Thursday, January 31, 2013


This was such a simple Valentine make over for our fireplace..
All I had to do was remove the Christmas theme, leave the evergreen and holly berries and add a red satin ribbon I had on hand and one of my stuffed heart Valentines with dried greenery and white roses.  Done. 
I left a lot of what I had up for  Christmas and just added the Valentine theme to it.  As I get older, simpler is just easier for me.  No expense or crafting.  It's ok.  I had my day and being retired we are being a bit frugal..I mean...a bit! 
I'm trying to use what I already had..and trying hard to keep out of the goodie stores.  I hope it doesn't look Christmasy...does it?? 
I did pick up these little green birds which will also be fun to use through the rest of the year and perhaps even for Fall.  ( For Michael's I use coupons like crazy!)
I think it was the shade of green that caught my eye.  They are not a matched pair but I put them together.  Coffee tables are NOT my strong point AT all!
The runner is the right color, but NOT the will change it..

The wall is NOT peach.  It is actually Laura Ashley's  "Haystack" but in every light the camera makes the walls a bit peach. 
I want to paint the curio cabinet white..but..NO nerver and besides, it was my Mom's.
The rocker seat pad was made by a wonderfull seamstress on ebay some years ago.  The pillows, all of them by different ones. 
Question.  Do you see the ring forming in the mirror?  Can you see the little dot at the top?  This shows up every now in then in my photo's.  As you can see from the top photo, it isn't there.
Tell me, does your mirrors show all sorts of designs when you take photo's with your flash.   No circles on the one above.  They remind me, up close, of vapor trails made by airplanes in the sky.
I would be so please if you would write and tell me this happens with your mirrors too??
That's it for now. 
I did some painting today.  I will show you a before and after tomorrow.

Monday, January 28, 2013


For me, that is exactly what decorating is!  Therapy.  Something I can control to a greater degree  than I can the other parts of my life.
Plus it's an excuse to visit Michael's and buy RED candles I was whining about in an earlier post.
Earlier in the day, these were the candles on the table!  Burgandy. 
I set the table....
....just for Marty's Table Top Tuesday..
Yes..I know I showed this in an earlier post..but I just love it.
I used the crystal cake cover with a silver cake plate on a pedistal instead of the one that came with it many years ago from Princess House.  One of my garage sale finds.  (The silver cake plate)
My Target dishes I've been wanting and my EXPENSIVE garage sale find silver.
"Prelude" is billed as "the most beautiful silverware ever made."  :)  Not so sure but a $4,100 set of silver in it's case for $10?!!  I still grin when I think of it.  Some of you may remember that day.
 *tsk tsk! Yes I know the forks are backward and the butter knife belongs on a bread plate! *
My beloved hutch.  The girls ribbon drawer is on the right.  I would go to the material store and buy a yard of everything that appealed to me.  Take it home and halve each yard.  The girls got their choice for school in the morning.  Some of the stray ribbons are still in the drawer after all these years.  I can't seem to bear to throw it away.  My youngest daughter of the four will be 43 in August.  *sniff*
I left the winter berries on the top of the hutch...I love the look.
I also left the red lace runner.  Did I tell you I LOVE red?

And this little country heart..the more hearts the merrier!
Have I told you that your prayers are working.. that all your love and positive thoughts send our way seem to be having results.?  We tip toe through every day...and say at the end of the far, so good.  Thank you!
Love always,
I am joining my friend, Marty @ Table Top Tuesday  for another fun time looking at pretty tabletops...and getting idea's and being inspired.  Thanks, Marty!! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Someone told me once..can't remember who because it was so long ago, that the entry to your home is so important.  That it should be warm and inviting..making one want to come in and stay awhile.
I tried.  But I was a busy, busy mom and could not do it like I wanted.  Now I have time. 
The front porch is a favorite place of mine for morning coffee, for reading and visiting with friends.
A Valentine wreath for the front door and Michael's had these adorable little hanging one for me...and one for daughter #3.  She admired one I bought last year.  She is going to LOVE it!
I love hearts!
I love fresh flowers and a big bow..

add more flowers in baskets..
and yes, I suppose I overdo a bit...
...doilies outside...sure..why not I say!

