Monday, April 20, 2015


Please look at these images on my mirror.  I've shown these photo's before...but I keep hoping that if I show them from time to time..SOMEONE out there will be able to give an explanation..or know someone who can... OR even have had a similar situation. 

You can see where the marks appear to begin and end...and the pictures were taken within minutes of each other.  Most of the strange happenings are in our bedroom.  

I took this picture...then in a minute or so took the one below.

I took a picture from one side of the bed then walked to the other side and got this one!
I looks like a smiling face to me.  
My late husband was an amature cartoonist..and the image resembles a cartoon character he called "Clyde"...
He used to do this cartoon on the children's lunch sacks  many years ago when they were in school.
The cartoon itself was a little guy on a skateboard...and he always has some philosophical saying in one of those cartoon balloons over his head.  The cartoon was all in bright colors filled in with colored pencils and the Clyde was usually on a skateboard.  
This image looks strained or like it was difficult to make or even like a child made it.  All the images do!  Sometimes "orbs" are on the mirror when this happens.  The mirror is on the bed so that it cannot be possible for another mirror to reflect  the image ..etc. etc.  This has been a suggestion once.  Bull!  Even I can see this is not a reflection.  I rejected that suggestion..but..I need to keep an open mind here.

Any idea's out there.   You can see the fan blades reflected from the ceiling over head.

The reason I am posting these is because this mirror spent time under the bed in the guest room after this happened.  It's back out on the hallway wall.  I leave it alone..the less attention, the better things are.  I was NOT girlfriend was standing beside me when I snapped the pictures.
The same evening..the bolt of electricity from the top of the mirror to the bottom made us both jump back.  I've relayed this before.  

Another disturbance happened again last week.  Most of our problems seem to be in my bathroom and our bedroom.  
Anyone out there with idea's?  Please?  

I am NOT saying I think this is my late husband blah, blah,blah.  I am only saying the image is familiar.  Very.  But it could be anything.   Son in law suggested reflections...another friend said that it was the glue on the back of the mirror???  The mirror is a solid varnished original board on the back.  Never been removed as far as I can tell.
Other mirrors in the house have been troublesome.  Our bedroom dresser mirror spend a couple of weeks sitting behind the dresser.  It got THAT bad.
My poor little dog suffers when this starts up again as it did recently.  Comes and goes.

MY WALLPAPER CAME TODAY.  I am not elated..but I do like it.
(I think!)


p.s. perhaps I think..that if I change the room enough it will go away.  I've already painted it.
Nope.  Still happening.  Small nights are on all over this house at night.  
Call me a coward...tell me I have a wild's okay.  :)  I've been told that already but Mele and PH both know I don't.  


  1. You are sane, Mona, I have no doubts. I knew there must be renewed activity since the mirror was in this post.

    I have had no experience such as this. I have an natural aversion to mirrors and have as few as possible. I think I would almost set the mirror up and keep it steady with a video recording to see if the shapes change. That would verify something is changing and no one could argue with what they see.

    There are many suggestions to deal with this but have no idea what the right suggestion would be. I think simply if the mirror was a problem, get rid of it. Sell it, donate it.

    I'm aware of the past disturbances but sad to hear they are beginning again. Maybe it doesn't like your wall paper...just teasing.

    If you believe, you could have the house cleansed by a Shaman or even blessed by a priest. if this is an entity it may feed off your fear.

    Sometimes, I have heard, just talking to it, whatever it is, and saying it is your house might help. I truly do not know the answers.

    If it's more than you can bear, maybe check if someone knows someone who can help by "clearing" the house.

    God be with you, Mona. I am here if you want to "spill the beans"

  2. This is strange and sort of frightening. I am a believer that there are spirits in this world, both good and evil, and we don't understand everything. I agree with Gail that I would not only get rid of the mirror, but I would have your house cleansed by either a priest who has done it before and is strong enough to chase the spirit away or by some kind of spiritualist. I don't think you are crazy and obviously neither does your husband (or little Mele). Did your husband have this happen previously before you moved into the house?

  3. Oh how scary Mona. Do you think it's Howard wife that died? Maybe it's trying to tell you something. I think I would have the house blessed by a priest or someone.
    I would gt rid of the mirrors. How old are they and did they belong to his first wife?
    Good luck and be careful.

  4. I agree with Gail, talk to it, tell it , this is now your house and ask it politely to leave. Put your whole heart into the request. My brother had a "Shaman" bless his house before he got rid of a troublesome mirror. Then he actually got rid of the mirror, after the blessing of the home. It worked. Also wondering if this happened before you moved into the house or if you brought it with you or if it was already there. There's a restless spirit somewhere that needs to leave.

  5. Strange happenings on that mirror:) I think it is not your imagination because I see it too! Enjoy your day dear friend, can't wait to see that wallpaper! HUGS!

