Friday, February 13, 2015


I hope your day is filled with love and sweetness!

I remember Valentine's Day when I was in school, forever ago.  It's changed a lot since then.  I guess it's good changes for youngsters though.
Long ago, we used to send Valentines to those in our classroom that we really liked a lot.  
Today, you must give every single child in the classroom a Valentine.  
At least this way the most unpopular child recieves as many Valentine's as everyone else and no one feels left out.
At first when I heard about it, I thought how terrible for a child to be forced to give a Valentine to someone they didn't like at all, and there is always the boy or girl that teases you or makes your life a misery, and who wants to be forced to give them a Valentine.  Right?
...but when I thought about it, I'm sure it was wise.  It's just changed and everything is constantly changing..
Even Valentine's Day.

You should have seen our busy dining room table the night before Valentine's Day..
I bought a LOT of boxes of Valentines... but looking I sometimes long to do it all again.
To have those days back.
To see the happy little faces when they got their brand new boxes of Valentines and rushed to find a place at the table and begin the laborious  job of putting the names of their special friends on them.  I encouraged them to give one to everyone..but I didn't force them.  
I tried to give reasons why they should, and as I remember, they did, even if they did make a face.
I heard a few grumbles..but not many and the excitement of the the process and the fun of the party at school always seemed to put them in a generous mood.  

There was always a lot to do. Little felt hearts to be cut out and attached to ribbons for their hair, something pretty to wear, usually red with an added red bow......just so much.  I remember one year I even cut out tiny red hearts of felt and attached them to my youngest's little white mary jane shoes.  She was a hit! 
I wonder if she remembers.  
I do and I would do it all again..I would have all seven of them.

As for me...
I am blessed to have a Sweetheart of a husband who never forgets.  Empty Valentine boxes line the breakfast bar, so far there are six.
Both have experienced great loss, and both found love once again.
Makes me smile!
I'm grateful
But is it all just about the card and box of chocolates?
YES!  Of course it is!!  
I'm kidding! 

Love.  What a nice thought to dwell on.



  1. What a beautiful post Mona. I, to thought about how we would decorate a big box in our classroom and put the Valentine cards in there. The little boy that I pick up after school came in with a cereal box (that was decorated) full of candy and cards. he was so excited in the car. We had made pink white chocolate suckers. He had a good time doing them.
    Aren't memories great. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetie.

  2. BEAUTIFUL, WARM POST. I made post cards, like the one I sent you and delivered them into my friends mail boxes....up over the snow banks, down the other side, open the mail box and in she goes. Nice surprise I think. When we were kids, the teacher would have a big box on her desk and when we came to class with our Valentines, we put them in the box and on Valentine's Day, she would just reach in, take a bunch out and pass em out till they were gone. Everyone received cards, even the bad kids - from "Their Secret Admirer" :) Hugs to you n PH

  3. I'm not much for Valentine's Day... can't eat chocolate candy. don't care for cut flowers... a gump, hu? -gigggles-

    but everyone has memories of Valentine's Day. hopefully nice ones. you certainly do!!!

    what a caring mother you were. and what fun you had, being thus.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

    oh and now, _this_ Banner photo, is my favorite! -gigggles- oh that bunnnnny!!!!

  4. mmmmmm...

    proof read, Tessa!

    "gump" should be "GRUMP"!!!


  5. I love this heartfelt post, Mona. I remember loving Valentine's Day as a kid, too. It was so much fun making a box for the cards and carefully picking out just the right card for the boys...the ones I had a crush on especially! Don't even get me started on the deliciousness of candy hearts (at least that's what my eight year old self used to think). Have a love filled, blessed Valentine's Day. Jane

  6. Beautiful Valentine's Day post and lots of good memories for you. I still send cards to my youngest grandchildren and great grandchildren. Have a blessed day and Happy Valentine's Day. Madeline

  7. I am away helping my daughter-in-law, but I left my Sweetheart a hidden card at home!

  8. Have a wonderful day with your Valentine.. we don't do any holidays, but we do eat out.. i never did the valentine thing, mother used to, but i wasn't interested. when my kids were little i bought the kind that was 32 in a box and let them take them to school, but both were boys and that all stopped at 3rd grade... i am uber practical and no gushy gooey genes in my body. mother had millions of them. even when we were married and out of the house she still put a valentine by our place and a chocolate heart... i am so thankful my hubby has the same type genes I do, so we are both happy. when i went to Walmart today, i brought us one each of chocolate eclair. yum and we had it for breakfast. then went out to lunch for pizza..

  9. I love your stories and memories . . .
    PH is very sweet to laden you with boxes of chocolates!
    Happy Valentines Day Mona . . .
    Love, Lynne

  10. What wonderful memories, Mona. And, yes it does seem different than when we exahnged Valentine's as children and not sure if the new ways are getter or not.
    Hope that yiu and PH have a wonderful celebration, as always.

  11. Mona- You and I are so similar in the way we raised our kids. I always did things like that with/for my kids, too....and would do it all again.

    I think the "rule" that everyone gets a Valentine is good one. The most unlovable kids are the ones that need them the most when it comes right down to it. xo Diana

  12. Happy Valentine to you and Howard, Mona!

  13. Oh Mona I love this post. You made mes mile and get very sentimental myself. You have a darling sweet husband. I can see them lined up. Take care HUG B
    thanks for your lovely comment and I am getting better. HUG B

  14. Your memories brought back memories for me! I remember being so excited to bring my valentines to school for my classmates and put them in the decorated box on my teacher's desk. My sister and I even made valentines for our family at home. No one was left out. Thanks for your post that made me remember all these wonderful things.

  15. Mona you are such a good Mum. Doing all those special things would make your children have such rich memories. Hopefully they will do the same for their children.
    Love your header.
    Hugs Kay


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