Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Indeed I am!!    
On Saturday morning, as usual, we were up bright and early and off on our usual treasure hunting adventure.
The first three sales, PH only slowed the car.  I gave my usual signal to keep going.
Piles of old baby clothes on a blanket placed on dead grass in the front yard...is NOT something I will even pull to the curb for.
Yes, it happens!  A lot!
Then, another sign and we turn, and I give the  "stop" signal.  (Actually, I slam my foot to the floor and scream STOP!)  and before the car is completely stopped..I am out the door. 
Oh, forget my age!  This is garage sale day!!  :)
After looking around a few minutes, I spotted this little Beatrix Potter clock laying on a blanket.
I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter things.  I don't go nuts with collecting or anything like that, but I wasn't about to pass this up!
Do you see the word "Wedgewood?"  :) 
I bought the clock, the little plate AND a stand, all for $1.50.  She wanted $2 but accepted my offer.
She threw in the stand at the last minute.  We were both delighted. 
The clock was SO new that the invisible plastic film cover was still on the face of the clock. 
PH went to Walmart and bought a new battery and it runs perfectly.  The protective plastic cover on the battery was still in place and had never been snapped off. 
The plate also is in brand new condition.  They were not even laying together..
The next garage sale I found this pretty fruit bowl with a chip on the side.  25 Cents. Very old.  I didn't mind the chip or the crazing on it.  It's gorgeous! 
Another garage sale turned up the ruffled glass dish and this BIG silver plated tray!  Glass dish 50 cents and the tray was $2.00.  She wouldn't bargain, darn it, but it was worth it even in it's blackened condition.  It cleaned up beautifully.   Perfect for all of my deviled eggs at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I can see it now with pretty white or red paper doilies on it..all my deviled eggs with a bouquet of parsley in the middle.  Ahhhh...FALL is coming..and I find it hard to wait sometimes.
The last garage sale was fantastic..but the lovely antique furniture she had for sale..I had NO room for.  I do regret passing up that old wood ironing board..but..where to put it?  No matter, I have regrets!
There was a box of some of the prettiest clothing.  However..I would need to be a LOT thinner than I am..but..I did buy this pretty corduroy shirt with velvet backed collar and....some velvet detailing on the back placket for Fall.  It was a PETITE!   I will wear it as a light jacket over a T shirt.  This picture was taken in our garage.  It's hanging on my laundry rack..
LOVE it!
Also bought a pretty gray T shirt
a pair of pretty pajama's, light soft flannel with faded roses on them.  Perfect for lounging around in the evening.
I made a new friend!
All for ....drum roll please...$1.50
At the last garage sale I found this nice size glass pumpkin, 25 cents, (like I need another one!) a Tupperware coffee container (or whatever) in my favorite dark red color, 25 cents ..and a pretty Autumn hanging tin basket with cut through design.  50 cents!  It will look pretty this Fall hanging on my front porch with some Fall leaves in it.  What do you think?  Good idea?
I came home singing.
PH found some headphones..a like new Coleman flashlight (well, actually, I found it and fell in love with it.  He said we didn't need it and I said we did. I won.  It was red, after all.  :)  New batteries and it's a charmer.  THAT flashlight was 50 cents and so were the ear buds.  When it begins to get late and HOT things get much less expensive.  I think he has already forgotten the flashlight wasn't his idea.  We will keep it in the car..ho hum. 
I bargain, PH does not!  He is just the sweetest thing! :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday...
P.S.  Do I talk too much?  LOL  Shhhh..don't answer that!


  1. Wow- Mona- Looks like you hit a few mother lodes. I really love that Beatrix Potter. It is one of my very favorite things to collect. I have a few little pieces myself. Love your tray, too- Hope you had a good Tuesday- XO Diana

  2. Dear Mona. You are the Queen of Garage sales. Do you feel guilty about the clock and plate.....Ha ha... No Garage scouters just looooove a bargain. What a great day.

  3. Some great buys . . . I am going to look up prices of Wedgewood, Peter Rabbit. I have three pieces and the box they came in . . .a gift from my mom when my first was born forty nine years ago! Plus, my sons favourite Peter Rabbit book. Some things I can't part with.

    Oops . . . I got off track there for a minute.

    Fun garage sale finds . . . guess I won't throw a blanket on the front lawn and pile some things out there for sale! I do have my Freebie sign though. Instead of taking things to Goodwill . . . I take some of them to the end of the drive, stick the sign in . . . they vanish very fast!

    Oops . . . off track again!

  4. great finds! i never go to garage sales. i hardly go to thrift shops anymore. i have too much stuff!!! don't put your hard boiled eggs directly on the silver tray because they will make black marks on it. a mistake i have made one too many times!

