Tuesday, March 22, 2011


First I want to tell  "Lavender Dreams" that I am sorry it took so long to do this post. 

I have no explanation why I love dolls so much...  It began when I was a child, my love of
dolls, but it was nothing any more than any other little girl.  And..it was something I eventually outgrew..or so I thought.

I married Pat in June, 1954 and six months later I was pregnant with my first baby...it was a boy.
Back in the 1950's there were not a lot of really cute clothes for baby boys, but I managed to find some.
Also, no money to spend made the search a bit difficult, but, no cute little girl things were to be used by me for a long time.  Or...so it seemed to me.

Then I had my second boy..I had "hand me down's"  but once again was  in constant search for cute little boy clothing....tiny ducklings, little building blocks..choo choo trains..etc.
When babies were very young back then..cute little Carter's outfits were the thing...and I had several I loved.
VERY baby! 
We didn't dress our baby's in BIG BOY clothes until they were walking.  Not so today.  Babyish things are not so popular today.  Not like back then.

I spent much of my time dressing and redressing my babies and combing their hair..making them smell sweet.
As a nursing mother I didn't have to contend with the sour milk spit ups...but when and if they did...into the tub they went with a baby lotion follow up. 

I was totally into babies.  Well...you probably KNOW that by now if you know me at all.  I mean...I did have seven after all! 
Why?  Because I got pregnant?  NO!  Because I wanted them and every single one of them that came along was absolutely the most fun.  The best time of my life was having and caring for my babies.

It has only been a few years since I discovered that I like dolls.  Especially when I discover the artists scupts and beautifully redone to look so real.  And the clothing!!  I was hooked...at least to a point. 
When I saw this little doll for sale...I fell in love with her.  Not because she looked anything like my own babies because she doesn't...but because she was different.  She had this quizzical little face and seemed to be looking right at me.  Sort of like my lovely gift from Joyce...my new bear and apple of my eye, Abagail. 
Everything about this doll appealed to me..
The tiny feet, those big black eyes..

The tiny bracelet has her name on it.  Actually,  I did name her Elizabeth..but Lizzie for short.
The material this outfit is made of is...just amazing...I could not believe how soft it was and the detail. 

Little rosebud mouth...

Tiny feet and the artist even made the skin look so delicate..and real!  Look closely!
Not a toy.. :)  Well...except for me of course.. 

Little chenille romper.  So sweet...and all of the clothing fits 0 to 3 months.  A tiny new Granddaughter could wear them....NOT that I am pushing anyone! :)
This is another outfit she came with.  The trim is black velvet ribbon and the material the little dress is made of is something like a very soft wool material.  Not sure exactly what..but it is beautifully made.  The little headband is also velvet..

All of her outfits pictured, plus the one on the doll came with her.  Her hair is all rooted one strand at a time.

Now...end of story. 
When daughter #2 came to visit and saw the doll..she just said.." Mom!  You should give these dolls to your little Granddaughters!"  and shook her head.  Is she kidding?  These are not toys...even their little eyelashes are applied one at a time...
Oh well.  :) 

As I said, I wish I could explain my love of dolls and especially their clothes.  I wish there had been clothing for dolls or babies like that when I had mine.  So...I learned to sew. 
Whatever the case, I am having fun with my dolls and it has become a hobby I really enjoy! 

The rain has stopped and tomorrow I am going to do some painting...
More rain tomorrow they say.  Are they kidding??
I hope everyone out there is doing fine.   Are you? :) 
Hugs and love,


  1. Ohhhhhhhh, Mona, she is absolutely precious! And the song was perfect!
    I loved dolls when I was a young girl, but to my disappointment my daughter did not. I tried to get her interested but it never took. So, several years ago I gave all of my old dolls and the dolls I tried to interest my daughter in, to my granddaughter. She had them all displayed on several wall shelves. A couple of months ago I found out that all of the dolls are now in boxes because, "Shay has outgrown dolls." Isn't that sad......... No one should out grow dolls..... kt

  2. Oh sweetie...this is just lovely...love the song!

    Thank you for visiting me today. Your congrats comment has entered you into a 2nd chance drawing for some of my Easter Cards...

    You bless me always~

    (⁀‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.

  3. I was just wondering where you've been and when a new post would pop up on my screen from you, when VOILA! There you were and with such a beautiful post. Your doll and her lovely layette are too gorgeous, Mona! Real collector's items!

    Making dolls by hand is certainly a finely tuned craft. How wonderful for the creators of these exquisite little dolls that there are people like you who appreciate, love and value all the hard work that goes into making each one! They truly are to be cherished and treasured as heirlooms. ENJOY YOUR DOLLS!!!

  4. Mona,
    I love that sweet dolly. We all have our things we never outgrow. I still stop at the cartoon channel once in a while and a good Archie comic book is the best!!! xoxo

  5. Hi Miss Mona & Abigail, & Lizzie;

    Yes, we are all fine. Share your dolls? NEVER. That would be like Mom sharing me. Oh wait - um, I take that back - I would be gone in a heartbeat. She is trying to send me to Miss B in Germany - no reply. Giggle.

