Friday, April 3, 2015


I LOVE Easter.  It's just not the chocolate bunnies..although that has probably had something to do with it.  It's the feeling.  I always thought that when Easter got here..everything would be alright.

This morning while having our morning coffee, I happened to look out the window and saw this.
 I told Howard, "LOOK, I think Jesus is coming! Come on!"  I jumped up and ran outside!  Of course he had to burst my bubble by telling me that "No..that's just sky writing, Mona!"
But it was a nice way to start the day anyway, don't you think?   What a nice offering by that pilot on Good Friday.
...and besides, it could happen!
Maybe just not today.  

The day before when this box came full of all sorts of Easter goodies from Lynn, I was so excited.
We exchanged baskets and now I'm all upset because the one I sent her was not HALF as wonderful as this!   Thank you, Lynn.  Next year I'll know how to do a Easter basket exchange.! :)
There was even some OLD post cards that I practically burst into song when I saw them.

See that little Primitive bunny?  Lynn made it herself!  
Her blog is  Life on the Wienee Ranch.
I went around the rest of the day singing..."Here comes Peter cotton tail, hoppin' down the bunny trail..etc. etc."...until finally PH burst another one of my bubbles.
He had the nerve to tell me  THERE WASN'T REALLY AN EASTER BUNNY!!

There always has to be a smarty pants, doesn't there?

On April Fool's Day I tried to tell him I was pregnant...he just shook his head and walked away.
 Well, I thought it was a really good one...He wasn't fooled for a minute!
He's no fun at all!!
(of course me being 78 MIGHT have been a factor!)
Happy Easter to all. 
I hope your day is wonderful!



  1. ha,ha, you are a hoot Mona - got the preggies at 78 - I'm not sure how well PH can hod the mirror and a new baby at the same time. Very lovely basket and the sky is a lovely touch to Easter - very thoughtful, whoever did that. Have a wonderful Easter, surrounded by your loving family kiddo.

  2. Fun post to start the day. "Happy Easter, Mona.

  3. Mona, I liked this post. You funny girl. That was a wonderful Easter basket, just full of nice things. Hope you and PH have a glorious Easter. xoxo,Susie

  4. I'm sitting her chuckling...laughing really! Cute post! Love early morning smiles and laughter! What wonderful goodies in gift basket and yes, there is still an Easter Bunny!
    Blessings to you this Easter~

  5. Mona,
    Loved this post!!
    Put a huge smile on my face!!
    Happy Easter!!


  6. A most joyful and blessed Easter to you, my friend. And, yes, He will come again.


  7. Oh No!!!!

    He told you, there isn't any Easter Bunny?!?!?!?!? Oh sigh, oh my!


    You got a lovely exchange gift. And I'm so glad it make you so happy-all-day! :-)

    Have a lovely weekend,

  8. Oh I love the cross in the sky, how exciting and perfect is that. Your basket is fabulous too. Have a super Blessed and Happy Easter.

  9. What a lovely exchange gift. The cross in the sky was wonderful. I know the real meaning we celebrate Easter but the Easter bunny is what the kids look forward to. I still fix a basket of goodies for the my daughter (who come over twice a week) and her husband. Have a blessed day and Happy blessed Easter to you and your husband. Madeline

  10. You are such fun Mona . . . an adorable post indeed . . .
    I like the " 78 and pregnant!"
    Happy Easter my friend . . .

  11. What a lovely, lovely basket! And that sky writing is the coolest! And I would say there IS an Easter bunny and her name is Lynn! lol Happy Easter, Mona!

  12. To Joyce...
    No, he did not ask. Had it been the other way around, I would have!! Heh heh!! The man is appropriate to a fault. That's NOT the word but you know what I mean! He shocks easily. Poor dear!

  13. Loved the post Mona. You would make medical history if you were pregnant. LOL.
    Loved the cross in the sky and what a great way to start the day.

    Have a wonderful Blessed Easter with your family.

  14. Ya gotta take that man's pin away so he'll stop burstin' your bubble, sweetie!!!

    What a wonderful basket! I'm thrilled for you.

    May I share? One spring mornin' as I was driving to school, I spotted a flock of geese. They were not only flying in a perfect cross formation, the sun was reflecting golden hues off the birds wings. It was beautiful and indescribably peaceful. have the rest of the story!

    Have a wonderful Easter my friend.

  15. LOLOLOL!!!!
    in some countries and in the national enquirer it could happen!
    so who's a smarty pants NOW!
    as ever...
    i love your life!
    but i'm pretty partial to mine too! we're cook'in! :D xo

  16. Belated Happy Easter to you and Howard.
    Cute April Fool's joke too, Mona.

  17. 78? Heck, in biblical times you'd be a young chick and getting prego wasn't such a miracle! Ha! Hey, I'm sure we will Jesus one day but until then I like to think that He's with me my heart always. Happy Easter!

  18. Happy Easter a day late:) Love that cross in the sky and Jesus is coming, soon I think! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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