  5. You bring a smile or laugh to me whenever I read of your sale adventures. I know, from your past sale posts, they are going to intrigue me to the last line.... and I love your sense of humour. I absolutely adore the little wedgewood clock, and plate; I love the colour of the fruit bowl and the small glass dish.....and a bit of clothing. I like that shirt. Now, I am thinking, howmany times have I said like n love in the above sentences. haha NOT to many and they are all sincere. No girl, you do not talk too much, you're just a bunch o' fun to express your delight of garage sales. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Good morning Sweet one,
    I ALWAYS SMILE:) when I see sweet, wonderful YOU !! What a FUN day of garage treasure hunting for you !! Fabulous Finds !! Don't you just LOVE uncovering hidden treasures ... I STILL say the hunt in the funnest part !! Grand pretties for you !!

    Soo happy you are always out and about.. think of you often, and everything here is STILL the same. Kinda of in a holding pattern, which is perfectly normal for this situation !! We are keeping the faith, and just plain ole' trusting for a miracle !! Isn't HOPE a wonderful thing ... makes each day tolerable .. that is for sure !!

    I will keep you updated my friend, hoping for a happy, wonderful, BLESSED day for the two of you lovelies.. Hugs ~Tanza~ xo

  7. Great buys Mona! LOVE the clock. Sometimes I am shocked at the pricing... either it's next to nothing or they think they have GOLD. :-D

    I want/need to come to your neck of the woods... When I see a garage sale sign my DH just continues to press the gas pedal.

    Huggies Dearie!


  8. Hi Zelda-Marie (are you laughing out loud?)

    Love that little B. Potter clock, if I lived close by I would come over grab it and RUN!

    Zona-ann Ruth

  9. I am always surprised at all the good finds you find girl. LOL! Love your new additions.

  10. Your finds are super, but your enthusiasm jumps out from this post! I think it would be fun to see you work the sales in person!

  11. Just came from Applegate Cottage and recognized the Grand Hotel instantly.
    I googled it real quick and it is, indeed, the very hotel used in the movie. That is, by far, my favorite movie of all time....and of course, now I'd love to go see the hotel.

  12. Mona -
    I always look forward to your garage sale show & tell days. I get to live vicariously through your purchases while I spend anther day her decluttering my own home. I blame the clutter on living very close to a Home Goods & TJMaxx. But the reality is I just bought too many things over the years. I have had to force myself to give away & donate many items with the tags still on them.
    When we are in our 20s & 30s we all needed things to make life comfortable in our homes, so searching for sales becomes a habit. By the time we are in our
    40s, we pretty much have all the things we need and then proceed to buy only items we want. I just forgot to stop when I had enough things. I kept buying and forgot how important it was to get rid of an item if you bought an item. Now my rule is that if my house even faintly resembles a gift shop, then my decore is excessive and need to edit. So, I admire your restraint & willpower to be selective about what you purchase. My Mom used to say "It's not a great sale if you don't need it".
    I really liked the shirt you got. It looks great on you. I do agree that if an item is red, a purpose can be found to justify its purchase. I don;t know how anyone can resist the color red. I also liked the green tray from Michaels. The flowers look so sweet arranged in it.
    Up here garage sales mainly sell baby stuff or just plain junk. It isn't worth the cost of gas to drive around looking for a good sale anymore. I'm surprised you find as many good item as you do. My favorite item from your spree is the autumn door hanger. It will look fantastic filled w/leaves & berries this Fall. Fall is the absolutely best season of all in my opinion.
    Well. I better get back to my decluttering. Thanks for sharing your latest finds and all the creativity you are so talented at.

  13. Like Ellen, I too am trying to declutter and have been mostly successful. Here we have yard sales more than garage sales and I do enjoy stopping to look if there's one nearby. I don't make it a regular habit for fear ai would buy stuff not needed. You always find the best deals, Mona.

  14. Your garage sales there carry a lot of different things then our garage sales here. Very nice.
    There is a harp playing and I am typing to the notes......sandie

  15. Wow, you hit the jackpot:) Love getting out early on Saturday morning with a hot cup of coffee and shopping the sales! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  16. Once again, you did so well and the way in which you share these adventures is as precious as the treasures you find to lovingly bring home. You have a most appreciative following out here, Mona. We all LOVE visiting YOU!

    Big hug

    Des xxx

  17. Oh, lawdy mercy! SCREEH!!! You & I'd be punching holes in the floor board, burning brakes together. Sounded like me ... Tanza & Sherry can tell you about their travels with us. When there is a garage sale or PICTURE to be taken ... I have literally stopped traffic to get it. :)

    Gosh! Wish you, Tanza & I were closer ... we'd have such fun.

    What lovely treasures you found. so love that pattern of Beatrix Potter.

    Miss you ... hadn't heard back from the email I sent. If you have ANY issues, Harold keeps stressing, with the blog stuff, call!

    Hi Howard!

    Big hugs,
    TTFN ~

  18. Wow, you are so good in rummaging, Mona. Great buy on the Wedgewood...Christine


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