Thursday, April 23, 2015


Not just any squirrel.  This one was special.
The picture above is the son of our hero taken in our Canary Pine tree out front.

Here is the little guy who is eating us out of house and home.  His father used to visit us and eventually he brought his wife.  Then two babies appeared with them.  
Then one morning I found his father dead under the ferns in the flower bed out front by the street.
We don't know what happened.
Now his son entertains us.  I haven't seen  his mother since the father died.  I saw the two little ones alone only once shorty after the father died.  The mother was a timid little thing and the father lead her everywhere.   One morning when we were having coffee on the back patio, we saw the dad and mother crossing on the telephone wires that run high above our back fence...the mother suddenly came to a halt.  She just began bobbling and froze.  For at least half an hour he coaxed her.  She had to jump from the higher wire down to the lower wire, then proceed on to the tree and jump onto it and they were home.
She just could not seem to move.  He came back, jumped back up onto her wire and tried to show her her how to jump down.  Nothing.  She would NOT budge.  He chattered...there was nose to nose communication..but nope...she would not move a muscle.  Back and forth he went and finally after at least ten or more trips back and forth...he was able to get her to move a bit..and then follow him to where she was supposed to jump to the lower wire and then on to the tree in the far corner of our yard.  Finally she edged to the jumping off place and once more seemed to freeze.
She hesitated...we held our breath and after three or four tries of him jumping back and forth.....she suddenly did it!!  She JUMPED, bobbled and then followed him to the tree.  It was all we could do not to jump up and cheer them!!!  
We miss our squirrel couple...and we hope she made it alright without him.
I know how she must have felt.  I know what it is to feel lost without one's mate.

We are watching her baby boy grow and hoping no harm came to their daughter.
His son has a lot to live up to!

 Many years ago I saw these little bunnies in the Spiegel Catalog and thought they were precious.
I couldn't afford them and then a couple of weeks ago..they popped up on ebay and I bought them.
Too late for this Easter..but..maybe next year.

I bought this large plate at an Estate Sale last week and I love it.
This cup shelf is over my couch in the living room.

I also found a sweet little delicate creamer and sugar.
Not a good picture of them.  I love the pale can see right through the glass.
I sometimes wonder how things like this survive so many years.  

Good care and gentle handling.  Like our little squirrel friend was with his delicate and gentle little mate.

Things are good here.  It's cooler and if I don't watch the news, I'm fine.
Much love,


  1. Nice handsome young man to follow in Dad's footsteps!! I should check out EBay...:)JP

  2. Lovely dishes. You have such good taste! And I know those bunnies. I have seen them too. I think my mom had them, but goodness knows where they are now if she did.

    I love the story about the squirrels. Aren't we all timid at one time or another?

  3. I love to watch all the little "friends" we have in the yard. Have a wonderful week end, Mona! hugs...

  4. you have your own personal entertainment crew.. sorry the daddy died.. they are a lot of fun to watch and i always wonder how they can jump so far.. love the bunnies, they match your cup behind them. beautiful plate to .

  5. I love your squirrel story! I hope he lives long and can give you many more days of joy. Pretty glass finds as usual Mona! I hope you have a nice's very chilly here the 20's but it's suppose to warm up to 50. We do have clear blue skies and sunshine and that always makes me smile! Just like your blog posts!

  6. That is such an endearing story, Mona. I hate to lose them when you "know" them as constant visitors to your yard. I know some people hate squirrels but they have always kinds of fascinated me. I hope "mama"makes it okay without her mate.

    LOVE those bunnies and don't think you have to put them out just at Easter and that large plate is beautiful.

    You have some gorgeous pieces, Mona. xo Diana

  7. Mona, Squirrels are fun to watch. We have plenty in our area. I love your new rabbits. I used to love that catalog. Hope you and your husband are doing well. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. The squirrel is so cute. We have lots of them around our place, they are fun to watch. Love your ceramic bunnies and the other things you have acquired. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. What a precious little story. I can imagine how frustrating it was, for you to watch, and know you couldn't do anything to help.

    But the Mr. saved the day. As well as saved the Mrs. :-)

    Cooler. Lovely. News. Never.


  10. I love to watch the sweet little squirrels! We alsn had a family where we lived previously....they came the same time every day for the nuts and goodies i left out foq them. For a long time it was just the male.....then one day he showed up with his little family in tow! So much like your story! One day after the fourth of july he vanished. We never saw him again. I always wonder if he got in the way of exploding fireworks or something. It was sad. He had been a daily visitor for so long

  11. I love watching squirrels and their antics, but they can be so destructive. I have had to have my internet carrier out twice, yes, twice to change out lines because squirrels have chewed through the lines...they finally moved them, but I am sure the squirrels will still feast on them.
    I love the aqua little reminds me of my Noritake Luray pattern.
    Have a great weekend, Mona!

  12. Your place is always so beautiful.

    Thanks for your kind comment. I've always had rocks.

  13. Well Son of Squirrel is a handsome guy, isn't he. I love watching the squirrels in and around our yard (except when they are impish and take my tomatoes or chew holes in our home).

    I think we have had descendants of the same families of squirrels, robins, doves, and the finches with the red chests nesting in our spruce tree for more than thirty years. They are our "yard family".

  14. Cute little squirrel friend . . .
    Very nice plate you found . . . PRETTY.
    I am trying to find a "critter" for a link up I am doing. Mind if I take a picture of Mr. Squirrel?

  15. I have Sidney the Squirrel and he loves to devil the dogs. Sit up on the wires and shakes his tail at them LOL. Hope mama is okay and the babies.
    I had a house wren nest up on the beam of the patio and I watched as they fed them and finally they were given flying lessons and the next day they were all gone.
    Where's our rain? Only a little sprinkle yeaterday, but sure cold today.
    Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  16. This is one of my favorite posts of yours Mona. I just loved the story of your little squirrel family.

  17. Howdy! Thanx for your sweet comments and yes that little mermaid girl is our grandgirl! Whacha ut to this week?

  18. Oh my, I'm soo sad the daddy died, he'll be tough and make it with you watching over him! I love watching them play, they are just too cute. Oh Mona, I love your new treasures! That sugar and creamer, be still my heart!!

  19. Hi Mona! Oh, the poor little Daddy! I know they are so destructive but they are just beautiful little creatures. Your header is so pretty too. Now I love those little bunnies and you can have bunnies out all the time. Love seeing all of your pretties too. Love to hear from you always!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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