Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Sometimes posting comes hard to me and I get a sense of relief when I  just turn the computer off.  Other times it's such a joy.  June is always a difficult month, IF I let it be. 

One dear blogger friend made the statement that people come to read blogs not to hear the sad and depressing, but to enjoy reading uplifting things, look at pretty yards and joyous faces.  I guess that's true.  I guess I do the same.
Son in law's father, son in law Brock and sweet PH himself on Father's Day!
They really enjoy themselves!  Getting together with family is just the greatest thing.
Is this happy enough for you??  :):)
Isn't it just a wonderful thing to watch things grow.  Turn around and they're tiny, turn around and they're tall...
Just like our babies...
Taking the time to plant a tree and watch it grow is so great.  This is a California Coastal Redwood and it's amazing how fast they grow and in the places they will grow.  These are the only ones I've ever seen in our city and they should be everywhere.  They grow fast actually and are just beautiful..

I guess you should make sure you have lots of room for them... :)   We have planted 12 tree's.  I just noticed today that our little tree is loaded with plums...and they are nearly ripe..

 See that little corner flower bed over there?  I've spent the past two days planting it..I'll snap a couple of pictures of it tomorrow.  What a difference!  Small yards can be fun...but a BIG yard..well, that would be glorious!! 

You know what the best part is?  WE HIRED A GARDENER!!!  YES, we DID?   See the grass growing over there under they Cyprus tree's...well, it's gone now..I spent all morning digging that stuff out..but our new gardner starts this week.  I can't stop smiling...and PH is faint with joy!   Well..maybe not, but I am!!
Now to get the yard all ship shape so I won't be embarrassed when he gets here on Thursday!

Sorry, I just made myself laugh!
Love to all out there!

SO...have I inspired you to hire a gardener??  :)

I am joining my friend Marty @ A STROLL THRU LIFE for her inspirational blog party.
Come be inspired!!


  1. i clean my house before the cleaning lady arrives!

  2. I was just going to say, kind of like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady gets here and someone beat me to it!

    Love that first photo. Doesn't someone having a good time, with great boisterous laughter make you want to join right in on the fun!

    Gardener you say . . . and what jobs will you give her/him!?

  3. Oh, Mona, I have to disagree. My blogging friends can share anything and everything (and have!), and we stand by each other, laugh together and cry together. Hopefully you've made more true friends than fair-weather acquaintances, and if saying in words why you're feeling down in June would help you, then I'm more than ready to read and listen - and maybe cry with you. Do what's right for YOU, not what you think others expect, please.
    Hugs, MJ

  4. What a wonderful time with family, nothing sweeter! Love your pretty yard, the new yard guy is gonna have so much fun with it already looking so pretty:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Mona, you're blog always makes me happy to read. you have a lovely home and I do enhoy reading y9ur blog

  6. My dear Mona, You always make me smile, and if you are having a bad time I am happy to cry with you. Just be yourself. We can't read a nicer blog when you are just your beautiful self.
    Hugs Kay

  7. Oh, my...sunshine and roses all the time. Life just isn't like that. If we are true friends we can take the bitter weeds with the flowers.It would be nice if everything was happy, but sadly that isn't the case. I come here to read about your life, Mona...and to share all your moments happy and sad. We commiserate with each other occasionally...thank you for your wonderful words in the past few weeks.

  8. Mona, I really enjoy reading ALL of your blogs. I thought that blogging was being true... we can't always be happy happy happy and if your having a bad day we will share it with you and try and make you feel better. I think those people are living in lala land.
    Be yourself dear friend - that's what friends are for.

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  10. Oh, you little silly! I do the same thing about getting things ship shape before the whoevers come over! I'm glad you'll be having a gardener and I'm sure he's gonna love your yard and gardens as they are so gorgeous!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Well, I like happy things, but sometimes we must post about the other stuff - we're all so human. Last year someone emailed me and said I wasn't being honest on my blog. No one should be that happy. I was just shocked! LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

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  12. You all are just too funny - I suppose you fix your hair before you go to the hairdresser too. he,he
    A Gardener - YIKES - maybe when I am 90..........plums growing in the back yard - now that I like.
    I visit other blogs, whether they are sad or happy - just reading how life is in other parts of the world. I think it would be depressing if you had to smile all the time - I like the realness of the bloggers. If something is bothering you or making you write that sad or depressing post, then someone might just send you an uplifting message. Its like the same with friends etc, how could anybody be happy all the time - not in the real world anyway. Mona, I like that you post, no matter what the mood is. I love this photo of your family - great smiles.
    I am glad you never cut down that redwood - WOW, its really big and your front lawn with the red chair n plants look really nice - why are you hiring a gardener again? Hello to PH and have a nice evening. lol

  13. first time visiting your blog dear, and from what I read so far, you still have plenty of things to write about! Lucky you have a gardener, need one too desperately since I have the dreaded 'black thumb' . :-)

  14. Just like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes. And how was your lunch on Sunday. Love, sandie

  15. Oh I love this, your yard is so pretty and the first pic of the guys is priceless. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. I'll read happy or sad posts..matters not to me because I think you're great! Love the happy faces of those handsome men in your life and I think having a gardener would be the bomb...only I'd be too exhausted getting MY yard ready for him! Maybe Whispering Pines needs a redwood??? Our trees have grown ginormous since we've moved in 12yrs. ago...I'm not sure the neighbors love them as much as I do!

  17. Oh girly...how happy I am to see you. It's been so long since we've connected. I hope you are doing wonderful. I love seeing the pics of the boys and hearing about your garden (lucky you and the new gardener! Someday I will have one!).

    I think people read blogs for lots of reasons. I don't mind the sad...I think people hurt sometimes and they need an outlet to share. I've cut back on sharing some things because I feel like I'm repeating myself. If peeps just want pics then they can go to PINTEREST! :) I for one love the stories and the people behind them.

    Bless you friend. You made me smile today.

    Love, Rebecca

  18. hahhaa...you are so so cute, Mona...getting your yard all "straightened up" so when the gardener came, you wouldn't be embarrassed...sounds so much like me. I guess, being about the same age, we seem to have a lot in common in the way we think. :))


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