Monday, February 16, 2015

~MY LADIES MAID AND BUTLER...I had to sack them!~

Just kidding.  They still work for me!  LOL  ohhhh...funny!

Ahhh yes,  Downton Abby..
We watched Downton Abby last night with some of the family. We had a good time.  I ended up wondering about the slight change in Lady Mary and Granny.  One is getting sharp tongued again to the point that even her Lady's Maid, Anna, is looking disgusted... and the other is getting..softer,  Granny's quips are not quite so barbed.  She did make me laugh with her butler and housekeeper problems.
Really?  The NEW housekeeper spoke to her about a private problem with the butler in front of guests??  I THINK NOT!!  Why...I would never allow that in my home.  The very idea!
Yep..she is getting softer!
Left me a bit confused..  Oh's just a TV series.  Right?

This morning I took this picsture of PH gathering pine cones. He goes out every morning like clockwork, and gathers the pine cones and we discuss each of them.  LOL  Yep...we are busy, busy people!
 He's kinda cute for an older guy isn't he? :)

Those pine cones  are hard as rocks.  Wouldn't you think there would be a market for these beauties in craft stores?  Our little home is running over with them.  Maybe I should bag them and try to sell them to Michael's.  :)  They sell those bags of tiny ones..
 I just cannot seem to throw them away, but we are going to have to seriously consider throwing them in the trash.  Did I say seriously?
We should name our little home "Pine Cone Cottage" but  I can't I suppose.  We don't really have a "cottage"  It's just a little house that wants to be a cottage.  Then again, maybe it's me that's a wannabe cottage owner.

Pine cones are EVERYWHERE!
Tomorrow some are going to find their way into the trash.
I mean it this time!

******************* the time some of you may read this. ..the paper hanger should have arrived and the bathroom should be on it's way to being cute!   Now I think both baths should get a dose of paper.  Maybe I can bargain with him.  You suppose?
I am SO insecure.  What if when it's all done it looks awful! Things like that have happened to me before!  Sort of like getting your hair cut into a bob like Lady Mary's.  Only you turn out looking like a "bald monkey?"   LOL  Sorry, but I laughed at that one.
I'll worry about it tomorrow...(if it worked for Scarlett, it can work for me!)

It's not my fault I didn't have anything of interest to blog about.  It's my brain's fault!
Does that fly with you?  Naaaah, me either.

Tried to watch the news tonight and had to leave.  Terrible.  So much hate out there.  I've wondered if they ever heard the wise old adage of "You live by the sword, you die by the sword!!"


Our front yard is beginning to think it MUST be Spring.

I know all the snow they are receiving  in the East is really getting bad..but it's comforting to me.  I love visiting and looking at it.  In my memory I remember the silence.  Just so quiet.  Noise is absorbed in the snow and becomes's just wonderful.
But then all noise is always soft to me lately.  My hearing aids will be here next week!
Here's wishing you a lovely Tuesday!



  1. Absolutely love your wallpaper! Cannot wait for the "big reveal" once it has been hung.
    Your header is so gorgeous! Each one gets prettier and prettier and I look forward to the next surprise.
    I am a Downton Abbey fan, too. Will be sad to see it end.
    PH is cute, and those pine cones he is holding are HUGE! Real beauties. Perhaps you should try and sell the excess.
    It's always a joy to visit your blog, Mona. Today, I leave with a big smile xxx

  2. Come for a visit - you can listen to all the quiet you want. We now have over 200 cm of snow which is truly unusual since the 1940's. Doesn't bother me. I play, shovel a bit, make snow angels and walk . We have hundreds of "snow hedges" throughout town and it has been this way since the 3 blizzards back in January. Kinda cool n neat and still unusual. Mountains of snow and I have climbed but 6 of them :). Love Downton Abby too. You have a lovely sense of humour. Ta, ta for now from the frozen north :) p.s. Yes he is

  3. Yep, those are some Large pinecones. We also have those herre in sunny but cold Florida. I wonder if I will ever get back to my BLOG?
    xoxo Barbara

  4. We have the snow but it's the cold that's getting to me! I'm hoping after this week it will warm up into the 20's atleast! We have tons of pines but our pine cones aren't as big as that! You cold sell them. I've seen them done up in many crafty ways. I know if you dip them in paraffin they make good fire starters...can you tell I'm cold? ha! Have a good week and yes, your hubby is a hottie! Love the flowers in your yard...that pic makes me happy and hopeful for Spring!

  5. Hi Mona! Oh, look at the size of those pine cones! Have you ever made a pine cone wreath? I haven't but I've seen some and they are so pretty! Yes, your hubby is a cutie! :) Now I'm a DA fan too and was wondering the same thing. I'm not liking Mary at all this season, she is just so hateful and mean! And Granny, I just love her. Wouldn't it be fun if all we bloggers could get together and have a DA party and watch it together? :) Your spring is gorgeous. All I can see is cold and my skin is getting dry! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. You are BLESSED to the max with pinecones! Maybe you could make a giant snowman out of them.

