Thursday, March 19, 2015


The old wagon in my header belonged to my daughter and she had it for many years.  I had found it at an antique mall and when I insisted she look at it..she immediately bought it.  
As you can needs to be emptied soon and some repairs done.  She and I have both babied it along.  Time is catching up with our old wagon and's catching up with me.

 I'm so tired of limping around and taking pain pills for my knee.  
This morning when I was feeling sorry for myself, a bit of self pity had set in, when  a package arrived...
..and it was from my friend Joyce at October Farm.  The box was FULL of surprises.
First there was the card above and inside, as delicate as a butterfly wing, was a transparent leaf.
So beautiful.  It is my second one from her.

The box was stuffed with wonderful maple products...from her recent foray to the secluded Maple Farms.  Thank you, Joyce!!  Thank you SO much! 

There was a little hand painted heart box with chocolate candies in it, Made by Joyce, plus two beautiful bejeweled hearts, also made by Joyce.

Just in case you have not discovered her blog..for heavens sakes, drop by and try some of her fantastic recipes!  I have started a cookbook made up of my favorite recipes she has shared over the past couple of years.
Every one of them has turned out delicious.  

 She loves Fall and Halloween and this is the tissue paper all of the goodies came wrapped in!
Is that cute paper, or WHAT?  

 To go on my toast in the morning..(oh, I'll share with PH! You know I will!)
(maybe :)
 Gold wrapped delicious chocolates..handmade.
(Yes..I shared.  No..I didn't want to but I did. ) 


 And Buckwheat Honey...can't wait to try this!

 ,,,and this maple leaf shaped bottle. :)  Isn't it just beautiful?

It made my heart warm to think of such thoughtfulness.  Such friends precious, 
and rare.  Joyce has her ways of making the world a better place.  

Needless to say, I had a wonderful, wonderful day.  Two Asprin and tasting all these goodies and I forgot all about my knee!
How in the world can one feel sorry for themselves after such a sweet :) start to a wonderful day.

Not going to watch the news tonight...
Do you know what I mean?
Of course you do!!


  1. Absolutely I know what you mean about the news!!!
    WHAT a wonderful box of pure LOVE from your friend!! I will pop over and visit her in a minute!
    Hope your knee feels better! I took Celebrex and it helped a LOT before I had a knee replacement! LOVE my 'new' knee!

  2. Definitely a good idea to stay in your happy place today and not watch the news! What a wonderful friend you have in Joyce! Her timing was absolutely spot-on! Hope your knee improves rapidly after all this lovely spoiling!
    As always, a precious post from you, Mona! X

  3. WOW, what wonderful things your friend sent you. The maple syrup is always so good and what a treat. I would say that she is a very good friend.
    Sorry that your knee is giving you fits. Did you get a shot in your knee? That helped mine.
    Take care of your self Mona and have a great weekend. Happy Spring.

  4. Happy Surprises fill the world with loving thoughts and actions. I agree with Linda. Celebrex certainly works well. I cannot watch TV today either but for other reasons. I cancelled Satellite and Cable just over two years ago.....its all available on your computer or smart TV, so why pay those big bills. Your friend sounds lovely and it was most thoughtful of her to brighten your day. You are blessed my dear. Can you ask PH to turn up the heat to melt these 10 foot drifts - sure would appreciate it. lol

  5. Hi Mona, what a lovely heart felt sweet surprise. Friends warm your heart and soul don't they.
    Do you need a new knee replacement Mona? You would be a new girl if that is what the problem is. And I can hear you saying you are too old... rubbish you certainly are not. I have a friend who is 90 and has just had hers done.
    Sending hugs Kay

  6. She has a wonderful blog and wonderful recipes!
    I love all your sweet gifts. What a beautiful present to get unexpectedly. That was nice of you to share, too. xo Diana

  7. Joyce is a gem. so talented. so giving. so sharing, with everything she can do.

    and I love the special tissue paper, in which she wraps her gifts.

    I can't make all her recipes, but she herself, is a gem.

    especially that she makes no bones about being a Witch. without the "double, double, toil and trouble" though! my kind of Witch.


  8. How very sweet and lovely of your friend to think of you and send so many treats . . .
    Sorry about your knee . . . it is difficult to get our mojo back when our body hurts, isn't it . . .
    I keep trying to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going! Let's do it together . . ready, set, go???

  9. Sweets for the sweet from a real sweetie! I love that maple leaf shaped bottle. H has had both knees replaced and I have had only regret? That I didn't have it done sooner! hugs...

  10. The box full of wonderful things was a good pick me up, right. I hope your knee continues to get better. Love that maple leaf bottle. It is so nice to have so many nice blogging friends. have a blessed day and wonderful first day of spring. Madeline

  11. ha! you got it! i forgot what i put in it until i saw your blog! glad you like everything. wait until you try that maple cream!!! if you can get a loaf of fresh bread from your daughter, it is best spread on a slice of it!

  12. Aren't fellow bloggers just the nicest people in all the world and the best friends too.

  13. Mona what a lot of goodies, so sweet and thoughtfull.

  14. Mona, What a thoughtful gift....and arriving just when you needed a hug. Joyce was so sweet and kind . I love that transparent leaf...a treasure.. Take care of yourself Mona. You want to last longer than the wagon. Blessings to you , xoxo, Susie

  15. Too late for me to take your advice and not watch the news...but I do know what you mean. What a great gift! Such yumminess! Maple cream is so delicious on toast...enjoy!

  16. What fun surprises! That maple leaf shaped bottle is so cute. I hope that your knee starts feeling better very soon.

  17. What a fabulous box of goodies, Mona. Everything looks delicious. How lucky you are to have such a thoughtful friend. xo

  18. So happy for you! Beautiful things and yummy gifts...great! My Mother-in-law loved maple cream..this made me think of her and smile...thanks! Enjoy your day and your gifts...she's a good friend!

  19. I follow her blog. I don't know her personally but admire her for her generosity. I started following her when I read the post of how she took food to the homeless. Then she started cooking for the shelter. My goodness, even steak dinners. And the good thing about her is that she will do good things for one group of people and moves on to help others. She sent you some beautiful things.
    The news stinks, doesn't it.
    So sorry about your pain. Pain is horrible. I hope something you find will help.

  20. Mona, what a lovely gift from a sweet friend. Such thoughtfulness must surely make you feel better.

  21. Mona, a super friend to send you such a great gift which will do more than cheer you up!...:)JP

  22. Surprises in the mail are always wonderful! I know that Joyce has also sent surprises to other blog friends and she sounds like a wonderful friend. Hope your knee is feeling better day-by-day and that you take it easy and rest.


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