Friday, March 27, 2015


I can remember when I did what I do now without giving it a thought.  
For the past couple of days things have been a bit of a mess due to all the wall papering going on.  
So far, both bathrooms and the halls are completed.  In April I will try and get the master bedroom done..then the guest room.  
It's so nice to get things done I've been wanting to do.

I love these...and haven't a clue what they are called, but they are perennials and return every year, Both front and back yards. 
Please click on picture for detail. 

  Did you notice I got my mantel finished?  I'm done!  No more tweaking, no more's over for the season. Wrong.  I added the eggs to the garland. You can see them in the new header.  I cut off the antlers when I took the picture.  After Easter I think I will just remove the eggs and leave the rest.  I think with the Easter baskets removed..the bunnies will do fine through to July.  
Like I said, I used to do it all with one arm tied behind my back.  Now my arm is behind my back trying to make it not hurt so much. :)

It was 95 degree's here today.  Outside on the porch for a second cup of coffee after having my virtual cup of coffee with my blogger friend, Jean, who doesn't blog.  She visits.  :)

I sort of over crowded the mantel..but..Penny is having an effect on me..never turns out like her's though.  :(  
OH MY!  I know whats missing!!  Lace!!  No matter..I am NOT redoing that mantel.
All done!  

Big hugs and Happy Weekend!


  1. Decorating - AS ONLY "MONA CAN". I love how you picture these things in your mind and you know exactly how you are decorating, wall papering, etc. It really is fun to read your changes about your house or what treasures you have found to decorate, so you re-decorate. ha,ha You turn simple to beauty to GRANDE. My house looks pretty well the same year round, except for a bit of change. I couldn't keep up with you and I would have to get a recharge from the sun reflecting off our Maine Man's mirror. You know I just gotta include him in the post, right. Love to you both

  2. it lovely beautiful! When I think of you I think of lace!
    It is very warm where you are, please send me some, its minus 17 here today!!!

  3. The mantle looks great, Mona. Yep-ditch the eggs after Easter and you are good to go.
    You are getting lots done with the papering! Make sure to give us pictures when all is done.
    How fun to have a REAL friend visit.
    Have a great weekend....hmmm...lace?...I think you need some lace! hahahaha xo Diana

  4. The mantle looks great . . . so does that perennial flowering gem . . .
    Not so great is your painful arm/shoulder . . . OUCH! I wonder if some rehab might help . . . It sure did for me!
    At 95 degrees . . . how about an iced coffee???

  5. 95 degrees!!!? i would kill myself! i love the mantle! it is perfect!

  6. It looks terrific just as it is! Well done. (I have a left arm bugging me, too, so I know how interrupting that can be.)

  7. Mantle by Mona...gorgeous! I do exactly like you do....remove the Easter and my mantle is good to go for another couple of months. We are starting to work in the yard more, so the rest of the kitchen cabinets are on the back burner for now. Have a great week end..we are headed to the auction in a couple of hours...hugs...

  8. The mantle looks great. I love the flowers you showed in your yard very pretty. Stay cool . Have a blessed day and wonderful weekend. Madeline

  9. Beautiful! You have done it again and made me envious of your talent.

  10. Love your mantel. Your bunny couple is so fun.

  11. Your mantle is perfect. Its just the vision of Spring.
    Can you believe the 90"s in March. This is insane, I cant imagine what the summer will be like. Stay cool on your beautiful front porch.

  12. Mona, I used to watch an art class and the artist was Scottish. He would say when the painting was don't be fiddling with it. Leave it alone. So yes your mantle is done and looks fabulous. :):) I love you flowers. You sure have a green thumb. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  13. sorry your arm has been hurting you. but you do-good-mantle-decorating-work, still, Hon.

    oh so hot! and we got an inch of snow, over night.

    you will be so happy, when all the rooms are done. you'll be "doing a happy dance." even if you leg does hurt. :-)))))))

  14. Mona, I think your pink flowers are probably cosmos...I used to have them, but the last 4-5 years none. 95° is too hot for this time of year!
    Your mantel looks great...nice and cheery with the yellow flowers.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  15. Hi Mona! Your mantel looks beautiful. I'm a rather more is more kinda gal and just love it. Your perennial flowers are so pretty but I'm not too good at knowing my flowers. I want you to know it has snowed here all day long! No fair! No fair!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Oh Mona, so sorry that your shoulder is bothering you. I know who that feels, they wanted to do a shoulder replacement, but I said NO - just put a Salonpad on it and it feel better.
    I believe the plant is in the Margarita family. I have one in my garden also, look at my last post and I think you will see it in the post.
    You will love when you get all the wallpaper finished. Your mantle is perfect, just remove the eggs after Easter and your good to go.
    Take care my dear friend. Hows the knee?

  17. Mona don't touch your mantel it is so beautiful and just right. You can still do it with one hand...
    It must be hot at your place. I hate all the watering and how much it costs.
    The little daisy bush is called a margarete daisy in Australia. I have one the same.
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    Hugs Kay

  18. Your mantel is lovely! and those flowers I believe are cosmos. I love them and have grown them a few times over the years. I love PINK flowers.
    have a great day

  19. It looks very pretty! How is your shoulder?? I hear ya.....all this ,'stuff' sure used to be EASIER!! AND QUICKER! now i have to pace myself....and prioritize......used to i would just fly in and do it ALL. Not anymore

  20. Hi Mona....your mantle is lovely....and at first glance I thought the rabbits were people and thought to myself why does she have people on the mantle. On closer inspection I see they are rabbits! Love the daisy plant...and yes it was a bit warm to drink hot coffee but you know us...we drink it any time we can get it. Maybe you should give the shoulder and knee a little rest?

  21. Hmm. I guessing your next post will be about the lace you added to the mantel. It looks beautiful - everything you do always looks beautiful!

  22. Looks wonderful as always Mona, with or without the lace. You are amazing ith the wallpapering! Shoulder hurting? Not surprising though because decorating is hard work!

  23. Hi, Mona, new reader here.

    So sorry about your shoulder! Be gentle on yourself and if necessary, I recommend looking into physical therapy. I had rotator cuff surgery and had to go through 6 weeks of PT and am so glad I did. I even blogged about it. But I wish I had sought out the PT first when it wasn't so bad. It's very hard trying not to lift your arm up when doing things around the house. But if you do, it worsens it every time.

    Your mantel looks lovely! Very Beatrix Potter!

    And I'm not sure, but I think those flowers are Dianthus. I have some in my yard (a little different than yours) and they're just now coming into flower here in Georgia.

    95 degrees?!? Where is it that hot right now? Yowza!

    Nice to meet you!


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