Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Actually, it doesn't bother us a bit.  If you were a very tall person and LIVED here....but you're not!
So...no worries.
I'm on a lace kick and it's all your fault out there for telling me to decorate my home the way I like!
You've spoiled me.  No!  Really, you have!   I'm really into lace lately!
I LOVE the stuff!

PH and I are both short..I'm a bit over 5' I think, PH is about 5'8".   He doesn't have to duck..but he was his usual self..smiled and said "It's pretty!"  
Bless his heart.  
How long will it last. Who knows.  

Right now, I love it!  
I mean you frame windows..why not doors.  Only two are alike.  
This is looking down the hallway from our bedroom into my office.
Valances on the left frame the bi fold door leading into the living room.

These valances are framing the doorway from the family room into my office.  You can see into our bedroom way down at the end.
Looks low..but it's perfect for us.
My kids...well...that's another story.  I admit they are looking at me strangely when they visit. :)

 This is the opening into the little hallway off the main one,leading to the bathroom.
As you can see, I have it all laced up! 
Not ALL doorways...but some.
See into the master bedroom there?  I've ordered the paper.

Yeah.  I know.  But it works sweetly with the bathroom wallpaper.
I'll wait until it arrives...then decide.   I've already booked my paper hanger..
Oh please, please don't say it's too busy.  I'm already sweating it out here!
I didn't want the same color background as the hall paper.   The very pale pink is going to make the bedroom furniture look wonderful.  It is! It is! (It better!!!)
....and I mean the leaves pick up the green in the hallway..the background on this paper is a pale, pale pink.  
Will it drive me crazy?

Kinda sissie paper?  I know.  Choosing paper is NOT easy.  I wanted something soft for the bedroom.  It's on it's way..and heaven only knows I've changed my mind so much my head hurts when I think about it.

Oh...and there was something I wanted to talk to you all about before I forget.  Been thinking a lot about it lately.
I'll be brief.    (heh heh)
I would love to see more pictures of all of you.  Camera shy or not...post a recent photo of yourselves now and then.  It's such a nice feeling to KNOW who I'm talking to, writing to, worrying about, and getting to know.  I have a lovely one of Lynne and her husband "Irish Garden House"...and bj and her handsome sweetheart...but so many are faceless.  Tessa!  You wonderful lady!  I love seeing you!
More pictures please??  OF you!
I think many of us would like to see one another now and then.  We WON'T think you vain, not at all.
Hmmm..is that the right word?
Anyway...just wanted you to know what I've been thinking when I blog.
Love..lots of it!


  1. Thank you, Mona, for your recent email...I will be replying...soon, I hope! I had never seen anyone hang lace drapes over doorways before you showed us! While it isn't something I would do, as it would not be complementary to my style of decorating, it works in your cottagey home. You have created what I would imagine a true English cottage to be, both inside and out, and the effect is quite charming! I love your new wallpaper sampler and have no doubt that once it's hanging in your bedroom, the result will be perfect! You have a very good eye for colour matching. I am sure you are going to be thrilled to bits!
    Your home and garden are utterly delightful and filled with so much beauty! Thank you for sharing it all with us...I love visiting you! XX

  2. pretty! Im one that will tell you to decorate how ever you like. we all have to feather our nests with the things that we love to see each day! I live by the saying I read in a Victoria magazine many years ago.. "whatever pleases.. just whatever pleases" doesnt matter if thing are matchy or not.. if you love it, love the way it looks and it makes you smile... then go for it!
    have fun! and happy Wednesday!

  3. That is pretty wallpaper, Mona, and you should do what you love. I think the lace is fun because it is YOU and YOU love it -and that's what matters! The wallpapers and lace remind me of an English country cottage.

    I agree about the pictures. I try to pop one of myself in with the kids once in a while, too. I am one of those people that does not like my picture taken...lol..

    Hope you and your DH have a wonderful day. xo Diana

  4. Hi Hon! In case you have not seen my "I have right leg siatica" post... And don't know I am officailly not posting/commenting... I am commenting here. (Hey, what a convoluted sentence that is!!!)

    Anyway, I agree, looks English Cottage-y and you like that I'm sure.

    I have a pic of me, as my Icon, and on my Profile Page. That's about it, 'cause I just don't have pics taken, of me. :-)))))

    Hugs, Tessa

  5. Morning my sweet Friend, As always I love reading your blog, I just not perking much lately, You have a nice day.
    Barbara xoxo

  6. Mona, I think your lace love is so you! Delightful and dazzling!!
    I agree about the photographs, I'm always ducking away when a camera is around!
    Have a happy Wednesday~

  7. I love your "door valances".....you may start a new trend! I am looking for a new wallpaper border for the entry...can you tell me where you are shopping for your wallpaper? I love your new "just do it" ...."no fear" attitude, you go girl! hugs...

