Sunday, June 2, 2013


Well, bless my heart, it's DONE!
I really did want to get this completed a couple of months ago, but I just didn't have that feeling of wanting to create.
A trip to Michael's found me all sorts of little things on sale for 40% 0ff, including this little round "handled tray" in one of my favorite shades of green..for my patio table.  (Again you can see how carefully I stage my photo's!  Not!)
Second little Fairy Garden is well under way!  Just needs a few more cutsie little things...
A wee little cottage with shutters that open and close.  A local artist painted this tiny abode.  Remind me to show you the precious paintings of Holly Hocks and little critters around the cottage.  Not certain this little cottage will it is a work of art and I would hate to have it damaged...
The stepping stones for the path were found at a garage sale on Saturday...for 25cents. 
It will look prettier as the plants mature...
I think..I need an arbor?  Perhaps some moss?   There is time...this is just the beginning.  These little gardens are constantly changing.
I just want to mention that I don't go crazy finding miniature plants.  I just keep them trimmed. 
From this... this...
 To this!
It only took about 15 to 20 minutes to do the entire little garden once I had my plants.
NOW for the fun part...chosing the tiny flower pots...perhaps a wishing well..who knows.
If you haven't tried one of really should.  Then entire bottom of this wheelbarrow is drilled full of holes...for good drainage.  I had the little house on hand. 
What is so nice is that you can just wheel this Fairy Garden to where ever you want it to be. 
Works for me! :)
So...what do you think?  I hope you like it.  The wheelbarrow was $5.00 at a garage sale.  PH fix the flat tire...and it sat for a couple of years.  Yes, I procrastinate sometimes! :)
The soil was even on sale for 4.99 a bag.  I bought two.  The little plants cost the most, but I was frugal and chose ones with a lot of coverage.   I love the unstructured  look of my little gardens.
Luv'n hugs.


  1. Mona, love your fairy gardens, they are great!
    Your garden is looking really good.
    Have a wonderful week - its cooling down for a while.

  2. Love it! My sister has an old wheelbarrow and I'm going to show this to her...she would really enjoy doing something similar. So cute!

  3. Oh-I love it Mona. They are both wonderful and look how lush that one is already. Beautiful job~~~ I have to get the grandgirls out here to get theirs done for the summer. We are really behind in outdoor things this year- it was only forty degrees this morning. xo Diana

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  5. Love your little fairy gardens, #1 and #2 . . . I am happy you are feeling like doing a bit of creating, once again . . . I look forward to more photos soon . . .

  6. Love the tray and the little garden is so pretty. That little tiny cottage is precious. Hugs, Marty

  7. Both of your fairy gardens are beautiful. The flowers in them are especially pretty. The closer I look at your fairy gardens, the more pretty details I see.

  8. I would love to come and play fairies in that garden with you Mona. It is beautiful, now all those bugs have gone.

  9. oh mona...this is wonderful! you certainly have the touch for making these. it is so wonderful!

  10. Morning - Will you come visit and be my gardener for a week. I love what you have done with this second little garden and am amazed by the total cost - it looks great and I love the new little cottage and stepping stones. Your photos are great. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Adorable! That's a great thing to do with a wheel barrow too. I love fairy gardens!

  12. Oh Mona, I love your creation! That sweet $5 wheelbarrow is now a gorgeous Fairy Garden:) Love it! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  13. Wow you are a women with a vision - I want one and the way you explained it doesn't sound hard except for finding a wheel barrel.
    And I love that green tray at Michael's. It is GORGEOUS! sandie

  14. So sweet. I agree, though, that that little house needs to be indoors. It is so adorable, would love to see a close up photo.


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  16. Totally love, love it Mona!
    It's a work of art, what a beautiful thing you created!
    And yes that hotel is the one they used in the movie Somewhere in Time.
    Good eye. The Grand Hotel is amazing but I couldn't stay there since rooms go for $400/night and up.
    Hugs friend,

  17. Your wheel barrow fairy garden is so sweet. Love the little cottage and your choice of plants. Great color tray garden, too. Love that shade of green.

  18. This is sooo sweet. I am going to watch for a wheelbarrow to paint and fill with cuteness...just like yours. :)

  19. It might have taken you longer than you'd planned on but oh my what a beautiful fairy garden this one turned out to be! The tray on your patio table turned out quite lovely too. You've got such a talent for arranging things. Now sit back and look around and enjoy your beautiful space. Wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. Big hug

  20. I think maddyrose summed everything up perfectly! You are incredibly talented, Mona and I absolutely adore that you've never relinquished 'the little girl in yourself' with your love of dolls and fairies and all things magical, sweet and innocent!

    Big hug,
    Des xxx

  21. I love your fairy gardens! Super cute in the wheel barrow. Your grandchildren will love to imagine what sweet fairy lives there. Wishing you a good week.


  22. Mona I love your Fairy Gardens. They are just so fun to see and create.

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