Saturday, March 5, 2011


First of all, thank you so much for all your prayers!  They must have worked!!!

I am home and doing fine.  Not the BIG one! :)  Just a disk in my back causing the havoc...

At least I know now after many tests that my heart is strong and it was only a disk pinching  a nerve causing my arm pain and neck pain...NOT my heart.  Why the bad EKG's ?...who knows...who cares.  I am home safe and sound. 
I am on a series of pills to help correct the surgery at this time..thank heavens..  some sort of steroids... Methylprednisolone.  How's that for a name! :)

My poor primary doctor...I know he sent me to ER  for the best...and at least we know my heart is fine.
But what an ordeal to go through.  I dreaded having to go, and cried all the way!  I worked in an acute hospital for years...and ER is not a place for a vacation!   
I think they put me through every test known to mankind for the heart, and  I am home with a clean bill off health and almost pain free!

I haven't read my comments yet...but my granddaughter tells me they are so sweet and I believe it...I really believe it.  All of you are the dearest group of people I have ever known in my entire life.  It's amazing the goodness of all of you. 
I have just been sleeping non stop since I got home.    My family was...beyond wonderful. 

:) they LOVE me!!  :)



  1. I´m so happy it wasn´t something worse! Well a disc isn´t especially nice either when it aches and pinches nerves :-)

    I´m so happy You are back again :-)

    Have a great day my friend!

  2. I am on my knees, thanking and praising God. Just, please, be careful. You are loved so much.

    Oh no, here comes trouble - Prudence.

    Miss Mona,

    You okay? Boy....this family was so worried about you. I mean - feeling sick in our tummies worried. I couldn't even eat my honey and peanut butter.

    Take good care, we all LOVE YOU.

    Heaps of Hugs

    Boy, am I hungry now, "oh Mom, any extra peanut butter in the house?" You should here my teddy tummy - it's grumbling like thunder.

  3. Goodie! Now we can all breathe a bit easier knowing that you are home. Love ya!


  4. So glad to hear this Mona!! You might want to see if a good chiropractor can help with the disc; you sure don't want to be taking steroids for very long.

    Love you hon!!


  5. Mona...thank God! Been checking every day to see if there was any news..and today there you are!
    So glad you are ok! Now I can talk about neck problems! LOL...Welcome home!

  6. SO thankful! God is good...all the time.

  7. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS, MONA!!! Sorry I'm shouting, but I'm SO HAPPY!!!

    I know it was not a happy time for you, at the time, not knowing what it all meant, but all I can say is you now KNOW you are in tiptop health. Your kind, wonderful, loving, caring heart isn't going to be letting you down :)

    Just give yourself the rest you need, so your pain can resolve itself. Your not needing back surgery, either, is also just the best news!!!

    With LOTS of love & hugs,

    Des xoxoxp

  8. Oh my gosh. I missed the last post.....actually I have missed most of last week all together. I will pray for you now. SAo sorry for the scare but so glad that you are okay. I have chest and jaw pain and have had for 8 years. I have been through all the cardiac stuff so many times now. They think it esophogial related. It is scary for sure. COntinue to rest. Many ((((((HUGS))))) my friend.

  9. I'm so thankful!..glad your home and that is behind you.
    Have a wonderful day and an even more better days to come!

  10. So happy to hear you are ok. God does answer prayers. Relax and heal.

  11. So wonderful to hear it's not your heart.


  12. Dear Mona,
    So happy to hear the good news; you have been on my mind ever since I read Kristy' post. Take good care of yourself and please keep blogging.
    Hugs from your cyber friend.

  13. This is great news indeed. What an ordeal. You had us all worried. Glad you are home and healthy!!! That is all that matters!
    Hugs, Sue

  14. Dear Mona, thank goodness for your recovery. In the dismal week that Larry and I've had, that seemed almost the last straw! Now, take it easy. I suffer with my back and I know how painful it can be. See if you can rest a little and get pain free.
    Star x

  15. Prayers do get answered...Balisha

  16. I am so thankful that you are okay, Mona. I have thought about you so much since I read your granddaughter's post. But you will still need a lot of rest with the disc problem...they are so painful, I know myself.