  8. Awwwww . . . thanks for the mention . . .
    My son is 6' 5", mister garden house hubs is 6'3", I am 5'8", (and shrinking, in height only) and grand children, daughter Suzie and DIL Sue . . . are all 5'7" and above!
    Too much information??? What does that have to do with you and lace doorways . . . NOTHING, except . . . it wouldn't work for us.
    I think our homes have to be decorated and "dressed" in what we like . . . If you like pink and roses and lace and memory things here and there. DO IT . . . home is your little "safe place to love!" Happy making it all YOURS Mona!

    I like your request for more up to date pictures of all of us . . . I will have mister IGH take some pictures of me outdoors cleaning the gardens! Bet you'll love those.

    Happy day my friend . . .

  9. Just found your blog and so enjoyed it. Your home's beautiful! Love the lace!

  10. i am one of the ones that say whatever makes you happy and doesn't cause hubby to seek divorce. LOL...
    it is your 'nest' so hang all the twigs you want to...
    i like seeing bloggers photos to, makes them more like people we know.

  11. The lace is beautiful very clever idea to decorated your entrances into each room. When your wall paper comes you will like it I know. Mona I would post a recent picture of me but I still can not post pictures to my blog. I do have a recent one on facebook. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. hi mona! i was wondering what you have been up to! i love how your home is looking like a cottage now! have you cooled off out there at all?

  13. Mona, your home is lovely! It's so warm and inviting. Let the kids roll their eyes! It's your home, not theirs! Mine think I go way overboard on color, but I don't care. I don't like a home with little color/texture/pizzazz. Yours has all 3! Be what you is, dear lady!

  14. Your lace at the doorways looks very pretty to me. It does make me think of an English cottage.

    It is nice to see photographs of other bloggers. It makes their blogs even more interesting to read when we can put a face with a blog name.

  15. so glad you stopped by Mona!! Your comment cracked me up!! LOL I'll be sure to give that a try.....and see if we are invited in to that house for tea! Are you enjoying all the lacey things in your house? It looks pretty! Very feminine and victoran.

  16. I would always think to decorate how I feel and what makes "ME" happy. I do not decorate for others. I decorate what feels right in my home and HOO-YAH for you as the Marines would say. Your bedroom wallpaper is lovely for I have the same pattern almost, in yellow and I love it. I won't include a photo as I am sure you have plenty. Thank PH for the heat he keeps sending up this way. Our 8 ft snowbanks are now approx 2 ft and many areas melted, except for the woods. Give him a break and some refreshing lemonade. Okie Doakie Pal. lol

  17. I LOVE the lace!! My decorating is just like yours!

  18. You have a style and you love it and it works for you...I'm always struggling with what to do with my home and trying to figure out if I have any style! I'm hoping one day to be happy with what I choose..today, not so much! I think the wallpaper is very cute and cottage themed which goes great with the lace! My hubs is 6'3 so anything hanging in the doorways would never work here. Also, we heat with wood in the winter and I can't imagine how much dust lace would collect by the time spring arrived! I do put pics of me and family in posts but since I'm usually the one taking the shots I don't get in there as much. Have a good week. I wish we could send some of our rain your way...everything is so soggy here but very green!

  19. I think it all is quite lovely and shows your personality and style. Loving your home is the best design I can think of! Your new paper will be beautiful in your room. Jane

  20. i am also 5 feet... only i have you topped by one inch! 5'1"
    i have shrunk. i used to be 5'2".
    and your cottage is YOU.
    THAT is ALWAYS what is most important.
    and even if you tire of it eventually... look at all the delightful days it will have given you!
    perhaps you're secretly in an english cotswold cottage!
    i live in my mind too.
    love and hugs to you dearest bean.
    and when i think of you and your life...
    i think you deserve to live just EXACTLY however you wish to live!
    you've paid your dues.
    and... my only recent picture is my drivers license... and THAT was 2 years ago! just no one around to take them i guess!
    but i agree. it's fun to put a face to a blog we love. XOXOXO♥

  21. Lace and flowers, perfect for me too:) Enjoy your day dear friend! I probably post too many pictures of me, hehe! HUGS!

  22. Live with what you love Mona! It's just all so lovely and soft! Fits you perfectly! Have a wondeful week sweet girl!


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