Wednesday, March 30, 2011


And that is exactly what I did!  Sent my Sweetheart off to Home Depot for paint..and got busy.  A LONG time back I bought a cute little shelf at a garage sale for $3.00 and before that a quilt rack that was in poor shape..with the thought of...painting them...of course!'s done...

...and there they are...all freshly painted and in my bedroom.  I need to tweak the shelf a bit...but was in a rush to get it done so I could take a picture...
You KNOW how that is! :)
Love and hugs,

Today is 3/31/2011 is another very HAPPY BIRTHDAY for a dear blogging friend!~ 
Balisha @ NEVER ENOUGH TIME is having her 73rd birthday today!  Can you imagine?  And her just a kid!  She always has time to make wreaths for her neighbors, send cake recipe's to her blogging friends (like me), take care of her neighbors little dog..and is a wonderful Mom and Grandma and an avid gardner!  I love having her in my life!  I learn from this woman...and I am older than she is!
Happy Birthday, Balisha!!  We love you!!


  1. Hi Mona...

    My are always such a busy little bee! How do you do it? I need you to send some of your energy my way, Darlin'! Wow...did you say that you are older than your friend Balisha? You ROCK, my friend!!! I tell ya what...if I didn't have this fibromyalgia to contend with...I would get sooo much done! It's frustrating at times! Sorry, don't mean to whine! Anyway, I just love your freshly painted shelf and quilt rack, dear friend! It' looks gorgeous on those pretty spring green walls!!! You definitely have some beautiful spring aura going on at your place! Sooo glad that you're sharing it with us! It snowed like crazy here yesterday...bad roads, etc. Today was better! I'm sure that spring must be on its way!

    Love ya, sweet lady!

  2. Happy Birthday to Balisha...she sounds like the most perfect friend and a wonderful person!

    Your shelf and quilt rack are so pretty! I have a quilt rack very similar to yours and now you have me thinking of painting it! :-)

    Hope you are having a great week, Mona!


  3. I LOVE shelves of any kind...this one is so cute.
    I will go over to see your friend and wish her a happy birthday. I will love her because I love ANYone that's older than me....and I am *just*
    73. :))) hahaaa...
    hugs, bj

  4. What a great way to celebrate Spring! Happy Birthday to Balisha; have a nice weekwend my friend.

  5. I love your shelf. I'm looking for one for our bathroom. Is yours for sale? lol

  6. Hi Mona...Thanks for all the birthday wishes...and thanks to all who left a comment here to wish me Happy Birthday.I think that birthdays are more special as we age.By the way...I'm only 73 :)
    Love to you, Balisha

  7. Hi Mona! Oh, good for you painting and all! Love your little shelf and the quilt rack. They are both nice to look at and useful too.
    Happy birthday to your blogging friend. I don't know her and will have to pop over for a visit. Maybe she'll bake me a cake! :)
    Are you coming to my cupboard party next Tuesday? I sure hope you can!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Mona, what great finds. I love both of them. They look super painted white. I also love that gorgeous quilt you have on the quilt rack. Stunning. Hope you are havig a super day. Hugs, Marty

  9. Hi Mona, your little shelf and quilt rack are darling all painted up with their fresh coat of paint. Happy Birthday to your blogging friend, I don't know her so will have to pop in and say hello... hugs ~lynne~

  10. Hello Mona!

    The title of today's blog sounded so happy and full of life, I just knew right away, that you had something exciting to share with us. Your shelf and quilt rack look lovely and are such a nice addition to your very pretty bedroom! You did a super wonder you are so full of smiles today!

    I'll pop round to wish Balisha a Happy 74th Birthday! I'm happy to befriend any friend of yours! I don't think age comes into the equation at all, when it comes to learning new things from those who are younger than we are. In fact, I find, as I'm sure you do, too, that often it's the young ones who teach us the most!

    It has been super visiting you, as always, Mona. I'm so happy we sat on your delightful porch, sipping tea together and admiring your lovely plants!


    Des xoxo

  11. Girlfriend, ya always find the best stuff and then ya go an paint it all up so it looks so fresh and new. It looks magnificent in your bedroom sweetie!!!

    I jumped over and wished your friend a happy birthday!!! Wow, 74...she has a right to celebrate!

    God bless you beautiful Mona and have a the best day ever!!! :o)

  12. I think I have had just the same kind of shelf once too :-)But it came with the cottage I then rented so it stayed when I moved to this area.

    Finally I made it here :-)

    Have a great day now!

  13. That is a pretty shelf. Good job on the paint! They both look very nice there; I must say, your room looks very cozy.

  14. Happy Birthday to your sweet blogging friend....did you say that you are older than 74....I'm not sure I can believe that...I was thinking younger...

    I think your projects turned out great and you have them displayed so wonderfuly....Painting is not one of my favs, but things look so good with a fresh coat of paint on them...I'm gonna do better,,
    Sweet Blessings, By the way, I could just sit and listen to your music...So relaxing!

  15. Hi Mona, love the shelf and quilt rack! Why is it that Spring makes us ruffle up our nests. I feel the same and have quite a few little jobs for my other half to do. Dont think men feel the same as us but humour us just the same! Love visiting you and wish your friend a belated Happy Birthday from the UK. xxx

  16. Hi Miss Mona,

    The shelf is lovely. I can see a wee little bear or two perched atop, watching over you while you sleep. Your beary own angel. (o:

    Super hugs,

    Hi Abigail,

    How are you? Bet you and Mele are best friends.


  17. Can you send some of that spring weather here, Mona, cause we're having days and days of rain (but at least no snow as some states are getting). As for age, you are only as old as you make yourself feel, so you definitely are not old!

  18. Mona, you and your projects put me to shame! I consider it a good day when I get the beds made and the dishes washed. You are truly a good example for this "kid" to try to emulate.

    Beautiful room, beautiful you......kt

  19. You sure find such fun stuff Mona! And I love it all painted and hanging there looking so pretty!
    You are such a fun gal!
    Hugs friend,

  20. That is my goal - to find a quilt rack - you did a great job. And had fun doing it I suspect.

    And happy birthday to Balisha!

    Spring is here in Georgia too.


  21. Pretty bedroom everything matches so the rose bed cover and your quilt. Trish


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