Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I peddled as fast as I could for years and years and
now I'm coasting.  I worked so hard to get to the top of that hill.
How I hope it's nice at the bottom .....it's been a long road and I'm hoping for a soft landing.
I left greenery and pine cones on the mantel to remind me that it's still Winter.

Golden morning light because you are up so early and see the sun come up
and before you know it..more gold as the sun sets in the West.  Wonder if that's what they mean by "The Golden Years."
I always say "Where in the world did the day go?"

No sign of Winter.  It was a good 74 degree's here today, and I think the "Pineapple Express" is going to miss us!  DARN!!

Then for no reason ...I changed my dolls clothes to something more for Winter.

A change of dolly clothes...

I get up, have my morning coffee..start a batch of wash (some days) sit out on the front porch in the morning sun (California, you know!) and contemplate the day ahead.  
It's called retirement and I'm loving it!

All dressed for colder days...  HA!!!!
 But kept me busy and it was fun!  Not that I haven't plenty to do.

 I found this beautiful outfit on ebay.  
This sweet baby doll was a gift from a dear friend that I met on ebay a few years ago.  (HI ERMA!)
We chatted  and got to know one another.  Always lots to talk about.  Both of us had experienced loss. 
One day a big heavy box arrived.  I had been very  ill and had not been home from the hospital for long when this lovely surprise was delivered to my door.  My friend and I share a love of dolls.   She has an entire "doll nursery" (how I would love to see that) and I have just a few treasured ones and this cutie has become one of my favorites.  I am not really a "doll collector" at all..I mean certainly not a serious one....but I do think they are adorable.   When little great granddaughters or the neighbors little girl comes to visit..they carefully pick them up and you can tell it's a special time for them.  They are always SO careful, and not because I tell them to be, because I don't have to.  They just are!

Isn't she cute?  I've had her for a few years now and she sits in my living room in an old wicker high chair that my great grand babies use when they come for a visit.  

Can you tell I didn't have much going on today.
I admit it's nice!

After all my years of working and raising a rather large family..it's nice to do anything I want..or nothing at all.


  1. What a sweet post. I love the sound of your day. I'm in the middle of my busy, rushed life. I sometimes wonder what it'll be like when I can finally slow down.

  2. Oh how darling! I collected dolls for years...some are still packed. I wish I had a way to display them...just beautiful and some are baby dolls like yours. She is just precious! I love how you have her displayed! Perfect! I so love reading your blog Mona!

  3. Oh I truly thought that was real until I made it farther in your post. What a beautiful doll. Enjoy this time any way you like you worked hard for it. Hug B

  4. It is nice to be able to slow down or speed up... whatever we want to do! Retirement is a nice reward, isn't it? Enjoy your day with your beautiful baby doll! HUGS!

  5. Love your precious baby doll, she is so pretty. I love do nothing days too, they are the best. Enjoy.

  6. Hi Mona,
    At first I thought the baby doll was real....how precious! I love your thoughts on being retired and I love it too. The only problem that I have is that I have a tendency to "put things off until tomorrow!"

    Love your thoughts.


  7. Mona, Your baby doll looks so real. Almost all my dolls growing up were real. LOL I was the oldest daughter and my mom had 11 kids. Hope you and your husband are doing well and enjoying being retired . I love the idea of sitting on the porch.Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. She is adorable and so pretty in pink! Have a fun day with your sweet baby doll and nice weather. I have my Wednesday wee ones post up today. Come over and play! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. I love dolls too...and I let my grand daughter play with all of them! My grandmother loved dolls and I have one that she bought for "us" to play with when I was about 5 years old. My grand mothers brother worked for the city as a garbage collector...way back then! He would check each pail for a doll to save before he dumped the contents into the trunk. He brought all those dolls to my grandma and she would clean and make new clothes for them. She must have given them away because I don't remember the house being full of dolls...wonderful memories...hugs..

  10. that doll sure looks real! i love retirement. i never even think about hump day! i was hoping you were going to get the rain they said is headed for california!

  11. -clapping hands-

    and a new banner picture!!!! yesss!

    why "banner"? a reader said she didn't like the term "header," and suggested "banner".. I agree with her. so now I call my (former header) my banner. :-)

  12. yes, ma'am! if we can't take it easy now, when can we????? ,-)

    play with whatever we choose... take it easy... no new pressing activities undertaken... etc.


    and your baby doll is precious. what a beautiful face. I can see why little ones, are automatically careful with her. :-)

  13. Your doll looks so real. It is nice to be retired and enjoying life. I miss my husband something terrible but I keep on going for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I count my blessing every day. It is cold here but I am hoping it will warm up soon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I always love to see your dolls and I did ask, didn't i! This one is gorgeous. I have two and I love them dearly. I know I have them because I miss my own babies. They are a good quiet substitute.

  15. The sweet little doll is so life-like! I can see why the kids are so good with it.
    I do wonder where the day went, too. Time does by swiftly even during a do-nothing day like I had today. I really love not going to work, just wish my hubby was ready to retire, but he loves his job and wants to work a couple of more years. Sigh.
    Enjoy your wonderful weather out there in sunny CA!

  16. I packed all my dolls away 4 yrs ago Mona..She's a cutie for sure..Don't you love being retired?? love ya girl..hugs Gloria

  17. I enjoyed reading this post. I enjoy retirement so much. Although I surely wouldn't have retired so early, I am not complaining. Sometimes just a slow day is the best!

  18. While I was never fond of playing with dolls, Mona, your baby doll is all the more lovely because of how it came to you - from a friend when you were feeling down. I have a few special teddy bears that hold similar memories. Yes, retirement is a wonderful and well-earned time of life.

  19. Love your dolls - I noticed them when I came for a visit.
    I agree with you - just do what you want, when you want. Retirement is wonderful and she we are in the Golden Years.
    Have a wonderful weekend Mona.

  20. Hi Mona! Oh, what a sweet little dolly! I'm sure she's so happy you dressed her for winter! Well, I think getting a day to play is fabulous and I do as often as I can. Thanks for popping in and your header is very pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Oh what a nice blog. I want a baby doll also, I love to sit them around different places just like my kiddos did. You have a wonderful day.
    Florida Gal, Barbara

  22. A Sweet Post Mona . . . VERY . . . doesn't it feel wonderful to "play like a little girl" with "little girl things!"
    Good for you! Best kind of "Golden Days!"


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