A puffy heart with a sweet message in it in the window..oops..(forgot to change Mele's sofa blanket.
I washed hers..and substituted ...anyway...)
Another puffy heart with a message on the mailbox. 
There is more on the porch, but I think you've had enough pictures for today's post.
Like I said..I tend to "overdo"...
You understand don't you?
I knew that you would! :)
My love to you, and thank you for taking the time to stop by and see me.

Friday, January 25, 2013


 My granddaughter, Rachel and and my tiny great grandson, Roman born 7/2012.

Our little "bed head" Roman.

Some things in life are almost too sweet to handle.  I am totally in love with this little great grandson, Roman.  What a face to greet you every morning! 
Well, actually I guess I think all of my grands are perfection.  Don't we all?  :)
Great granddaughter, Emily. 
Just a few of my favorite  family photo's.  They are what makes my world go around.
Big hugs..

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


... and love of course! 
I've been a bit overwhelmed but I wanted to as least make an effort at Valentine's Day.  Any reason to celebrate, make things pretty, look for the light and wonder of life, is something I am trying to do.

I just added my oval heart tablecloth to the top of the red brocade one I used for Christmas..returned my favorite tray to the center of the table and put everything back, added little Valentine heart boxes, a spray of pretty flowers.

A bowl of stuffed Valentine hearts... (now who do you suppose ate the candy?)  Certainly not me!

 I added another little stuffed primitive heart under the glass, tied a larger satin ribbon on the cake saver... I know you can't see it..but I will try and remember to remove the lid for a picture..
Done! Rustic...don't you think? :)
..a little bunch of romantic red roses to the silver tea set...

And other then adding some pretty dishes..napkins..I think that is it for the diningroom table.
 These maybe?  (Notice how carefully I stage my photo's?) 
I leave dishtowels stacked nearby...
Of course if I had ever thought ahead...about anything...
 I remember it being called "pppp"   I won't tell you what that stands for but I'm definitely guilty of that on all counts!  Thus, dishtowels!
I love these red dishes..but..would like something with a little ...never mind.  These will do.
I was just going to say how pretty plaid would be. 
All I did with the silver candle stick is to remove the greenery and just polished and returned the pretty red bow.  I do need some new candles...I need RED and soon.  
Done! least for the moment. 
The front porch?  I'm getting to that. I did a bit today. 
 With love,



What an unusual sight to see out our front window.  I think this is a hawk which though he is beautiful he is sitting on my front porch wicker chair for a deadly reason.  My bird feeder  is there and he is preying on them for food. 
The air is still.
No birds come to feed when he is around.
He was calm, unruffled by the flash of my camera...and I took at least five or six photo's.

I thought he was very impressive!
He stayed for at least fifteen minutes hoping for some little unsuspecting Finch or house wren to happen along..but he was unlucky...and finally left. 
This is the first time in four days that  Blogger has let me upload photo's to my blog.  Another blogger mentioned this.. I wonder what the problem is when this happens.
Thanks to Di at The Blue Ridge Gal  for my header!  I love it!
Am I getting ready for Valentines day?  But of course I am!  What's better than a day filled with love?
Thank you to all of you who were so kind as to pray for my family and the crisis we are going through.
You are WONDERFUL and so appreciated!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I am home and "time" is a gift God has given us. 
Thank you for all your prayers.  I believe that prayer changes things.  I have witnessed a miracle for the first time in my life... and I wish I could share it with you but I cannot.
I have a very private family in this matter and I honor their wishes.
We have been given the gift of time. 
God is good.
Thanks so much to every one of you.  I know I will go back but for now I am grateful.
Love and hugs,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

~FEAR and FAITH..~

2013 is not beginning well for our family. 
I will be leaving early in the morning for Georgia.
A few Blogger friends know a bit about my life.
Say a prayer for us.
I have fear of course, but faith is what I am clinging to.
Take good care.
Love as always..