Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There is a precious blog written by a wonderful woman.  It is called "The Bear's Blog" and she makes Teddy Bears.  A fantasy place where bears rule. A bear called Prudence pretty much runs things and oft times gets herself into trouble..but she tells the truth..
While I was off playing sick in the Emergency Room of our local hospital, a package arrived.
Meet my Abigail!

You should probably click on the photo if you are a lover of beautiful Bears...because this one is just amazing!
When we arrived home a big box was sitting on the floor of my office...and Sweet Husband was grinning from ear to ear.
Joyce had told me ahead of time so I had been watching and waiting for Abigail.  I was not sure what to expect but knowing Joyce just the little I do, I knew it would be something special.  AND was I in for a surprise!

I have never owned a hand made Bear.  Her paw pads are of suede..and her fur is like nothing I have ever seen before.  She is silver..almost a lavender blue color.
Difficult to explain but the photo is pretty true.  This Bear is amazing.  Her little nose so carefully stitched...her body is so sturdy and heavy.   She is weighted..and feels wonderful when you pick her up.  Her eyes are so real looking that I could swear they follow me around the room.  I cannot even imagine the work that went into making her.   
She came with the following letter of introduction...

I sat here crying...and nearly had my husband in tears. 
It had been such a horrible three days...lots of emotions...and Abigail just brought so much love with her...and sort of represents  all the wonderful bloggers out there who care for others and give so much of themselves.   Joyce sent me a part of her heart when she sent Abigail to me.

"Abby and me.."

For all of you who do so much for others...share your lives, your homes and your families, your pets and your talents, and most of all your hearts...thank you!
You make my day, every single day. 

Anyway...I just wanted to share Abigail with you 
because she represents what blogging is all about.
Loving one another.
See you in the morning for coffee?  :)


  1. Oh Mona,

    Thank you. I am trying to type this but I can't see through the tears. Thank you so much.


    Hi Miss Mona,

    Sniffle, gee, we are sitting here crying - but they are happy tears. Happy cause we made you happy. Hugs to your "hug" & Mr. Howard.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. What a wonderful new addition to your family!! And the gleam of her beautiful fur and the twinkle in her eye---I could SWEAR you two are kin!

    I'm so pleased for you. What a treasure, and what wonderful friends!!

    We're looking forward to lots of Abby-ventures soon, as only you can relate them. (I think she'll LOVE Yard Sales).



  3. Aww, I wuv da widdo nose stitches... Too cute!


  4. Mona, I hope that this finds you feeling better! I will say a little prayer for you, sweet friend.

    Now that little Abigail is such a sweet girl! Such a wonderful and thoughtful present indeed. Now be sure to feed Abby blueberries and honey!


  5. How sweet! Such a kind and loving friend.
    I love bears {for one thing, our school mascot is a bear and my daughter was the mascot} I have collected them for years. I actually had so many that I ended up packing them away...I just might need to get them out again!
    Our daughter {Shanda} had a bear named Penny when she was growing up...Penny was toted everywhere and now some 25 years later, our granddaughter totes Penny around.....
    Have a Blessed day...

  6. What an absolutely wonderful, right from the heart, gift!!! Abigail is beautiful and you two are clearly made for each other...just look at that gorgeous first photo to record your instant connection!

    Mona, you are SUCH a sweetie...it's no wonder you received such an amazing gift!

    I'm off to visit Prudence now :)

    With lots of love,

    Des xoxo

  7. Along with bunnies and angels I also am a bear freak!!! I'm so happy Abigale arrive at you door just in time to cheer you up.

    I see a long and glorious friendship there for ya both.

    God bless you sweet one and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

  8. What a beautiful bear and so welcome in your life. You deserve it because your heart is always full of kindness for others too. I love the colour, so unusual.
    No doubt she will have pride of place in your home.
    Star x

  9. Mona,
    it looks as if Abigail is hugging you right back! What a sweet bear she is and I know she will give you comfort and lot's of snuggles when you need them. I love her color and she is just darling with that little collar around her neck. I know she will be the cause of many smiles to come!

    Deanna :D

  10. Your bear is beautiful. Caring friends are great aren't they?

  11. I also have my fantasy world, so I understand;it is our own little corner where we make everything better. I have so many teddy bears, they are one of my favourite. Your Abigail is a delight; enjoy my friend.

  12. What a lovely bear, she has obviously joined a happy home! It makes you feel so humble when people are so kind hearted, doesnt it? Happy St. Patricks Day to you! xxx

  13. Mona, the luck of the Irish is surely with you and your wonderful new friends Joyce and Abigail. I also have a small teddy bear collection and they mingle very well with the frog & penguins in our home. The special caring you have for others comes back to you in so many wonderful ways, like this. Thanks for sharing the story and photos - simply beautiful.

  14. I'm glad you got that bear - he looks so sweet and just what you needed.

    Okay I am your newest follower.

    Happy St. Pat's Day.


  15. What a precious bear, I'm sure lots of hugging will got on with your new little friend. What a sweet story.

    Another new follower!


  16. I love bears. I love that your friend sent you that cute bear. The picture of you and the is adorable. I hope that you are feeling lots better now.


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