Sunday, March 1, 2015


You attempt a lame post!!

Well, it's the middle of the night, no, actually it's very early morning.  Nearly 4 am and I've been up and about since 10:30 last night.  I should NEVER  go to bed a 8 in the evening.
 I get very sleepy but if I give in and go to bed, I'm up by midnight and think I should start my day!
I thought only babies did such things!!

See, another reason to lay awake worrying...

Do you ever lay awake and cringe at some of the decisions you've made in life?  I mentally shake my head and try to think of something else.  Doesn't work.  I go back to things that you would think I would have forgotten since I can't remember what I had for breakfast, OR that I am stewing prunes on the stove!
Wednesday, I totally destroyed my beautiful red $300+ Le Cruiset dutch oven, which was a Christmas gift from one of my daughters a couple of years ago,  and tried for three days to fix it.  It went into the trash.  NO enamel on the bottom when I finally got some of the burn out~!   Could have burned the house down! :(
Scares me when I forget things...
But...I can remember 73 years ago seeing a man hanging from a telephone pole when I was about four or five years old.  He was just sort of flopped over the wires and I saw him as we drove by.
I screamed and told my parents..but they just said "he is probably working on the pole" and my little mind said "with his arms flopping down??"  I knew better..
Just like I knew there was a man in my my closet!
Listen to your children when they tell you something!  Check it out!  Don't always think it's their "wild imagination!"
Okay?  :)

These are the little curtains that I bought from a little shop on Etsy called "The Girly Cottage."   I hope I have that name right.  These are the ones that are going in my newly wallpapered bathroom. 
  She went out in snow to ship them to me!!  Yes!  She did that!!
AND JUST WAIT 'til you see the lampshade I bought from her!  :)

LOOK!  Daffodils!!  :)  Aren't they a bit early???

"Granny" is my favorite Downton Abby character night is family night and  Joyce's  October Farm  meatballs are on the menu!

P.S.  AND it's raining out!  OH JOY!!


  1. how were the meatballs? the drapes are so cute! can't wait to see the lampshade!

  2. Those curtains for your bathroom are gorgeous....I'm headed over to check out her Itsy shop! hugs....

  3. I love your middle of the night posts! lol Your curtains are so pretty-they are going to look great in that bathroom!

    Yes- we need to listen to our children. Their eyes are often open to things that we are too close-minded to "see".

    Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  4. The curtains will go perfectly with your beautiful new bathroom. You need to get your sleep, Mona. Lying awake thinking all night is so stressful. Have you ever tried meditation? I do Denise Linn's "33 Spirit Journeys" - they're about 10 minutes each and I love the one called Serene Inner Peace. It really works at calming my mind and it just might work for you too!

  5. I am chucking. I know those during the night posts. I hope you get straightened out with your sleep!

  6. I had one of those nights last night, too, and am feeling the effects now. I wasn't worried about a thing and so fell asleep in the chair very early in the evening, woke up and tried to stay awake a couple of times, fell back to sleep and woke up at about 2am apparently ready to start my day. Got several quiet cleaning activities done (no cooking). It is 10 am now and I am starting to feel just a little sleepy. Well, it's too late for that now! Snow blowers are going everywhere around me. Maybe my body is trying to reset my internal sleeping clock. Dr. recently lowered the dose of my thyroid medicine, maybe that is what is going on. I felt completely rested when I woke up at 2 am. Maybe I am missing being out in the sunlight. It was sunny Friday, but was 13 degrees. I need Spring time.

  7. Your curtains are so pretty they will go well in your bathroom. Looking forward to seeing the lampshade. Have a blessed day and a wonderful month of March. Madeline

  8. Meat balls, mmmmm.

    I'm a lover of lace. Wouldn't think that since I am basically a rough and tumble sort of person.

    Things are looking good.

    May rest find you tonight.

  9. I love your girly girl lace curtains! They will be absolutely perfect in your bathroom. And I am dying to see your new lamp. How dare you keep us dangling?

    Your blog posts just get better and better, Mona. You have such a knack, mixing it all up so casually, unforced and spontaneously: inflections of humour; contemplation; realism; wisdom and grace. You are a naturally gifted writer/story teller!

    Your creative, gorgeous headers are a real treat, too
    and for me, carry an element of delightful surprise and anticipation.

    Your patch of daffodils is so colourful, but in your garden, that's to be expected. Everything grows brightly and beautifully both outside and inside your home, reflecting all the love, care, attention and creativity that are synonymous with you.


  10. I hope to see some daffodils by the end of this month...if the snow ever stops! 8-10in today...I give up! You and my Mom should become late night buddies. She says she wakes up and starts thinking about her life, kids, and anything else that crosses her mind. I bet you two would have some good chats! Enjoy your new cute curtains!

  11. Yes, it is troubling when we do things like forgetting pots cooking on the stove, but I am sure we all have those moments. We just need to learn from the experience and ensure we are extra careful in future. Set an alarm to remind yourself next time?

    When sleep won't come, it's best to just do what you did. Get up and quietly do something until you hopefully start to feel sleepy again. Lying in bed, tossing and turning and worrying is never helpful, because somehow things always seem exaggerated at night.

  12. so true, listen to children. don't pooh-pooh what they say. listen. they have a right to be taken seriously.

    no one likes to be given the "brush off." including little ones. don't do it.


  13. if I don't lay down in the afternoon, I fall asleep too early in the evening. so I do lay down, every afternoon. ,-)

    I am so sorry that you have insomnia. thankfully, I don't. and I know, that it is really something to be thankful for.


  14. hahhhh... I am not covering all bases, in one post. lol

    anyway, I never give in to remembering things, I might regret. never!

    not since 2000, when I gave myself permission to question my religion. where a lot of guilt, came from.

    guilt does nothing! for anyone! my mantra. my view.


  15. Hi Mona! It's so beautiful at your house - love all of your pretty flowers. I like your girly girly little curtains too and they'll look so pretty in your bathroom. Sorry about your dutch oven. Sometimes things just happen. You're so right about needing to listen to our children. We grownups think we know it all sometimes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. I will try to leave a comment, again. Love your curtains and your hearts from the last post.
    Oh, my, how did that man get on the wires.
    I blew up my microwave. Well, I just thought I would rewarm my coffee but the cup wasn't in there.
    I'm sorry about your friend. Hugs

  17. Yes, I too have had sleepless nights when my mind keeps racing with thoughts. And as much as I try to put them out of my head, they won't go away and I lie awake for hours until exhaustion sets in. I too have read that it's better to just get up and do something else.
    Sorry about the ruined pot, Mona but we have all done things we wished we had not.

  18. Oh Mona, I have many of those night also. Especially if I go to bed early.
    I normally get up and go on the computer and that will make me sleepy.
    I always set the timer and take it with me if I am in another room.
    I pick up a little boy from school at 3:00 p.m. and bring him to my house until his mom gets home from teaching school. So after lunch I like to go in and set in the recliner to just relax as normally I am working all morning. I was so afraid that I would drop of to sleep and take a nap and be late for picking Kevin up. So, I take the timer in by the recliner and set it up. Works like a charm.
    We received NO RAIN all day today and I sure hope tonight we get some.
    Take care....

  19. Morning, another great blog, isn't it funny wwe can't remember yesterday but we can recall so many things from our past?
    hugs from Florida


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