Friday, March 11, 2011


Garage sales (in the morning) ...  there should be more and more of them...and I am in my glory!
Looking for just that special item. 
For that special handbag for Spring and Summer...I went to ebay.  A penny saved is a remember that one..
So..I wanted something red..and pretty ...that would go with my blue jeans and T's.  Something that would go shopping with me, hold a bottle of water and a magazine if necessary. 

I found this was perfect...and I was delighted when I won it over ten bidders.

The blue goes great with my jeans.  I wear lots of white shirts over T shirts during Spring.  It has a zippered top..which I love.  Lots of pockets inside.  Vera Bradley..but...that's not all...

Inside has lots of pockets and...

A sweet wallet that matched...zippered coin pocket, very nicely made and...

The coin purse is nice and large and well made!

There it is.  My Springtime  (and Summer) bag. 

It isn't everyone's taste, but I wanted something just a bit different and there are few prints I really like.  This one struck me!  I won it for $41.00  total.  A deal?  For the brand, you bet it is!

Love and hugs,

My thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in Japan.  It could be us here in California.
My daughter lives two blocks from the Ocean in Santa Cruz, California...and I paniced and began calling her.  Where was she?  With hoards of sillies that rushed to the beach to watch...for ...what???  Sheesh!
Boats were sinking at the harbor at Half Moon Bay...and damage to the harbor...I haven't heard more local news...

Daughter #2 called her son who is attending college and lives 1 block from the beach, and ORDERED him home.  There was an advisery in place...
Needless to say, Eian is home! :)


She said nothing was going to happen.  New from Santa Cruz just came in and the surge did arrive..
One young man of 25 was swept out to sea and is missing.  My answer on her cell...but I am sure she is alright as the worst, I hope, is over ...what the damage is I have yet to learn.  She NEVER listens to me.  Never!  I have a young 18 year old Grandson that lives with her and he and she live at the beach!  I hear Hawaii was hit pretty hard as well...



  1. I LOVE your sexy new purse, Mona. It is so colorful and I adore one that has so many pockets.
    You did GOOD!
    Mr. Sweet is doing fine. His two new stents are bringing back the color to his sweet face. We are thankful for the warning instead of a heart attack. "Thank you, Father God."
    Have fun at the sales in the something really cute.
    xoxo bj

  2. I hope your daughter has been in touch by the time you get to read this, Mona. Even though you know she is alright, it's still worrying until you have voice confirmation ;)

    Your new bag is lovely and will look great with jeans. I'm all for pockets and slots inside bags so I can keep everything neat and tidy in its own place! Have fun organising yours and flaunt it when you go out...looking all summery!

  3. Terrible what has happened in Japan and now a nuclear power plant has had an explosion as well! As it isn´t bad enough as it is!

    Well I really don´t know much about handbags :-) But as You might guess I do like the color :-)

    Have a great day!

  4. Perfect purse for a lover of red!

  5. I can just picture you carrying that handbag and wearing a white shirt. PERFECT summertime wear. So glad you won!


  6. Hi Mona,

    Your new purse is beautiful, I love it!

    Yes, I truly hope that millions are praying for those in Japan. I look around, surrounded with so much beauty and peace and I am so overwhelmed & saddened with what is going on in our world.

    Blessings, my sweet friend.


  7. G'morn Mona ~ What a fabulous win! I love the bright colors & so summery with your jeans ... pockets are a must, aren't they.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  8. Girl, your gonna be stylin' sportin' that beautiful new red purse. Too cute...just like you! You sound like my Hubs, he's always sayin'...I won it on Ebay!!!

    My heart and prayers go out to all who have suffered destruction and the loss of lives due to this earthquake.

    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend sweetie!!!

  9. I love your new purse. My Mom and SIL and cousin have all kinds of Vera products. I started with 31 because their products look like Vera but cheaper. I would say you got a great deal.
    I hope all your honies are okay. Very scary. So sad as well. I will pray for your loved ones as well. This will impact us all someway or another.
    Your posts always brighten my day. ((((HUGS))))

  10. Your new purse is so pretty, Mona, and all of the extras are great! I just won a Kate Spade purse on Ebay and I was overjoyed as I have just started to get to know the game! It's a lot of fun!

    I hope you have heard from your daughter by now. People down at the beach to watch? How reckless! My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this horrific earthquake.

    I wish you luck at the garage sales, today!


  11. I love your bag Mona and it's light so it won't hurt your bag if you don't overfill it! Thanks for your comment on my Grandma Doll. I will let you know if my friend likes it.

  12. Mona, glad you are feeling better and back to finding those bargains you love. Hope your family is safe. I also have a friend who lives in Hawaii and so I sent an email and she is fine with no damages.Tragedies such as the one in Japan truly make us thankful for the blessings we all have.

  13. I love that purse. Wow! it is sharp! My prayers go out to the people of Japan. I can't imagine what that must be for them over there. Hope your loved ones are fine too..

  14. Mona, I've been behind on my blogging and just caught up on yours. So sorry you had some health issues but thankfully not with your heart. Hope all is much better. Although I've never been a Vera Bradley fan, yours is cute. My friend Judy loves, love VB! Hope your family and friends are all safe. It's frightening to see how many disasters have happened in recent times. Every day we have without problems is a true blessing.

  15. I love Vera! The nice thing about Vera is that if you ask her nicely, she can always fit one more thing into the bag. *wink*


  16. Oh, I do LOVE red. I know you will be stylin' with your new bag.

  17. Just love bay...glad you found what you wanted.

  18. Thoughts and prayers for all who are affected by this enormous tragedy, and by all the attendant dangers and misfortunes.

    And for their Mamas who love and worry about them; their heartache is real and vivid, and their love never wanes, not even when the KIDS are grandparents.


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