Saturday, June 22, 2013


And the rose called "America" is nearly half way to the top of the arbor  and growing fast.  This time it will be in full view when we sit on our patio.  The one out front was a  traffic stopper.  I must get out and get it trimmed.
I often wonder how I ever found the time to work full time and clean, cook, wash, iron and care for eight people besides myself.  Every one is gone now. 
Even in the face of the changes in my life, huge ones, I still am busy, only this time I am doing things that no one is requiring me to do.  Those days are long gone.  I can do absolutely nothing if I so desire.
It's funny how you think the time will never come when it will all be over, and the years stretch endlessly out in front of you.  You think "one day the children will be all grown, we will be retired and then we can do all sorts of wonderful things.
We can travel, perhaps even visit Ireland, buy that motorhome and see the country.  (That was one dream we realized.) We won't have to set the alarm clock, pack lunches, comb hair and tie in ribbons, go school shopping etc. etc. 
We can just do anything we want.
The problem?  I LOVED what I was doing.  Every single moment of it!
I heard older folks say how quickly the time goes and to enjoy every moment, and I did.  My mother used to tell me, "when they are little they step on your toes and when they are grown they step on your heart!"  I would laugh and say "Oh Mom!  You always say that!" 
...but what she said was true.  They did, but not in ways you would think.
Some have moved away, some are just so busy working and speeding through life just as we once did, that I seldom see them.'s the way it's supposed to be.  They are living their lives.  And isn't that what I raised them to do? 
I wanted them to be independent, make their own decisions, choose spouses they loved and could depend on, be free spirits..and they didn't disappoint!
Even my losses are part of the plan and I am learning to accept that fact as difficult as it may be. 
In life like a tree, you either bend with the wind or you break.
If I haven't told you, my blogging friends, how much you have helped me to bend and not break, I am telling you now.  I am such a lucky, lucky woman. 
All is well.
Oh..and the other thing?  I would tell you how I feel about that but I might get FIRED!  I write and erase and write and erase and write and erase.  I think I'll go to bed.  :)


  1. Hello my sweet Mona friend,
    Oooohhhh how I love to sneak on here and see you !! You ALWAYS INSPIRE and WARM my heart !! EVEN im the midst of our ups and downs and at times I tell you my heart is fully choking .. all the days are blending together .. his leg is infected and stopping the transplant .. waiting just waiting .. to see if the antibiotics get the infection .. it's so terribly sad !! BUT, HOPE .. we have HOPE to hang on to ... I KNOW THIS !! And, we KNOW GOD has a plan ... so, we PRAY and HOPE, and just get through each day !! I KNOW YOU KNOW what exactly that feels like :(:(
    BUT .. in the meantime I come to my sweet friends as yourself, and try to see pretty, and words that have been written from the heart. LOVE everyhting you share, and NO ... I won't fire you !! Hahaha .. Isn't that the most RIDICULOUS things you've heard of lately !! REALLY !? Okay, okay I will shutup !! You get it though !!
    Okay sweets, I NEED to get ready to go to bed, EVEN tho, I haven't been sleeping good at all !! Can hardly EVEN eat !! You know what sounds awesome though don't you !! That rice pudding ... That's about ALL that sounds good !! Darn it ... wish you were a wee bit closer :O
    Love to you my dear friend ~Tanza~

  2. My dear friend Mona, I have never heard the saying "When they are little they step on your toes and when they are grown up they step on your heart." your mums words are so true. I miss my kids as well. I am fortunate that both my girls are in the same state as me and my son lives in Queensland so that is a plane ride away.
    One thing that can't be taken from us is our wonderful memories.
    I look forward to Christmas even more when we can all be together.

    I want a photo of that beautiful rose when it is to the top of the arbor.

  3. Oh my goodness, my feelings are the same! Life has flown right by, while I enjoyed those busy years too... retirement is just the BEST! Have a blessed day dear Mona, BIG HUGS!

  4. You summed this chapter of our lives perfectly. Thanks.

  5. you are so right mona..they are off on their own too fast. i LOVE being a mother. when i decided to have kids, i knew i would devote myself to the job. my kids are welcome here as often and for as long as they wish.

  6. Mona . . .
    Your words touched me to the core . . . beautifully said, touching and true. I had never heard your mum's saying before . . ."when they are little they step on your toes and when they are grown they step on your heart.".

    The resilience, tenacity, faith and hope that exudes from you is authentic with truth. It gives me strength, purpose and smiles too . . .

    You my dear . . . are a beautiful person.
    Love, Lynne

  7. I love reading your posts, it's just like we are sitting and having coffee. Hugs, Marty

  8. Beautifully said. Written from your heart.

  9. Do you think in your previous life you might have been a writer, for I haven't met too many people that can sum up things like you do. Well written Mona and that's just how it is "You nurture and then you set them free". Well done :)

  10. A wonderful post Mona.....I love how you enjoy your life, and we're the fortunate ones to have had the opportunity to meet you dear one!

  11. Mona the hardest thing to do - I think - is to give our kids wings.

  12. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt post. I read it yesterday morning and almost cried. So timely, as we were preparing to said goodbye to our younger son and his family. We had a party last night, and because of your words, it was a good goodbye. I wasn't the mushy cry baby I thought I would be but a mom, proud of her son's accomplishments and excited to see him embark on this journey. Thank you for putting life into perspective. I loved every moment of the shopping, cleaning, organizing, putting bows in my girls hair and tying the boys soccer cleats. I would never change that for the world. But like you, I'm also enjoying this phase of life, where my day is now my own (most of the time) and I get to chase my dreams in any direction they go!

  13. Dear Sweet Mona!

    You always have something worthwhile to share, always! And so often, I find myself quietly thinking about the things you talk about, because they resonate so profoundly with all of us out here in this big, wide world. What a wonderful soul you are and how fortunate we all are to have had the privilege to connect with you across the miles. Your sweet spirit touches so many!

    Loving hugs as always xxx

  14. I love everything about your blog. Your writings and gardening inspires me. Wish I was your neighbor.


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