  6. Hi Mona, I wish I could tell you what is troubling that mirror. I am sorry I can't. What happens if you just face it to the wall for a couple of days, does it settle down? May be get rid of the mirror. I have been feeling low because I have the shingles so not much visiting blogs at the moment.
    Hugs Kay

  7. Unexplained happenings always raise questions in our minds. In the first shot I see a fish shape a sign from God. A fish painted on the outside door of a house let other Christians know that they would be safe and welcome inside. Although yours isn't painted I believe it's a gift for you to treasure. I'll be curious as to what other's see. fondly ~lynne~

  8. that mirror sure is busy! i hope you end up liking your wall paper!

  9. I will not tell you what to do about this problem Mona, you will have to decide that for yourself. Hope you like your new wall paper. Waiting to see posted pictures after it is up. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Wow, very troubling, Mona....don't know what the answer might be. When my granddad died the clock that hung over his chair stopped at the exact time that he died... Can't wait to see your wallpaper...hugs...

  11. Most happen in bedroom and bathroom...

    How many people lived in this house, before?

    Only present husband and his deceased wife?

    Or more people, earlier?


  12. I have no real knowledge of this. I believe you and because I believe we can speak through prayers to the Lord on our own, I would pray...Lord please remove the images from these mirrors. They are bothersome to me. See if that works...if not, then I don't know what to tell you!

  13. I do love me some paranormal! But I can see that you aren't happy with these happenings. I'm no expert but I've heard that mirrors can be portals for spirits. Also, you're doing a lot of remodeling...paint, paper, etc. That can stir things up. Since you have issues with other mirrors in the house getting rid of one might not help. Have you thought of bringing in a medium? I know you're not crazy! I hope you get some answers because I know how much you love your home. Just so you know, I see scary things in my mirrors..unfortunately it's my reflection! Let me know how this turns out.

  14. The mirror activity is scary to me. I don't even know what I would do in your situation. Off hand, I would say to get rid of the mirror, but if your other mirrors have weird goings on with them, too, I wouldn't know what to do. Most people need to have at least one mirror in the house I would think. I hope it doesn't scare Mele too much.

    Fuzzy likes to see his reflection down at the bottom of our full length mirror. At least I hope that is what he is seeing in the mirror! He wags and makes his happy Pom face when he looks into the mirror. He must know it is his reflection somehow, or he would be barking. You know how some Poms are.

    Good luck figuring out what to do about your mirror.

  15. I haven't a clue but you have my attention . . .
    Crazy curious . . . WHAT?

  16. Mona, It would be very interesting if your mirror or home were being visited by spirits, but after researching antique mirrors I am convinced that there are scientific reasons that explain much of what you have observed about that mirror. Everything you have mentioned about your mirror seems to be explained by a combination of the materials used to make the mirror's glass & what metals/chemicals were used to make the reflective coating on the back of the glass. Different kinds of glass were used for mirrors over the centuries. Not knowing how oldl your mirror is I would guess that it could have been coated with sliver & tin. Modern mirrors are now mostly coated with aluminum. All mirrors are far from perfect when it comes to reflecting an exact image of what is placed in front of it. Water actually is a better reflector than a mirror. Older mirrors have more irregularies in what you see reflected because the glass is not a uniform thickness it can sometimes have lines or ripples that you have noticed. Some imperfections will be visible all the time while others will come & go. What imperfections you see will also depend on how the temperature & humidity affect the tension of the mirror glass or the frame. The vision of the person looking at the reflection can also determine what oddities are seen. Even wearing glasses vs. no glasses can change what a person may see in the mirror. Wavelengths will bounce off the glass differently & distort the image also. Just tilting the mirror a few degrees can alter what defects become apparent to our eyes.All these factors in different combinations allow is to see the lines/ripples you have see in your mirror.

    I know you have kept the mirror even though you have stored it much of the time rather than use it. Personally, I would get rid of the mirror if it is causing you to feel creeped out or suspicious about what you see. I really don't think this is related to anything paranormal or spirit related. You have an older mirror with all the characteristics & imperfections that comes with imperfectly made glass & metals made worse by environmental factors that are constantly changing. As Freud said "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    If you really feel that there is something other worldly associated with the mirror or the lights turing themselves off & on you could easily do a sagging of you home & a blessing to cleanse your home of any spirit activity. You have to believe this would be helpful or there is no point. You can buy a sage bundle for $7 online. There are instructions for performing the sagginng & blessing online also.

    In my researching antique mirrors I found several good articles. You may want to do your own research by entering "How antique mirrors were made" into the search engine. There is lots of info. out there on the subject. I totally believe you saw exactly what you described, but much of it seems to be a consequence of the defects in the glass & the metal used for the reflective coating used in making your mirror.

    I bet you will love your new wallpaper once it is up on your bedroom walls. It is so hard to tell what it will look like when it is still on the roll. I hope you will be showing some before & after shots.

    Take care Mona & enjoy the changes you are making in your cozy home.

  17. hmmmmm... interesting. but I cant help you here.. those type of things make me nervous.. so I dont think about them! lol! but whatever it is... its interesting.
    have a great wednesday.. now I'm off to think about flowers or donuts or something sweet.. LOL!
    happy wednesday!

  18. I think it needs to be "resilvered" I think they called it? Used to do it in the old days


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