Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The brain is not working very well lately.  I cannot seem to remember anything for more than five minutes..sometimes less.  Sometimes I forget right in the middle of ...see?  I did it again.
I'm kidding of course, but it's darn near that bad. 

Question.  Is there something wrong with:
1.  Someone who lives for rainy days?  They make me feel safe and cozy.  Of course I don't want any flooding..but otherwise...
2.  Someone who cannot walk by their paino without spending at least an hour fiddling with it.  I say fiddling because I certainly don't PLAY it well.   It's an addiction.
3.  Someone who loves baby dolls.  Mostly the clothing.  I just bought another doll..and then had buyers remorse.  But she had on the cutest outfit...and came with three others!!! 
I do that a lot.  Buyers remorse and it's a total waste of time.

4.  Someone who falls into bed and then cannot sleep because I didn't visit all the blogs  I wanted to today and may have made someone feel bad.  Lays there thinking...OMG!  I need to get up and go say "hey!"
5.  Thinks of something they haven't seen in several years, know darned well I didn't throw it out...and try to find it by trying to remember...where in the heck it could be.  I go looking...without moving from my bed!  STUPID!
I worry about me sometimes.  I really do.  I wonder if one knows when senility hits?  :)

Anyway...the holes are drilled in the little boots..but ran into a problem...(these were NEW Nine West boots!)  and that really sort of threw me...I mean I just destroyed GOOD boots. 
Also there was a lovely soft lining in them that the drill didn't go through so when Sweet Husband put water in them, it left a sopping wet mess in the bottom.  I got one out..but the other...I can't budge.
Surely something like this should be EASY! 

~L'il red boots turned planters~

I am hoping I can finish these tomorrow!  I need to get out and go to Lowe's!

One of these days I need to get out of my pajama's!!

Are there gardening pajama's?  There should be.  I LOVE to garden (in the back yard) in my pajama's.  AND slippers.  The old ones of course.  Good thing I have lots of pajama's!!
Retirement.  It is simply great!!



  1. No, Mona - what a delightful post. I'm all for wearing pyjamas, too - they are SO jolly comfortable! Especially if they're a size or two too large and made of cotton!

    BTW you haven't 'destroyed' those boots - you're enhancing them! And don't fret about not visiting all the blogs you'd wanted to...you'll get there in time! I'm sure we're ALL in the same situation...not enough hours in a day to get around to everything, and blogging is NOT the most important activity we have to do, even though it might be an enjoyable one!

    I forget things all the time, too! Almost everyone I know, does! Just think of it as 'overload'


    Des xo

  2. Love this post Mona! I use post it notes to remind me of things I need to do and stick them everywhere. And I love to clean in my pajamas; don't garden in them as we live on a busy corner in the middle of the city!

  3. Hi Mona,

    You are as normal as apple pie - and just as sweet. Don't worry, I love dark, stormy days. As long as there is no thunder, our little Molly Brown is very frightened, if it gets really bad we have medication for her. Jessie could care less, she just beds down for a long afternoon nap.

    The boots are going to be great. Don't worry so much -


  4. No -- I think all these things make up our wonderful friend Mona....and we wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. I love it...garden pajamas. And cooking pajamas, cleaning pajamas! I would stay in mine all day if I could and hubby has said he rather likes me in them. Problem is, they make me want to lounge all day!

    I do a lot of the same at night. I go to bed exhausted and then lie there and worry. I make big plans for the next day that I don't follow through on and then worry about them the next night. Well, we all have our quirks.

    I wish you luck with the wellies. I think you have a wonderful idea here!


  6. I think your on to something with the gardening pajama's....I'd buy them!

  7. Oh, Dear Mona! You're just normal and very honest! I love some of the same things like a nice rainy day and me staying all warm and cozy inside. Now about the forgetting...what? What was I going to say? :) I have to write myself little notes all over to remember. Now talk about being in pjs, well I'm a gown kinda girl, but I stay in mine half the day! :)
    You're just dear sweet Mona! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Chuckling, we're the same, we old'uns. We are, just it's hard to admit it. That's why I found three bottle of carpet spot treatment under the sink the other day. When I asked L why he'd bought them, he said he didn't know he'd already got one? One, I said two! Now there are three and no room for the Chlorox! Oh well! We laugh about it. Me? now I haven't reached that stage yet but where did I put those reading glasses? I know they're here somewhere...

  9. Relax, Mona, we have EARNED these senior moments! I started writing every thing down and then I would loose the paper or little notebook.
    I finally decided that I didn't care anymore. Now I only write down really important things on my calender. Now all I have to do is remember to check my calendar...lol

  10. You should join my "forget club". I think I am the president (of the club, I mean.) Post-it notes all over the place. But then I forget to read them.............. I'd change it if I could remain to do it. ha ha
    Just hang in their with the rest of us!

  11. I mean if I could remember to do it. Oh my, I'm going back to bed.

  12. Well....I was, uh, gonna make a comment...and now I forgot what it was. :)))

  13. No those things just shows that You are as normal or crazy like all of us :-) :-)

    I love rainy days (if they don´t come to often of course :-) ) They are perfect for doing nothing or to sit down with a good book in the kitchen while there´s a fire in the stove :-)

    Have a great day my friend!

  14. Rainy days are sublime, when it's a gentle shower that just lasts and lasts, through a whole pot of coffee, and as much of Pride and Prejudice as you want to read.

    Don't own any pjs, since that pair of "lounging pajamas"---really silky capris, that I got for high school graduation. But I love to go blog-touring in my big ole T-shirt gowns, finishing up that percolator before I head for the shower.

    And I DO believe (and hope) that senility will settle like a gentle blanket, like the covers spread up by loving hands when you're napping, and just make the whole world soft and beautiful and loving, in shades of pink. I hope I'm one of the SWEET ones as I slow down.

    says rachel, who hopes there are not many typos, because I'm squinting---out of NINE pairs of glasses, I couldn't lay my hands on ANY this a.m.

    c'est la view!

  15. Now girl, I want some gardening PJ's, I do believe your on to somethin' there!!!

    No friend your as normal the settin' on my washer!!! It's the rest of us I worry about!

    God bless and enjoy your day sweetie!!! :o)

  16. Sweet Mona, now it's up to you to design those Gardening PJ's because I want a set! As for forgetting things....I think it's just because it's not that important to remember in the first place..lol! I love rainy days too...the grayer the better.

    About feeling guilty for not visiting....I marvel at some of my bloggy friends for their stamina at posting and visiting. I get there eventually but not at the chance of putting my health at risk by staying up so late. I think it's just a preference. Don't blog for duty. Blog because you want too and because it makes YOU happy. I love to visit so when I do remember to run back to my blog and then notice that I have comments...I am so pleased and happy that my friends came over to visit.

    No worries dear...I think you are just fine as is!

    Deanna :D

  17. Not one thing wrong with you, my friend!


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