    Snow is so beautiful and peaceful and calm. Wish we had some here!

    love you,

  7. I have a confession to make.....I have never watched Downton Abbey! Maybe I should give it a! I hope you have smooth sailing with the wall paper hanging..can't wait to see it. Hugs...

  8. I might donate them to a school or a craft store before I threw them away. Just a few phone calls and I bet you would find someone that would be delighted to have them.

    I have seen them covered in wax and used as fire starter.

    My grandson just carried a small one home pressed all around with peanut butter and bird seed to hang for a feeder.

    Spray painting them and using a lovely ribbon makes them a great ornament. They also make wonderful wreaths.

    I love those. I shipped many back when I was in Georgia but that was years ago. Most have crumbled.

  9. I love Downton Abbey!
    Take bags of the pinecones to your local thrift store...someone will be happy to purchase them.
    Have a great week, Mona.

  10. I love Downton Abbey!
    Take bags of the pinecones to your local thrift store...someone will be happy to purchase them.
    Have a great week, Mona.

  11. our blogs are not novels. we blog about what is going on, in our lives.

    or about something we have been thinking about... or something we worry about... or something we wish... or a recipe, that came out deeeeeelishous! or a tv/film we enjoyed.... or a book we are reading... or......

    in other words, each blog is unique. and each blog, has the "right" to be about, whatever the blogger happens to feel like posting, each time she posts.


  12. and would you believe???? I have never watched "DA"? yup.. never...

    me, who loves sets, even.

    many love it, and I am happy for them. of course.

    and the thing about "those who live by the sword, die by the sword"... real trouble is, these people WANT to DIE!

    so that ancient saying, doesn't even apply to them! as it has, to normal people, for eons.


  13. Boy those pine cones are really big. I know crafty people would love to have them. Hope your wall paper will turn out okay. Be sure and post about it and photo of it when done. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I loved the quiet of a snowfall, too, Mona. There is nothing like a white silence.

    Can't wait to see your wallpaper. I know it will be perfect.

    I bet you could sell those pinecones on Etsy to crafters! xo Diana

  15. i can't wait to see the wallpapered rooms! the pine cones are just fabulous, i wish i had your trees. all of those pine cones and a glue gun could make something really special! your cute flowers would be shivering if they were here right now!

  16. Lots of Christmas decorations there.
    Mona do you know they make the best fire lighters ever. If you have 3 pine cones you will be able to start any fire. They burn very hot. May be you could have a little stall at the front of your house selling fire lighters. LOL. Well I know you would have to put them in a pretty cellophane bag and tie them up with pink ribbon. ha ha.
    Hugs Kay

  17. We are having some more of that muffled snow going on right now. Personally, I am ready for spring.

    I spent quite a while admiring your pretty flower and plants and green-ness in your yard and garden. We have a few inches of snow here. I think your giant pine cones could be spread with peanut butter or suet and hung for birdfeeders in places that have been snow covered for a while. It looks like the birds in your neck of the woods must be eating pretty good year round as green as it is there.

    I regret that I didn't start watching DA when it started, it looks like it would have been good if I had been following from the beginning.

    Your wallpaper is very pretty. I can't wait to see pics of it when it is up.

  18. I do think you could sell those pine cones. We live in Evergreen Hills on Spruce Drive. We have those stinky long skinny kinda flat pinecones. We do have a Hemlock in the back yard.
    I don't watch Downton Abbey. I know everyone loves it.
    We have had lots of snow and more on the way. I do love it. I have to watch saying that around my husband. Since he has to drive to work in it he hates it. Then when he gets to work they have the heat turned so low, he freezes all day. I can't wait til he retires.

  19. I love those pinecones. it seems that there could be something to make with them. I dont know what.. but something. google giant pinecone crafts. my house is tiny and I pretend its a cottage in the summer and a cabin in the winter! lol!
    have a great week. hope the papering turns out the way you want. im sure if you already love the paper, you'll love the results.

  20. Love, Love, LOVE those pine cones!
    Many years ago, while visiting my aunt and uncle in Melbourne, Florida . . . I gathered pine cones, (like yours) and fit what I could in my suitcase and had the rest shipped home to me. If I remember correctly it cost 25-35 dollars to ship them in the 80's . . . Oh my goodness, it would be a small fortune to ship them now! I still have the pine cones . . . love those huge ones . . . save some for me and when I come to visit some day I will bring an extra suitcase for pine cones!

    PH is a good looking guy!

    How are the hearing aids, like being able to hear again!?

  21. Just read some comments with solutions for the pine cones, Mona, and the one about using them as fire starters could work IF you knew someone who had a fireplace, but then they might pop all over the place when heated..not sure. We also have a lot of pine cones at our VA home and after awhile I would gather them and toss in the trash as we had no other use and there were just too many. Our were the very prickly type which could not be easily handled for crafts.


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