Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yes...I think last Saturday was exactly what happened.  Some really good luck.  Below is the rest of what we found!

This a beautiful deep red brocade tablecloth I found for $1.00!  I dug it out of a box..unfolded it..I think it is about 110X60.  Wonderful for my holiday table.  The material is just gorgeous...but for some reason I passed it by thinking.."I do NOT need another tablecloth..yes, it's beautiful..and no I don't have one like it but...

And so I left it there.  We went to breakfast at the bakery...I could not get it off my mind so back we went and it was STILL THERE!  That never happens to me.  If I pass something's gone!   :)  This time I was lucky!

These nice shoe shelves for my closet..$2.00 each.  I shared with Sweet Husband as he was look ..a bit jealous when he saw how nice they looked in my closet.  :)

Two hard back novels for a quarter each but the paper cover on one was a bit ravaged...however the book was perfect.  A pair of very soft and comfy knit gloves that stretch to fit my hands perfectly.  And..a lovely turquoise, bead and silver necklace for a dollar.  Just beautiful after I got it home and cleaned up the silver...LOVE IT!

Christmas decorations...ALL FOR JUST $1.00!!  Nothing really unusual...but...I honestly could not believe the price for ALL of it!  When we got to the yard sale...they made it clear that they just wanted to get rid of the what I don't children will!

She threw these in for free!  I have never seen a glass candy cane like that.  And..I know that little bell is very old.

This entire "school box" was filled with stuff...and every single pen worked perfectly.  Cost?  25cents!!
It said 25 cents on the lid...and when I picked it up..she said..."look inside!"  I said "you are kidding" and she said "nope..not at all!" 

So into the pile it went.  I have a daughter who is a teacher... :)  Oops..I mean a Counselor...  I keep forgetting.  She could use these and Granddaughter, Rachel is a brand new grade school teacher...:)  It will NOT go to waste!

Now here is the difference between a garage sale and an Estate Sale.  These flowers at the Estate Sale..cost $3.00.   At a garage sale, a quarter!  After that we went STRAIGHT home!  Whatta day!  And...Saturday is almost here again.

Another set of silver plate us a lovely breakfast at the bakery, but I already told you about that didn't I? was a very good day!

P.S.  Sweet husband got tons of stuff don't really want to see wires and you? :)
Ok..maybe Christer does...:)


  1. Hi Miss Mona, Hi Abigail,

    WOW, what treasures. You two and of course, Mr. Howard have a wonderful weekend. I love you all.

    Heaps of BIG Hugs

  2. Now, you'll be forced to decorate come Christmas!
    Clearly, you had a wonderful time :)

  3. Wasn´t it You that said You would stop decorating that much at christmas again :-) :-) :-)

    Well I do like to see wires and such stuff :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great day my friend!

  4. Girl, ya done went and won the lottery there!!! I can't imagine gettin' all those treasures for a dollar!!! Woohoo!!! You are truly the Queen of yard sales!!!

    God bless ya sweet, sweet Mona and have a beautiful weekend!!!

  5. What great finds! I never seem to be that lucky!
    Funny story...I once told this lady that I go to church with that we were so lucky to have found some land that we were buying...
    You strongly informed me that we were not lucky....we were BLESSED...I have never forgotten it!

    So glad that the beautiful red material was still there for you and I know you will make something wonderful out of it! You are so Blessed with your talents!

    I Know you can hardly wait to get out there tomorrow to see what you can find...

    Have fun!

  6. Sorry about brain thinks faster than my fingers type....
    That is suppose to be "SHE" strongly informed me!
    my bad!!

  7. I can't believe the garage and estate sales you get to go to. What fun!

  8. You are lucky or is it very smart to find these beautiful treasures? I have never seen so many great things that you find at these sales.

  9. Such great treasures! And clearly you had so much fun finding them. Thank you for sharing. That table cloth is stunning.

  10. Hi Mona you did get lots of goodies I hope you are keeping well.
    Hugs Mary.

  11. Hi Mona, hit the jack pot on the red table cloth for sure! I would have snatched that one up too. But you saw it first..LOL
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  12. What great bargains! So happy that you returned for that tablecloth. I bet you'll get tons of enjoyment out of it. And great deals like that always make me smile! Have a happy week.

  13. Mona, the best part about yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores is finding surprises. For us, it's the weekly excursions to local thrift stores where I can get paperbacks for 50 cents$1 for hardcovers. I found some wonderful old ones at the library sale last week and will post a blog about them soon. I DO like your idea of buying to give away and glad that Howard got some deals too. Wires and such interest Grenville a lot as do old tools.


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