    I'll continue to send many prayers your way!


  17. Thanking the Good Lord that you're ok (well mostly) -- So sorry for the back pain. We love you too, dear one. Rest and take care and thank your sweet granddaughter for letting us know to send up prayers for you.

  18. So good to know you are feeling better Miss Mona. Now you can enjoy our upcoming Spring and all the Birds who Sing.

  19. Phew! So glad you are ok, now stay that way! Lots of love from across the pond! xx

  20. Glad to hear it was not your heart Mona. Although pinched nerves is no picnic. When I had those dizzy spells(yes, I am a ditz, LOL!) last year they ran me through all of those test. It was a relief to find out that my heart and arteries were good though. So all those test can be a good thing too. You take care now and get to feeling better.

  21. Dear Mona, so happy to read your post and see that you are back home and posting to all. So glad to know you are the way to feeling better soon and thankful the problem was not more serious, though serious enough for sure. Take good care, you are special to so many folks even if we haven't met (yet).

  22. YAHOOOO...I am so glad you are home and on your way to feeling better!

  23. Thank goodness! You have had quite a scare! Glad to know it was not your heart...

  24. Oh Mona! I was so worried about you and prayed all day long that you would be ok. I can't tell you how happy I am to read you are home and doing well.

    How sweet of you and your grand daughter to even think about us out here in blogland while you are in the hosptial.

    You are a wonderful lady and are always thinking of others.

    Praise God you are ok!!!!

    Love you lots.

  25. I am SO glad that you are back home and not coming anywhere near the BIG one!! There comes a point in our lives when receiving a communication from a family member of one of our friends brings on that not so good feeling when you know you're getting bad news. Theere also comes a point in our lives when that type of communication comes more and more often. I HATE THAT! I just want my friends and family to be very very healthy so they'll be around for years and years and years!!

    You haven't been a friend for all that long. I'm looking forward to a lot of time for us to be friends!!

    Stay healthy!!



  26. WOOHOO!!!! Move the furniture cause' I'm doin' the biggest best happy dance I've ever done! Praise God...He certainly hears the prayers of his children.

    My heart broke when I read your sweet granddaughters message and the prayers went up right then and there!!! Yep, your blogsisters sure know how to rally girl!

    You take care my are a precious treasure to us all.

    God bless and have a splendid day sweetie!!! :o)

  27. So glad it was not your heart. Take good of yourself the begin bloging when you feel better. So thankful you are alright.

  28. I am really glad that you went and got all the tests. So thankful that it's not your heart! Hopefully you will be feel better soon!

  29. Dearest Mona! Great news! I'm sorry you had to go through this but so glad to know it wasn't your heart! Just take care of your tiny self and take those meds and rest! I love you and have been praying for you and I will continue to!
    Love and hugs,
    shelia ;)

  30. What a lovely bit of news for all of us and, of course for you and your family! Best, best wishes for a fast recovery!

    Love, Kim

  31. I was off the computer with the flu and missed the whole thing. Thank God you are OK! At least you know that your heart is sound. I strongly believe that prayer works. And, now, you are living proof. Take care of yourself and take it easy while you are on medication. kt

  32. I'm so glad that you are home to get some rest! I'm keeping you in my prayers, sweet friend! HUGS! ♥♥♥

  33. Our bodies do strange things to tell us something is wrong! Hope you get your disc issue rectified. I know it is extremely painful to have those nerve endings on fire due to disc pressure. My ol' neck gives me problems every day- it's just something I live with. All due to torn rotator cuffs.... Surgery is not an option I want to think about at this time, although I have a referral to a neurosurgeon. ick
    Take care, Mona. hugs, Sue

  34. OH Mona, I haven't been in Blogland in a while and had to read through to catch up...I am so glad you are alright! I will be keeping you in my prayers. XOXOXOXO



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