Sunday, March 15, 2015


I mentioned this book in my last post but had the title wrong.
I bought this book in 1978...OR some sweet person took pity and gave it to me.
Whatever the really did help.

Being married to a career Marine for 43 years, and one that was addicted to organization, kept me on track. I even let him put the groceries cupboards were always perfect.  Now?
Not so much.  They need organizing.

Our biggest fights were over my lack of housekeeping and organization skills.
Not dirty, never dirty..just not putting dishes in the sink rinsed, just little things like that.  Later when the babies came, there were toys scattered about on the floor, my young idealistic Marine husband was NOT understanding.  After all, what else did I have to do all day.  
He was right.  
To this day I still have "THE LIST." The one he made of all the things I was to do every single day.
My mother saw it and never did forgive him.  :)

My world was one of stress trying to keep life and limb in some sort of order..
I vacuumed at night when the children were in bed..I washed until 2  in the morning.  
I never, ever. caught up.
As they say "I made my bed and now I had to lay in it." 

Here is the real picture of my desk.  Yes, that's my bra laying there and I have no idea where I was headed with it.  This would NOT have gone over well in the old days.

Is this some sort of belated rebellion.  :)  

To be really honest here..I shoved  stuff away from the book for the picture. There is more to the side..and then I changed my mind.  I need honesty here.
I meant to start organizing my desk today but,
                                                1. the garage had to be totally vacuumed.  Heaven only knows it needed it.
                                               2. but that was after I checked my email while I drank my coffee and  read my friend, Jean's letter.  Each morning a note waits for me..with a cup of coffee.
It's all pretend..but it's fun!  
               3. Howard's Levi shorts had to be found...              
                                              4. I want to return the smaller LODGE dutch oven that I bought and can't use,  but I can't find the receipt and the search turned up nothing.   There goes the morning..into noon. 

The list goes on.  I should be able to think of something, an item, and know right where it is but
I can't.  The book really did help when I read it all those many years ago.  I've just slipped back into my old bad habits.   Yes, I should throw out those hundreds of magazines..  It's on my list of TO DO's.
You see, it's not the things you can see.  It's the things you cannot see.

The book says to make a list in the evening of 10 things to do the next day, in order of priority, then at the end of the day..move the ones that didn't get done to the top of the next days list.
Believe does work and it does help if you take a few minutes and make your list.
So, I did it.
Since they were all urgent, I didn't bother with the "priority" part,   I just listed everything I could think of.

Already I'm not following directions.

I must rethink this.  

Those magazines are going to be a problem.  I hate throwing my magazine away.  Maybe Goodwill will take them but  doubt it.  I simply CANNOT throw my beautiful magazines in the trash, even if they do date..back to the last century.  :(

I've noticed lately that I have gotten in the habit of saying "I'll do it tomorrow."
I've decided I am going to put all of my magazines in the trunk of the car in the morning.  It's on my list...
I mean, it's a start.  Right?

You just WATCH!  I'll lose the blasted list!!!

Oh, and before I forget.  The kitchen frig. magnets are GONE!
(except for just a couple)

P.S.  What does PH think about all of this?  He is the one that says, "Oh, do it tomorrow" :)


  1. Oh Mona you are so beautiful. I know past days. If they are well into the past we can laugh about it. At the time it was no laughing matter.
    I think you should keep those magazines, I certainly can't throw mine out. There might be something in it I want one day?????
    Big Hugs Kay

  2. Oh if it is bugging you, you can tackle some of it, but I rather like your hubby's response. I am one who benefits from a little direction so I signed up with FlyLady AGAIN. She makes it fun!

  3. My list gets long and I never get to the end! I have SO many magazines and I MUST get rid of them! It has been on my "to do" list for some time, perhaps this week:) Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  4. I haven't read the post yet!!!

    but just your subject line, has me thinking; "Oh no, not organization for our Mona!!!"

    if our Mona gets all-organized, she won't be our Mona, any more!!! -pout-

    OK! now I will read the post!!!!



  5. not to fear! "Our Mona" is still there!!! -clapping hands- we do not, not, not want to lose "Our Mona"!!!

    now, onward, to some wanted and needed peace of mind, for "Our Mona"...

    if you, you, you want to change-up some things, than do it. because you, you, you will feel better, after you do.

    if you, you, you will be caused pain, by making some changes, then don't.

    personally, I love to get-rid-of-stuff. that's just me. doing so, gives me satisfaction and happiness. so I do... get-rid-of-stuff... even stuff I used to think, I could not, not, not get rid of. :-)

    but I am not you. seems to me, that you do what makes you happy, and I do what makes me happy.

    fair enough?

    hugggggsssss, Tessa

  6. You bring me smiles Mona! Do you have recycle places that you could take your magazines? There are places that accept magazines around here. Like the nursing homes, care centers.

    I make lists too and then forget where I put the list!

    Love the bra on the desk . . . You are a hoot and a half!

    Thank you for bringing me smiles!

