Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I know it's not a BIG deal..but it just seemed to take me so long to get this accompished.  The small rocks..were smooth and ...I really enjoyed how easy it all went.  Lots of holes drilled for good drainage...
The little boots are finally planted and I am delighted with them..but it was a chore finding the plants I wanted.  So...I will be changing them from time to time.  No blue Lobella which is what I wanted..but it's early in the season..

I bought BIG RED Geraniums...and what a gorgeous red they are.  The first time I have found the true red I was looking for...

Since I loved them so much, I bought two large hanging ones for the front porch...
These are drought resistant, heat resistant..and every other resistant you can think they match the house of course. :)

I potted all the Geraniums and put them here and there on the porch...LOVE IT!

See?  Here ...and there..  and everywhere!
Yep..I had fun...and...the new roof keeps my things from getting ruined.  
At the far end of the one of the bird cages I had squirreled away.  I finally got it out yesterday and planted it.  Put in the rocks...put in the soil, put in the flowers..and my sweet neighbor showed up a bit ago with a darling little yellow bird with real feathers..
(maybe I should just run and check my canary... just to make sure! )  I'm being silly!

Makes me want to burst into song...  ~ YELLOW BIRD HIGH IN A BANANA ...wait......(LOVE that song!)  :)

Is he cute or what?!  Exactly what this little cage needed....and...I don't have to feed him or clean up his poop!  :) 

That's all folks...  :)
Love and hugs,


  1. I love bird cages and you've found the cutest little bird! Has your new doll come yet...with the extra outfits? I hope you're taking care of yourself and getting plenty of rest! Hugs! ♥

  2. Love your sweet planted boots, Mona! You are enjoying such wonderful weather, you lucky dog! Can't wait for Ohio to come out of winter. Hope it will be soon. :-) hugs, Sue

  3. I love your porch; it looks so inviting. Hope you find time to enjoy it.
    We have rainy weather here the last few days and of course, it is very cold yet. So glad that you are feeling better.

  4. Love your red geraniums! Can't wait to have some's gonna be a few weeks yet though.

  5. Your porch is so inviting!! I love all the flowers and the touches of red throughout. I can see you sitting there with a glass of tea (or whatever), chatting with a good friend, and enjoying a glorious springtime evening!!

    Wish I had a porch!!

  6. How wonderful to have you back online, posting again! Your porch is looking even prettier than when you'd first completed its makeover. Everything blends and matches so well and it really looks like the perfect spot to while away a good few hours of each day, just enjoying life passing by from the sanctuary of your own gorgeous, private little haven. Now, do you think we could have a nice cup of tea, please???

    The boots look super with their red petunias, snowy white alyssum and ivy, and that little bird & cage are just too cute for words. I LOVE the red geraniums, especially the huge hanging baskets overflowing with them! Have fun relishing each and every moment out there, amongst all your pretties!!!

    Hope you're feeling on top of the world again, Mona!


    Des xoxoxo

  7. Mi piace il tuo giardino e il tuo portico,originale i fiori dentro gli stivali,dolce la gabbietta con l'uccellino!!!Saluti,Rosetta

  8. Hi Miss Mona,

    Oh, the porch looks so pretty. The boots look like they were made for flowers - you are so creative.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  9. Love your beautiful porch, Mona. Wish we could have a glass of tea together out there!

  10. Hi lobelia is one of my fav plants. They don't do well here in the south with our hot dry summers but it doesn't keep me from loving them and planting them. I am so jealous that you all ready have blooming stuff. Nothing can be done here just yet but my shovel is getting itchy.
    Love the little boots and the bird cage. I have a real bird that you must clean up the poops!! Have a great day and welcome back!

  11. You really have all those beautiful plants out right now? I'm jealous! As I look out the window while typing this....I see SNOW! No flowers for me for awhile! :(

  12. Beautiful flowers. The porch is filling up quite nicely.

  13. I'm a nut for birdcages! Very cute, Mona.


  14. AWWW, Mona---you and your birdie and boots and beautiful colors are just a Breath of Spring!!

    It really brightened this cloudy morning of 36 degrees, and I'll think of all that California sunshine and those reds and flashes of yellow all day.

    Thanks for the cheer!


  15. Mona the little boots and birdcage are so sweet. Red geraniums were the perfect plantings for your new red trimming. Everything looks so green and blooming in your area. Maybe soon now. LOL!

  16. Oh girl, it has all come together fantastically!!! Everything looks so warm and inviting...just like you!

    God bless and enjoy your day!

  17. Well, by now You know about swedes and the color red :-) I sold loads of red geraniums when I had my gardencentre and especially many of just that red color Yours have :-) I´m hoping to find some this spring too :-)

    Have a great day now!

  18. Your home and all of your beautiful plantings are just gorgeous! ♥

  19. Love your planted boots. What a great idea! I love every single thing at your house.

  20. It sure is beautiful at your place! Love all your green and all the flowers; those boots add a fisnishing touch to it all. Hope you are feeling better.

  21. Loving the wellies,Mona. Your porch is delightful and the red geraniums are gorgeous (remind me of the South of France!)xxx Have a great weekend!! xxx

  22. Your porch looks so beautiful and so welcoming, Mona...Christine

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