Friday, June 21, 2013


No..I didn't get a garden planted..but I did feed those fruit tree's like crazy, so I'm not totally worthless! :)
A couple of mornings ago..I went out to water and discovered PLUMS on my little tree.
Beautiful..beautiful plums!
Aren't they beautiful and nearly ready to pick and eat..except on closer inspection I saw clear evidence the birds were beating us to them.  It's ok.  One of these days there will be enough for the birds and for us..  The tree is still small..
and there are peaches.. :)  It will be awhile before these are ready..even for the birdies!
To those of you who have big deal, but to us..well..we were jumping for joy. 
Yes, yes, was ME who was jumping for joy.  Big Daddy doesn't care one whit!  :)
Saturday...garage sale day!  I am showing this little table to you so you can see what you can find at garage sales.  Everything on this little table, including the table itself, is from garage sales.  The little table was $3.00 for starters.  The frame with my grandmother Vanderpool's picture in it, the little creamers, the lovely old books the lace table topper and the floral arrangements...all garage sales.
The lamp was made by Penny @ The Comforts Of Home.  She is a wonderful artist. 
 Another task completed.  I got my summer flowers to bring on the MIRACLE GROW!
Nooooo...not getting paid to praise it.  I am just smitten is all!!

Just wait until you see this little area on the front lawn in a couple of weeks!   The little stumpy sticks you see are perennials that are on their way back.  The slugs will chow down on the Marigolds...just wait and see.  :(  Ah well..

 So..tell me, have you ever just wanted to jump in and be controversial and say something about something in the news that just has you burning mad?  Never, you say?  Ok..I'll not say a word..but OH, how I wish I could!   


  1. Mona, I often want to shout about something that I feel might be controversial. So I sit ready with my fingers on the key board, take a breath and think. "May be I shouldn't."
    The lamp base is such a treasure. Penny from comforts of home is very talented.

  2. No fruit even close to be ripe here :-) But the gooseberries will soon change color to red and sweet :-)

    Nice things You bought at the garage sales, it's acyully becomming more popular here too so perhaps I too will be able to go to some soon :-)

    Have a great day!

  3. you can say anything you want mona! it is your blog! go for it girl! you reminded me to fertilize my garden and i just came back from doing it. i am soaked because my hose leaks! you have a little paradise there! it is beautiful!!!

  4. Looks like everything is coming up roses . . . or flowers. Don't give Miracle Grow all the credit . . . you just might be the Miracle!

  5. Your fruit trees are fabulous and so is your garden, love it. Great finds at your yard sales too. You always do good. Say what you want, I usually do. Hugs, Marty

  6. Let's start a conversation...what's on your mind?
    Balisha.... by the your little corner.

  7. First, it's your blog so shout it out! You can say what you want to...last time I checked that is still one of our amendments.

    Try bungee cords or belts or rubber snakes in your fruit trees. Our birds think they are snakes and will not eat the fruit. Remember to move them around or the birds will become used to them.

  8. Go ahead and say it! There is so much happening in the world that I could be on a permanent soapbox! Your garage sale finds are very lovely and have found a good home with you. Take care of those beautiful gardens and have a great weekend!

  9. Well, Mona I think you know me well enough to know that I would shout about whatever it is that has you burning mad. Yep, its a free world to still speak about whatever's caught in yer jaw, so spill it out dearie. I would and I appreciate people that voice there opinions, GO FOR IT :)
    so, if you are doing all this work in your garden, why oh why did you hire a gardener?? Love your pickin's from the sales.
    I have had a busy almost two weeks with coverage on several graduates, and everything they attend right up to the last individual family n friend yard parties. Its not a chore for me - just a bustling activity and really too busy to attend to usual things. Now, it is over for another year and life is calm once again until the big July 1st - 4th parties across the border and the Motorcycle Rally and the upcoming Triathlon. Gee, I guess its not that quiet. he,he Hello "Big Daddy"

  10. I need to get some Miracle Grow for sure Mona. sandie


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