  7. Organization is another subject of interest like decorating. Both subjects come with many opinions on what is right or wrong, but what is the answer. For me it depends on the room we are talking about. There are parts of my house that are very organized and there are other rooms that are down right scary. Someone once said I was a study in contradictions. Like the clothes in my closet are hung by color group, but then there are the shelves that are stacks of different sweaters, tops, pants that I don't wear that often, but don't get rid of cuz I just might want them. Same with magazines. Victoria, Romantic Home and Martha Stewart. I have boxes in the garage full of them.
    For me bottom line is, if it doesn't bother you than it shouldn't bother anyone else because they don't live with you.

  8. I always love reading your posts, so fun.

  9. I had so many magazines in the closets, under beds, etc. One day I got up and gave them all away. I had every issue of Mary Engbreit's magazines. It broke my heart to get rid of them.
    I have kept a "THINGS TO DO" list ever since I started working and what I didn't get done it went back to the top of the list for the next day. I am not as good as I was when working but I do try, otherwise I get side tracked. I am just like you - oh there is always tomorrow.
    I don;'t know how you did it with 7 children - your were super woman.
    Don't be so hard on your self - stop and smell the roses and relax my friend.
    Have a great week and hopefully it will cool down.

  10. Do this only if you want to...not because you think you should.

    Nursing homes enjoy magazines, doctor's offices and even schools can use them in projects.

    Human Services sometimes know a family in need when sorting usable items.

    There are many places that take donations. We have Manna House and Helping Hands. Churches sometimes will take items to help people who cannot afford them. Then there's always EBay!

    Your home is beautiful. I see you in every piece. Do not do this for any reason except that you want to or the load will grow heavier.

    You could have a yard sale!!!

  11. Mona, I could just hug you. You made me laugh. My desk is no better. Except, I have my bra on. LOL. The trouble with organizing books, journals, or containers ...they get lost , misplaced , or used for other things. I love my magazine also. I have seen good magazines in the goodwill around here. They sell them for a dollar. I think we all know what trying to keep things neat and raising children is like. We do our best. Bless your heart girl, now get that bra on. xoxo,Susie

  12. We all have some clutter to get rid of I know I do. Not so much magazines but books I have read I need to find a place to donate them. You and I are at an age we do not have to do some things. Your house always looks clean and neat relax and enjoy life. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. I love this post and I love PH for being such a perfect companion to you at this time in your life. You certainly deserve a break from the way life was in the past. If I had ever been presented with a list, I would have thrown it right back from where it came.

    When I am sitting at my desk and feeling hot and confined by my bra, off it comes and it, too, will rest on my desk until I head off to place it in my laundry basket.

    We are all so unique and none of us should have to live our lives according to someone else's prescription. Sadly, a large majority of us do, until we rebel. So, go ahead, rebel all you like! It's your home and your life and you have earned the right to live exactly as you please!

    As so many others have said, you are perfect exactly the way you are! Do not change anything, unless YOU feel drawn to do so!

  14. Since I've been home I've kept up on many little chores but still have closets that need attention. Like you I think I can put it I'm headed back to work in a week and it's still not done! I take my old magazines to work and let anyone have them. I have a few really old ones that I've kept over the years but I'm thinking of letting them go to recycle. They are so expensive these days I hate to just toss them too! Oh, the bra made me laugh!

  15. This was such a fun post. I should probably take a look at those organization books myself. My home could definitely stand some organization.

    Magazines were difficult for me to throw away but since I rarely buy any these days, it is not such a growing problem now. But I do keep any that I buy, they are too expensive to throw away, and I re-read them and usually find things that I missed the first time or times. I believe I have all of the issues of the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion magazine. I'm glad I kept them.

    The list making that you mentioned is how I do my daily to do list. I do better when I follow my to do list, but sometimes I just keep putting off those things that were supposed to have gone to the top of tomorrow's list.

  16. I think one of my main problems is I don't really see it all anymore--until someone knocks on the door--then it's too late, and then.. I don't see it again! Bah! I wish I were a neat freak, I WISH I were OCD about an orderly house!
    I LOVE a neat, orderly house--I just don't think, now, at 65, I'll ever have one. My husband doesn't care about it either--even more than I! So--there's a recipe for disaster, huh! But I do wish I could get over feeling guilty about it. :(
    (Confession of a Slacker Housewife!)

  17. ha,ha - The "greats" enjoy my fridge door, for finding things they put there and how classy it looks with new and old "things". Out of the blue I sent a photo of my fridge front to my niece and asked her to send one back. She said "Aunt Lilly, I love your fridge - You even have an olde photo of us there". Hers was similar to me. Mine wont change much except to replace old photo or two or new magnet. I loved this post and your house wouldn't bother me - I could spend hours exploring your Museum Darling. ha,ha lol to you n Maine Man :)

  18. Hi, Mona, I came over from Tessa's blog after seeing your comment there.

    Funny, our color choices are very similar! Red and yellow are so cheerful.

    My hubby and I are opposites of you and yours. I am the neatnik, but I am far from what I once was. Too tired! lol Just don't care if I live with some mess and dust and dog hair anymore.

    Nice to meet you!

  19. Goodness, that book cover looks so familiar! I'm sure I had it at one time, finally gave up and it went into the charity bin years ago! Haha!


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