    Heaps of Hugs, & to Mr. Howard too.


  6. Love this post; it brought back so many memories; I also LOVE babies. I had 4 sons and 3 misscarriages(in those days nobody made any fuss that you lost a baby). You're right; there wasn't much choice in baby boys clothes. I tried to make some, but is was not my forte. These days I collect teddy bears. Your dolls are adorable.

  7. I think I lost my LONG comment! I'll be right back while I recover! lol

  8. OK...let's go again! She is BEAUTIFUL, Mona! Just a perfect little newborn with wonderful coloring and perfect little wrinkles! She really is a WORK OF ART...and that's what you should tell your family when they see her! Don't ever make excuses for loving dolls....it's NORMAL! It's FUN and sweet....and it keeps us out of the bars! hahahaha! So just ENJOY her! And let me know who her artist is...I've NEVER gotten extra outfits! That would have sold me, too! I would love to see some of the other dolls this artist makes! Does she smell good, too? Give her a cuddle for me...I'm off to redress one of my dollies this morning! ♥♥♥

  9. Whatever floats your boat Mona, lol! I used to make clothes for my girl's Barbie dolls and loved every minute doing it, so I guess that's somewhat the same thing.
    Love you, you sweet woman.

  10. I believe we would all be happier is we hung onto the child within...maybe that's one of the many reasons you are so preciously special Mona.

    Your baby looks very real!!! I fear I'd be beatin' the band tryin' to get a good burp outta her! Heehehehee!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have an amazin' day! :o)

  11. Hi Mona,
    I love your new baby doll! She actually looks quite real and reminds me of Addison!
    I think your doll hobby is very cool and when my grandbabies are no longer babies I may take it up as well!
    I love reading your posts, they are always to inspiring and fun!

  12. Hi Mona,
    Loved your post very much!How sweet your baby doll is..she looks so real!
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  13. I am humming along with your playlist to Paper Clouds. LOL! I so thought that baby was real when I first spotted the pictures.LOL! And you do not have to change its diapers. My daughter loves dolls and would love this one.

  14. Wonderful Post...What a cute baby (not Toy).
    I think it's great to have hobbies like this to make us happy..Enjoy!

  15. It's cool to feel your pleasure in your dolls and those amazing clothes. I loved reading about your joy at being a mother as well. Sweet post.

  16. So love these dolls, Mona.

    I wrote you a private response on your email. TY for your sweet visits.

    TTFN ~

  17. Dear Mona, I want you to know that if you ever get fed up with that gorgeous baby girl, she can come and live at my place! She is gorgeous and your post came on a morning after I'd just had a dream about finding a baby girl. My mum and I were just deciding if we could keep her without anybody being too concerned! as if! and how we'd have to go and get lots of things for her upkeep, when I woke up. Bother. I was enjoying that dream, coming off the back of my looking after my new grandson when I get back to England.
    Anyway, I digress.. what make is that doll? please. I want one. I need one... like you - no hope for me.
    After all, you've already got a teddy bear of the finest quality, haven't you.
    Star (green) x

  18. that's a darling little doll. just precious.

    Oh, yes, we live in the heart of the Dust Bowl.
    This is why I don't like spring. we have terrible sand/dust storms all thru the spring...sometimes, depending on rain (or lack of)on into early summer. Once we pass them, tho, our summers are hot but very nice. We didn't have one good snow or any rain all thru the winter this year so I know we are really in for a tuff spring. :(

  19. First - how lovingly you talk about mother hood - 7 wonderful children - that is so awesome - not many having 7 any more - is there?

    And I tell you this - if you love dolls and you do - do what your love! You are not hurting anyone - you are making yourself happy - and you learned to sew with all that love. You being happy will help others to be happy too.

    Your baby doll is precious looking - give her a hug and kiss from me.


  20. Mona, this was a sweet post and you have a hobby that obviously gives you as much joy as being a mother did and still does. Thanks for sharing "Lizzie" with everyone.

  21. Hi Sweetie! Wow! This doll is so life like! I've got my computer back up and wanted to come by to visit. I haven't posted anything yet but I'll let you know when I do.
    Miss you!

  22. That doll does look very real! The clothes are very sweet. I think it's too bad that babies today are dressed like tiny adults. Kiddos grow up too fast as it is! Your love of dolls reminds me of my Grandmother. She had a room full of beautiful dolls and I would go and play with them for hours. She always made clothes for my barbies too..good memories! I had all boys so no girly girl things at my house...darn it!

  23. Mona the little doll is so life like. I think girls who love dolls probably make the best mommies. I didnt really care for dolls...nor babies..and had neither.It is a good thing that everybody is not like me concerning children.LOL. I bet you are a great mom!

