Monday, March 9, 2015


Melancholy sets in as Easter approaches.
I sometimes wonder if this is just a part of growing older.
Broken hot water heaters don't 
My Easter decorating is way behind..
I did snap a couple of pictures...but nothing of any significance.  

 I love holiday's.  I always have.  Not just for their significance, but because it 's a family time.  My family gathers.  We have become wide spread across the nation now but there are still many of us together.

I just found this lamp shade on Etsy.  Another lovely hand made shade from The Girly Cottage. 
I fell in love with it.  

I should have take a picture of it with the light off..but as usual, when I remember to take pictures it's in the evening. get the idea.  I think the crystal finial just tops it off.  :) 

Bobby is the girly girl who sells these pretties and she added this gorgeous Lefton pin dish as a gift!

I have a lot of old pins I've collected over the years and they never see the light of day in my jewelry I decided to decorate with them.  I just leave them out.  
I s'pose I should put them away for Easter.
Tiny eggs instead?  

This is one of my favorites..I attached it to the tassel hanging from my piano light.
That little dimpled darling in the photo is my granddaughter and she now has a son of her own.
Time marches on.

Tomorrow I WILL dig out some Easter things.
This year Easter falls on my daughter, Sandy's birthday.  I have a lot going on inside
I miss her terribly.

Have a great week out there.  

Later then?


  1. Mona Mona Moma, how do you do such beautiful Blogs?
    You have a great day today, decorate your pretty home and let us see


  2. Seeing how you decorate is just a delight. My home would never look as sweet and charming as yours and I love reading about your changes, how and where you purchased each one and I love the bargains you seem to always be there to get. Your posts are so colourful and informative in the world of decorating and sometimes "on a dime". Best to PH - I'm surprised he doesn't have something dangling from his ears or nose. ha,ah

  3. what a beautiful header you have up there!! Such pretty flowers! love them! Yes, I love old (and new) pins too. I loved them way before they were 'trendy' ha ha ha, how bout you? Many of mine are broken. I keep them anyway. Wishing you a lovely spring day!Thank you for coming to visit my porch and come again soon!

  4. Your flowers in the header are so beautiful! I can't wait until planting season happens here! The lamp shade fits right in with your d├ęcor and looks lovely. The pins are beautiful too! I'm anxious to bring out some Easter and Spring items but I think I'll wait just a little longer. I'll look at what you do and get inspired! I love the Easter season and although that will be a difficult day for you, I hope it's real meaning for the day brings hope that you and Sandy will be together again. I'm sure she's smiling down on you.

  5. I vote to leave the dish of pins out, they are beautiful and a super idea to use them to decorate where they are seen and not hidden..

  6. your last line, explains your first line. of course you are feeling melancholy as Easter approaches. because of your daughter's birthday falling on that date, this year. hugs...

    and of course, a broken water heater or whatever it is, doesn't help one bit, either!!!!!!

    decorations?!? I finally got all the random Christmas stuff, down!!! lol!!! no Valentine stuff went up. no St. Pat's day stuff. nothin'!!!! ,-)

    and I'm not even thinking about Easter.

    now! with friends like me, how can you feel negligent, about your decorating???????? you can't!!!!

    gentle hugs,

  7. You have so many lovely things in your home Mona and your decorating style gives your home the feel of going to tea in a beautiful girly place where you can sit for hours with your girl friends talking about nothing and everything. Like your pretty pins, you sparkle.

  8. and, this is a neat post!!!! something for new bloggers, to take a lesson from... on "How To Do Posts".

    + you tell us how you are feeling.

    + you show us very personal things, around your home. (ohhh that lamp shade is precious!!!)

    + you give us background, so we can understand your mood.

    + you tell us, what you plan on doing tomorrow. so we can look forward to another post.

    thank you my Dear!!!

  9. The lamp shade and dish are quite beautiful. I will not decorate for Easter until after St. Patrick's Day. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. i have to hand it to you mona! you still decorate for all the holidays!!! i used to but now i don't even put anything out for easter. i sure enjoy seeing your though!

  11. Your decorations are wonderful.

    I know this time is difficult but you have so much to celebrate.

    Blessings to you.

  12. Mona, seeing your lovely decorations made me even is right around the corner, isn't it?!?!...:)JP

  13. Everything looks beautiful. What a good idea to display your treasured pins. Love the new lampshade!

  14. The lamp and dish are lovely, Mona!
    I know so well how you miss Sandy. We lost our 31-year-old daughter 15 years ago. Every holiday, birthday--and any day--are days I just ache to see her and hear her voice again. You'd think after 15 years, it would "go away", but how and why would you ever be able to--or want to -- "forget" a daughter (or any child) you carried nine months in your womb? A child you nursed, bathed, read to--and watched grow into a beautiful mother herself? Forgetting...not longing to see or hear her voice--is impossible! So many dear, sweet memories? We just can't forget even if we wanted! Over the years, the literal, physical pain lessens...but never the heartache. And they are so worthy of remembering everyday! <3

  15. My heart is breaking for you, Mona. What should be a day of joyfulness and "arising" is clouded by the memory of your daughter. I know that YOU know she is in a better place but that does NOT make it any easier. We wish they were back...I understand.

    Love your lampshade. It is really cute and the finial is the perfect finishing touch! xo Diana

  16. I am so happy to see you bring out your gorgeous pins and use them to decorate with....hope to see some more of them in some of your lovely vignettes! I have a few that belonged to my mother and grandmother...they are very dear to me....hugs...

  17. Hi, Mona girl...glad to see your pretty new lamp shade..daughter and I shopped for lamp shades today but no luck..then we went to a track meet that Deeds ran in and she won 2 ribbons and was loving it. :)
    hugs, bj

  18. Throw yourself into your decorating Mona. It will lift your spirits eventually. Easter is so early this year, isn't it!

  19. Hi Mona, seeing the beautiful decorations in your home always makes me feel warm, and puts a smile on my face. Have fun with your decorations for Easter and think of what Sandy would say about it all. I am sure she is there with you.
    Hugs Kay

  20. You've made such a beautiful home - and your love of caring for it shows. I'm sorry for the melancholia, but I know that it will be accompanied by sweet memories as well.

  21. Hi Mona...I think Easter is my favorite holidays. The meaning of Easter...and then there are the little bunnies and chickens. I love decorating with bunnies. How sweet are they? I even like little mice as long as they are china or ceramic! NO real ones thank you!
    The pins are beautiful....and try to think happy thoughts of Sandy. She would want you to do that. Celebrate her and her life with joy and remembrance.

  22. Mona,
    I love the lamp shade!! I also love your style!! It tugs at my heart strings!!



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