is a bedtray scape? Ok?

This is my guest room. A quiet little place to hideaway. Today..I was the guest for awhile...

Tea with my favorite creamer..a delicious buttered begal and fresh strawberries and green grapes. Oh...and Mr. Jeremy Fisher for company.

I stayed in my jammies all day long..yes I did. The wind blew and I read my book. It was wonderful.
Later I went shopping on Etsy and broused online bookstores..played the piano..and of course took pictures.

This is my practice tablescape. I thought I would start know? No napkins and no this was easy...but...

I didn't forget fresh flowers ...
I just don't think I am into tablescapes. There are just too many to go look at and enjoy. Just this itty bitty one took time and I didn't have this..and I didn't have that..and...naw..I'll leave it to's more fun to look. At least for now. to Friday...OH NO!!! Can I use this for Foodie Friday too???

Hugs and all that... :)