  24. Hi Mona!

    Thank you for visiting me earlier :)

    I really LOVED this 'lame' post and it's clear many, many others did, too!!!

    Don't change ANYTHING, please! :)

  25. It's funny how the mind works...I didn't even notice the not/note thing until you drew my attention to it. By the way do you know anyone who can use a slightly sticky used iron?....lol

  26. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh...your little "Lizzie" is just precious!!! Okay...I have to tell you...this little baby doll could be my firstborn grandson...I kid you not! He looked just like your little Lizzie when he was first born. His little rosebud lips are identical! In fact, I called him Rosebud at the very beginning...until I realized that that nickname wasn't befitting a boy. So I shortened the nickname from Rosebud...to just Bud! His real name is Antonio (Tony for short). He is 18 yrs. old and in the Air Force. I'm sooo very proud of him! But...to this very day...I call him Bud! Well dear friend, it seems that your little Lizzie took me on a "bunny trail"...sorry, I am just yakking away! Hehe! I just adore all the little outfits that you have for her! Ohhh...that pink chenille romper is just precious! And...I love, love, LOVE the black and white dress outfit! Simply adorable!!! I completely understand your interest in dolls...I love them too! I have a baby...baby doll! That a dear friend made for me out of porcelain. She handpainted the face and body and like your little Lizzie...put in each little eyelash...one by one! This sweet friend has gone on now...to be with Jesus...so this baby doll that she made for me is such a precious and cherished treasure to me!!! Mona, I'm so glad that you shared your precious little Lizzie with us today...this was such a treat!!! I often visit Diane (Lavender Dreams)...love seeing her fabulous collection of dolls! Aren't they wonderful?

    Well dear friend, guess I better close this book! Hehe! Sorry that you are getting so much rain. Send it my way...we are in a drought situation at our place. Today, the wind is blowing sooo hard that it is making the siding bang! Sheeesh! Are we ever happy with our weather? Hehe!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

    PS...Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek at my spring fireplace mantel! I soooo enjoyed your sweet note, my friend!

  27. Oh my gosh, I want to come over and play. She is just the sweetest and so adorable. I love the little booties too.
    Thank you for your visit, please come again, I know I will, Char

  28. Your little doll looks just like a real baby,I had to look twice! I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings jane

  29. OMgosh I would have taken that for a real baby had I seen it in person in a carriage. Incredible talent. May I ask who the artist is? Those outfits! I have 5 grandchildren, 4 wonderful grandsons and 1 princess granddaughter who was never really into dolls. We live in Florida and I think being so active outside so much of the year, in the pool during the summers etc took away from playing with dolls. I myself love dolls. I collect Vogue Ginny, the current ones, not the vintage ones I had. I also collect teddies and such and in fact, my hubby just bought me a beautiful doll in New Orleans toy store. Dressed in vintage beauty to match my new studio in progress. I have two daughters and my son. Loved being a mom, only career I ever wanted, lol. You don't need any reason to love dolls. Trust me, many of us do or they would not have the toy stores. The lady in the toy store in NOLA was telling us about when she first started at the store years ago. An older women bought a doll and the women asked the customer, "how old the child was". The customer was very upset and stated it was not for a child but for herself. The clerk told us since then she has seen 75% of purchases be for the women herself or a husband of a women who loves dolls. Again, may I have the artist who made this incredible baby doll? Blessings.

  30. Hi Mona, Love your doll, you are never to old to enjoy them and play; we all still have that little girl in all of us and we need to embrace her. I love seeing pictures of your little Mele; she looks just like my little Sandi who went over the rainbow a few years ago. I now have 3 Irish Wolfhounds but will soon be puppy shopping. Thanks for sharing, enjoy our beautiful spring.

  31. Mona, now that is a real baby doll. I love her. I am so scared of those big girl dolls that look like the little girls from Toddler's and Tiara's...lol!

    I have seen some beautifully sculpted baby dolls in magazines and have been tempted several times to buy one.

    Loved the Cuppycake song..I have it on my Easter Music Playlist and it's such a sweet little tune.

    Deanna :D

  32. Hi Dear Mona! Oh, what a darling baby doll! How real she looks and she is the cutest thing!! Her little clothes are so sweet too. I think it's wonderful you love dolls so much. My mother does too but the reason she loves hers so at 87 is because she didn't have but one as a little girl. She had 9 bros and sis and they were poor and just didn't get toys. So every Christmas, I buy her a doll. :)
    Oh, thank you for sharing my party button and wait for you to come to my party! Thank you for your sweet comments on my tiny kitchen.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. I do understand your love of dolls, Mona, because I do too. I have a lot of dolls and my granddaughter is not allowed to play with them b/c they are in a case, lol. I guess some part of us never grows up.....Christine

  34. Oh how lovely. Reminds me a little of my first dolly. I still have here, wrapped in tissue in my cedar chest along with a pink mohair teddy my Mum bought in Leicester.
    Big Hugs Katherine


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