Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Never mind, I've got my reasons!
Either the world is spinning faster ..or I've slowed  WAY down!  :)

I am looking forward to Easter this year..because I will be with my children.  I'm cherishing those moments more and more.

Not much time to blog lately..but Easter Cupcakes made by daughter
Mary have always been a source of pride for me and I am
looking forward to having them again this year!

Lime cupcakes...for me the more frosting the better. 

Lemon is wonderful too...Now bring on the coffee but tea will do just fine.

It was a long day!

Tiny two year old great grandson came with his mommy, my granddaughter, for a visit this afternoon.
Busy boy, yes indeed.  Little greats are SO much fun...for ..about half an hour.
 I recall trying to wind three "wind up" Disney cars at the same time so they would all be running at at once and crash into each other... 
Toys everywhere...that's the last I remember clearly. 
I thought I was struggling until I noticed his mother!
Yep..brought back memories.  If she thinks one is a handful, try SEVEN!
And all but the youngest were 13 and 14 months apart!
Even the memory tires me out!!

Great grandmothers are just supposed to be "great" and nothing more. 
Found that out this afternoon.

I was so...rattled busy, I forgot to take pictures!! 

What's tomorrow?  Anybody know?

Hugs and love,


  1. I recall my husband's father saying to me "when the great-grandchildren came along , well, it was different". I KNOW he did not mean that he loved them less, but that he did not have the energy for them he had for his grandchildren , and my dear and godly father-in-law was very much there for his many grandchildren. Age really does eventually take it's toll and one cannot simply keep p with all the great-grandchildren , great nieces & nephews, and that is the way of life.

    Still , we as grandparents & great-grandparents, can pray for our family and simply be there for them when they do call or visit. We can encourage & uplift them too, but AFTER we've had our naps ! :)

  2. Those cupcakes look so good Mona. So glad that you are having everyone over.
    Are you doing all the cooking? Hope you have help.
    Have a wonderful day with your family.
    Happy Easter my friend.


  3. Yummy...lemon and lime...two of my favorites!...:)JP

  4. LOL! thats so funny about the busy little grandson. I like the "great grammas are just supposed to be great" thing.. I'll have to remember that if I get there. Believe me, if all the babies are at my house at once.. I do not function well. I just run around, like a chicken with my head cut off and try to keep up with what Im supposed to be doing, while I play with them all. I just need a bigger house and a clone! lol! oh those cupcakes! Now I have a serious craving for a lemon cupcake! maybe I need to stop at tim hortons for a lemon muffin this morning. lol! happyday and Happy Easter!

  5. Oh Mona...your daughters cupcakes are just beautiful and look delicious! Wow...what a talent she has!! Little ones can wear you out big time....been there and done that! They are a joy thought aren't they? Wishing you and those you love a very blessed Easter day! Big hugs dear one.

  6. Mona, Some times we need to just sit. :) I think the cupcakes are very pretty. I just got a brand new g.granddaughter. I get to see her again on Easter...I am going to hug, kiss and squeeze on her. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  7. OH- That was quite a day for you, Mona. Don't you look back and wonder how we ever did it? I only had four kids but the last three were born in 3 years time. It was a flipping zoo! And I had no help from anyone...including was just "not good" helping.

    Those cupcakes are beautiful, Mona. I'm with you- I'm all about the icing. xo Diana

  8. Oh i love my greats too. They are so fun.

  9. Cupcakes are my favorite...and I'm all about the icing too! I have a 23 yr old grand daughter so greats could be in my future in the next few years! She is in nursing school now not any time soon..I hope! Have a blessed Easter...hugs..

  10. Your cupcakes look delicious. I know you were tired out watching your great grandson but then great grandchildren keep us young, I have 4 greats 3 boy and 1 girl. I know you will enjoy having your family there with you for Easter. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. I fully understand. Little ones can frazzle us!!!

    Well, when I took care of first granddaughter, from the time she was 1 1/2, I made the Rules. And with the next door grands, I also make the Rules. ,-)

    I don't suppose, when a great, great grand visits, you are *supposed* to make Rules. -chuckle-

    But if I am still around, for such, I'm pretty sure I will still make Rules!!!! -grin-

    Rest! Today! No matter what!!!

  12. my hubs of nearly 41 years is the oldest of a second marriage and he had 7 siblings all going kinda nuts, he was the oldest and the best as far as I am concerned..My late mother in law did not parent well she hated to cook and never cleaned much at all, she waited on a man who never came home ran around with others and never supported his children, my hubs grew up fast.She had grandkids galore and several great grandkids she wasn't into grandmothering at all, her kids were about 11 months and 13 months apart for many years..I had one she was the ony girl grandchild of her oldest child her first born, he had a sister 17 when he was born, never really knew her at all lived thousands of miles away..It is all in one's perspective our only child is not married 38 this year just after her daddy turns 68 he was 30 when she was born a great day in our lives and I will turn 67 in late may, 41st wedding anniversary near my birthday..I go gaga over tiny babies everywhere I volunteer at a food pantry and get to hold them and fuss over them while their parents dine on food I made, today cooking Hams and Turkeys for Easter lots of them..the wee ones adore my husband and he treats them like the little angles they are! Happy Passover today and tomorrow, and Happy and Blessed Easter!

  13. Yummy! Those all look amazing!

    Mona, get a lot of rest today. Sounds like you used up a week's worth of energy yesterday!

  14. Mona lovely to have the family over but also nice to have a rest when they have gone, ready for the next time... Love the cupcakes.

  15. Children can wear you out - no matter your age!! I am sneaking in a few minutes to read and catch up on a few blogs while my grand quadruplets lie sleeping on the floor beside me. This quiet will not last long. Think I'll go rest for a few minutes myself. We will have a whirlwind of an afternoon!!!

    Now I am really hungry for a cupcake!!!

  16. i can't imagine having a grandchild let alone a great one!

  17. Are you still sitting . . .
    I am reaching out, hugging you, kissing your cheek and
    sending Easter blessings and sweetness . . .
    Love, Lynne

  18. Ha ha Mona I know the feeling. With your knees just sit all day today to get ready for family get togethers at Easter time.Those littlies want everything to happen right now.. This minute...if not before.
    Your mary is a whizz at cup cakes. I could do with one right now except it is a little too early at 8am.
    Have a wonderful Easter and take it easy. Hugs Kay

  19. Bite please??? Heck, the only reason I eat cake is for the frosting!!

    Sometime a gal just need to sit and partake of a delicious cupcake.

    Hey doll, had to stop by and wish ya one glorious Easter with that precious family of yours!

    God bless and smile upon ya dear friend. :o)

  20. I think there's a time when it's very OK to slow down...especially 7 kiddos later! My grandkids tire me out..I don't know how I'll handle greats! We'll have a full house Easter and that makes me happy..I love Easter! Those cupcakes look beautiful and yummy! Lemon and lime say spring to me. Enjoy the weekend!

  21. Your daughter's cupcakes look delicious, and all of that heavenly icing.

    We have one grandson and just one keeps us busy. We will have him here all day on Friday and I am looking forward to it. He is five now and says such cute, funny things. I thought about trying to keep our surprise snake long enough to see what my grandson would think (and say) about it, but I was afraid it might not survive.
    I think you should just relax, rest your knee, and have another one of those lovely cupcakes.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  22. My those cupcakes look delicious just seeing the photos. I would really like one with lime frosting, please. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and bery Happy Easter celebration, Mona.

  23. Your blog is decorated so pretty and those cupcakes look divine! Have a Happy Easter!


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