Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I love having company.  I really, really do!  It's wonderful to see them come and as I've gotten older, it's kinda wonderful to see them go.   I am one of those "gotta have everything just right" types that drive husbands nuts.  
Not yours?
Well, good for you!   I've had three wonderful husbands and there is not one of the three that I didn't drive crazy when I know company is coming.
I want to be "kick back" but I'm not.  
I'm a blasted fuss budget!

This is Lucy, our neighbors cat.  She loves our front porch.  Unexpected company!
She always shows up unannounced. 
We love her visits.

I zoom through the house checking bathrooms, fluffing pillows, checking counter tops..running the vacuum quickly through all the rooms and especially the kitchen because I have foolishly put in a black rug with back and white check border that is NOT easy to keep clean and after just fixing JUST  a sandwich, the rug has crumbs..on it and they show!  There are always tiny leaves on it from Mele' running in and out.

 Why am I showing you the front porch...again?

 I have NO idea except that...

.....it's another area I rush around making sure it's up to snuff.  I dust the front door..the top of the mailbox,  give the chair cushions a good whack.
I vacuum the porch rug.  If there is cobwebs, down they come.

You can drop in any old time.  No problem and you are so welcome.

However, I do hope you don't mind being met at the door with me in my pj's. :)
If I don't get dressed immediately when I get up...I lounge around until noon..
Then I think, "Well, we aren't expecting anyone, so.."  and the doorbell rings!

Here's the thing.  If I kept everything up to snuff all the time and didn't let things get away from me there wouldn't be a problem.  
Right now I'm using my bum knee as an excuse.

I didn't mention it yet, but, Howard jumps right in to help me.  I need to check and see if that man has wings.  I'm beginning to suspect!

I hope your St. Patrick's Day was nice.  Ours was quiet.
Sunday was our beer and brisket day.  Everyone works.
No, no..I don't drink beer.  Most of it's yuk..but my son does.
Howard?  HEAVEN'S no!  




  1. I like having company.. it forces me to clean my craft room and my bedroom, the two rooms that I normally overlook!
    my house is such a wreck right now, I wouldnt want anyone to come over! lol!!
    have a great day mona!

  2. I am just like you, Mona. I want everything PERFECT if I have company coming. You are lucky to have "howardhelp". MyHero just shakes his head and walks away..and is NO help....lol

    Hope you have a great day- no beer drinkers here either. xo Diana

  3. Sounds like me:) We live in our house and it looks like it is lived in. If anyone is coming, I get busy fluffing and dusting! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Yep, my sweet friend, I too am a fussy gal, my Cousin said once I bet you get up at 3am to make sure everything is in its place, yep I do.
    sunny Florida

  5. I love having company. But please don't come over right now. The house is a wreck! I need at least a week's notice before anyone shows up. It forces me to clean. Oh if only I had the time to get it all clean at the same time. Then I could keep it up!

  6. Another absolutely wonderful post, Mona! I resonate with a lot of what you have shared here, apart from the three husbands ��

    Lucy is BEAUTIFUL and fits right in! Picture perfect! She knows where she is welcomed with love. I know you would always be the most charming hostess! I wish I were.

    Why are we like that, having to ensure everything is "just so!" ? I suspect I learnt from watching my Mother do the same thing. Her hone was always clean, neat and tidy and yet, she would have to do just as you describe. She does the same if they are going away for a night or longer! Everything has to be washed, ironed, scrubbed and spruced and it has always driven my dad mad ��

    I am also a pyjama girl. I do not get that from my mother!

    Howard is a wonderful man! I have one like him, too! We are so lucky ��

  7. All the adults in our family are beer drinkers too....except for me! I like the sweet stuff...Pina Colada's and those kind of drinks! I am on my third PJ day in a row...my bad! I have to dress today though because Kyleigh has ballet tonight and I always go watch her practice. Hugs....

  8. you are giving me a run-for-my-money, on being the blog with the most Banner changes. I love it. I actually kind of hold my breath, when I click on your blog, waiting to see if you have put up a new Banner pic!

    oh how lovely a Banner pic, does Lucy make!!!!!!!!!

    I actually don't love company. and so, I don't like running around, checking this and that. :-) "honesty in blogging" -grin-


  9. I used to be the same way you are when I know company is coming. Now that I live by myself the house stays pretty clean, except when I am putting out my decorations then it can be mess. Today I am putting out my Easter and spring decorations. I really like your new header. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Your post made me laugh from a childhood memory. My mother was the queen of this company coming behavior. My Dad, brothers and I might as well have moved out of the house when my mom started preparing for company. We couldn't sit in the living room, dont use the company guest towels, don't sit on the beds etc.
    She would drive us crazy. Of course a bit of this behavior rubbed off on me, but not to the degree my mom went to.
    We are too funny.

  11. Company is a good excuse to clean, fer sher. I enjoyed your cleaning description, and your front porch is lovely - including your little visitor there!

  12. This made me smile, Mona, because i do the same thing!!!...:)JP

  13. Mona, Your porch cushions are so pretty. That's what's nice about a porch...you can entertain outside. I like to make sure everything is neat and clean if I am having company. Take care of your knee. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  14. I'm the same way! I used to drive the kids and my hubby nuts with cleaning and fussing. Now poor Jack has to put up with it without the boys as allies! The funny thing is, the kids are now the visitors I fuss about! Enjoy your company!

  15. Your porch is always so beautiful and welcoming! And your gorgeous cushions make everything "pop"!

  16. Looks like you see all "fluffed" and ready for company . . .
    I like your yellow touches, very springy . . .
    And the furry visitor looks very sweet . . .

  17. Great post! I'm the same way, running around cleaning up as fast as I can. Company can show up at any time! Usually they call now days but you never know! That is one beautiful cat too. Nice of the neighbors to share him!

  18. Mona, I will be sure to let you know if and when we can come for a visit :-) And, of course, you and Howard are always welcome to visit our place, but I can't guarantee it will be orderly!

  19. What a fun blog! And the beer and brisket sounds delicious!


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