Monday, April 6, 2015


What a nice Easter we had.
Spent it at the beach with the family...many were not there..and we missed them.
Well, one daughter just flew in from spending a week in Georgia with my daughter Sandy's family.
She is suffering the loss of her sister terribly.
It's been two years already...and this year
 Sandy's birthday fell on Easter Sunday, and made for a melancholy day for all of us.  
We all held hands and remembered her, told her we were thinking of her and wished her with us.
We did what we thought she would like us to do.  Be happy and remember her with love.
We had a nice peaceful, quiet day together.  
There is nothing like listening to the waves, children laughing, an occasional dog barking in the distance and seagulls calling to one another, the ocean breeze and being with loved ones to make a nice day.

I remembered to take the camera and when we remembered, we snapped a few pictures.

.   Two of my granddaughters, Ireland and Wrenna and my little great granddaughter, Emily.
I wanted to hold my granddaughters and never let them go.
When it was time for them to leave, I finally let go and cried.  Wrenna is leaving for Alaska.  She and Justin have jobs waiting for them there.  They will be traveling the Alcan Highway. They are an adventuresome pair.

 Ireland was down from San Francisco where she is living and working now.  So far away.  Why I thought they would never go far from home, I don't know.  Wishful thinking perhaps.  When they fly away, it's what they are supposed to do.  But it's hard.  Really hard.

I have the sweetest, kindest family!  

Here is sweet "patient husband"  otherwise known as PH  already getting red faced from the sun. He had a wonderful time..laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed himself.   My children adore him and he returns their love a thousand fold.  I am so grateful!
 I was in the picture but looked like I had stuck my  finger in a light socket so I cut myself out. I don't like my picture taken anyway and when I saw the picture, I knew why! :)   No need to scare anyone.
Little great granddaughter Emily.

Emily was the only one dressed for the warm day Easter turned into.  Her Mommy and Daddy,(my grandson is her daddy)  are expecting a baby brother for Emily in August.  
Easter was a good day.  I was so happy to be with my family.  Forgot to get a group photo.  People kept arriving and my mind was not on pictures.   

This is the only picture I got of some of the Easter goodies..  By this time the food was devoured.  
Fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans, Honey Baked ham.  Chocolate bread pudding , fresh rolls and a green salad, all from "Jammin' Bread" brought by daughter in law, Cheryl,  and all sorts of spreads including Honey mustard for the ham, lots cupcakes, lemon and berry pie;  Everyone brought a few dishes  and it turned out lovely.
Daughter Mary, as always makes sure there were fresh flowers, a community Easter Basket stuffed with goodies, and her tons of cupcakes and pretty table clothes and decorations.   

We made beautiful memories of Easter 2015.



  1. what a beautiful family, sounds like the wonderful day,,, for everyone,, and even those who have passed,, you shared the day with loving hearts, perfect!

  2. I loved seeing these pictures . . . Liked the one of you with your granddaughters the best. Such beautiful children, grands, greats, you, PH . . .

    Liked the holding hands and thinking of your daughter and sending her love . . .

    Many, many blessings you have . . . I miss our visits!

  3. -happy sigh- A beautiful day at the beach. And lovely memories made. Quite perfect. Other than the "missing part." But you did what she would have wanted you to do.

    So it was a very perfect day.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. What a wonderful post. Your granddaughters and great granddaughter are beautiful just like the grandmother. What a great memory you now have to brighten up a cloudy day. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. This sounds like the perfect day with tons of love and great food.

  6. Mona, Wonderful family photos. Emily is a doll. PH needs a big brimmed hat. I know your heart hurt for the children moving far away. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Happy Easter. So glad you were able to share the day with family and friends.

  8. Oh you certainly did! You honored the day in so many ways.

  9. Mona, I fully understand saying good-bye and crying. I did it for many years when we came back from VA to CT to visit family....:)JP

  10. I am so sorry that Easter was so bittersweet for you this year. Two years is not long enough to grieve, is it? I know your heart aches still.

    Wonderful pictures. Your little Emily reminds me so much of our Sweet Cheeks. There is just something about her-an old soul, I bet.

    Blessings- I am glad you had some happiness on Easter and that your family loves PH so much. THAT too is a blessing- xo Diana

  11. That sounds like a fabulous Easter celebration! Little Emily is a beauty! I also love the pic of PH. You should have allowed yourself to be in the shot. I'm betting you looked adorable! I'm sorry you couldn't have all the kids there to gather and remember Sandy. However, Easter is the beautiful promise that life does go on and one day we'll all be together again. Because He lives, we will too. Take care Mona

  12. A bittersweet but beautiful Easter. It must be wonderful to celebrate Easter on the beach. I enjoyed seeing your Easter pictures.

  13. What a lovely celebration! You have a lovely, lovely family full of people who take after you--because it's full f pretty girls and handsome guys. You have so such to be proud of.
    I know you--as well as your daughters and sons--are still missing your dear daughter. It's been 15 years since we lost our only daughter, leaving only our one son--who we love so much. We love and miss her so terribly, still--it doesn't go away. I just look forward to seeing her again someday soon!

    God bless, Mona--you look awesome. If I live to be as "old" as you--13 more years--I'll never look that good!

  14. Sending you a HUG as you miss your precious Daughter! I know that you all enjoyed your time together on that Easter Sunday! Great pics! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  15. Lovely family. Lovely memories. Even the sad ones can be beautiful in their own way. Sounds like you all had a really good day!

  16. What a beautiful day spent with beautiful people! You are truly blessed, Mona! It's your many years of selfless loving and hard work being repaid abundantly and you and your dear sweet husband deserve it all! You have a priceless family.

  17. So glad you had a good Easter..we were both sick and had to skip Easter with our family for the very first time...ever. It was a sad, pitiful day but I was so sick, I slept most of the day.
    Kids brought flowers, foods of all kinds but it was the next day before either of us could eat...
    Better now..

  18. Mona, your family is just beautiful! What moments to treasure with them, all will be blessed memories!

  19. You are such a hoot! Sounds like a wonderful Easter Day! Yep I think Sandy would like that very thing....and I know it's hard to not be sad but she wouldn't want that. By the way you looked lovely!

  20. What a beautiful family - how lucky to be surrounded by all that love, Mona. My heart goes out to you for your loss. I'm so glad you were all able to share Easter in such a loving and wonderful way.

  21. oh my goodness mona!
    to have such a large and loving family. even with the terrible losses... it's balm for the soul.
    you are one of the YOUNGEST looking great grandmothers i've ever seen!!!! LOLOL. TRUE!
    maybe they should write you up in some medical journal or something!

  22. That looked like a perfect Easter! So glad got to be together! just takes some planning is all....and is so worth it isnt it? Special times with family making memories....nothing tops that! What a blessing to be able to spend time with them!

  23. It sounds like your day was so beautiful. I know that must really be hard for your daughter's birthday to have been on Easter Sunday. But how wonderful some oof you were together and remember her.

  24. It sounds like your day was so beautiful. I know that must really be hard for your daughter's birthday to have been on Easter Sunday. But how wonderful some oof you were together and remember her.

  25. As our families get ever bigger, our love just spreads further. Yours is going in so many directions Mona. The love just grows and grows...


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