Saturday, February 14, 2015


Now I know this is not a BIG deal..and I know some want to not read about decor etc..and that's fine.
When you've waited years and years to do this sort of thing, to me, it IS a big deal.

Not whining..well, perhaps just a bit..but for so many years, school clothes, keeping food on the table etc. came first, and things like wallpaper and decor was just not in the cards.  Basic's..that's what we kept up with.  How I LONGED to do things like this, and now I can.

:)  Oh wow!  Just had a flash of remembering scrambling to keep the electric, and gas on.
Or to pay the phone bill..  Laying awake nights, unable to sleep, trying to figure out what could wait and what could not..and  (embarrasses me to say this ) but figuring out if the check would get to the bank before I did.    Anyway, you get the idea.
Oh lordy, am I trying to excuse myself?  Of course!!
I don't need to do that, do I!  :)'s my wallpaper.  Just had the hall wallpaper done a couple of months ago and now I'm going to do my little bathroom.  
This is delicate wallpaper and I don't think it will cause a problem with the other paper.  Besides, the paper's are not right next to one another and who would give a darn anyway.
NO ONE!  :)
Monday at 8:00 is when the paper hanger is coming.  NO..not the sweet man who stepped into a five gallon can of paste and tipped in over onto my newish carpet.  (I hate even remembering it!)
He retired and fled, I mean moved to Palm Springs.

 The picture doesn't show it but the texture of this paper is just beautiful..and the little feathery leaves in the background are like raised satin.  It's just lovely.  The walls are pink now..and I do like them..but it needs something.   I found some lace curtains on etsy SO inexpensive that I could not believe it!
They just arrived and they are so delicate too.  "Girly girl" or's my little powder room off the bedroom.  Gonna be sweet, sweet, sweet.
Should I wallpaper the ceiling too?
Almost makes your teeth ache, doesn't it?  :)
 I painted the little shelf and coat hanger in the hall a pale butter yellow yesterday and hung it this morning.

Am I going overboard with wallpaper.  ..yeah..probably!  

Someone asked to see a picture of the little doll I bought, after I dressed her in different clothing.
She fits right in with the rest of the toys now.  

I don't really remember if I have shown you this nice little sewing box that I found on ..I think ebay a few weeks ago.  I needed one to carry to my chair when I'm sewing..and the one I have is BIG and heavy.  This one I thought was I snagged it.  The description  said the lid was cross stitch, but it looks and feels like needlepoint to me.  Doesn't look like it's ever been used.  The inside is pristine.

A deal?  I think so.
That's it...I'm outta here.  I've even bored myself.  Going to bed. 

Sunday and

Silly to get so caught up in a TV Drama. series..but..I know I'm not the only one.
I ordered Lumpia, a dish I was introduced to by the college students at their tag sale and benefit.
They even deliver right to the door.  I ordered two different kinds, beef and pork and the shrimp.   Also got the  sweet chili sauce and sweet vinegar sauce.  Both were delicious and since I couldn't make up my mind, I bought both.
We are going to treat ourselves..and daughter in law is bringing home made ice cream.
We're making a night of it!

So, who's going to join us?  :)



  1. Mona, It is okay to get silly. I know what you are saying, about stretch your pay to raise a family. I had to shop sales so often then, that I can't make myself pay full price for clothing, no way. I love your paper, it is soft and sweet. Not over powering. It's your home , do what you like. I still like to see wallpaper in homes. I do not have any myself. But I like it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh i love your pretty wallpaper. I use to have every single room in my house wallpapered. I loved it. I don't have any now. Your sewing basket is wonderful and what a great size to keep just a few things in and so easy to carry around. Thanks for the comments on the pie, I hope you make it and enjoy it. It really is such a versatile recipe.

  3. Hi Mona! Oh, your wallpaper is so pretty and can't wait to see your bathroom when you're all finished with it. Your little dolly is so sweet and she looks like a little bit of a stinker! :) How I love Downton Abbey too! Take care and don't 'decorate' too hard! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your wall paper is gorgeous! I understand the sacrifices of raising a family. I raised three children on my own and it was not easy. Like you said you did not decorate, you wondered if you were going to eat, or be able to pay any or one of the bills.
    The past ten years have been wonderful for me. I am finally at that place in my life I can decorated and craft and just play without worrying about finances.

  5. Oh- I would LOVE to join you! I don't have any wallpaper in this house but I have always loved it. One house we had cured me. When we bought it every room was papered and they were awful colors and patterns. It was the old kind that had to be scraped off inch by inch. lol Makes me itch to even remember it.

    Your wallpaper, on the other hand, is very pretty. You need to show it to us when you get it done. Let's hope you don't get any paste spillers this time! xo Diana

  6. I love your sweet doll all dressed up pretty! And yes, we'll be watching Downton...can't wait!!!

  7. wallpaper is beautiful!!! and I can seeeee the satin-y little background feathers!

    I myself, love wall paper. so you'll have no "guff" from me!!! lol.

    and everyone should have their home done, as they choose. be it paint or wall paper or a combo of both.

  8. me'thinks that most women of our generation, have memories of money being short. I remember a time, being downstreet, and having 43 cents in my wallet. memories like that, stay with one.

    and I took care of the household finances. my husband had enough to do, taking care of the business bill paying. so, I was NOT on a husband-imposed budget.

    I simply only had 43 cents, in my wallet.

    seems it is a good beginning. teaches people the value of a dollar. and how we CAN live, without the latest stuff, that "others have."

  9. and now, when we are older, if we are lucky, we can relax and have things... without the worries of when we were young marrieds.

    yes, I will stop now! -giggggles-

  10. When we get older and have finished raising our family it is time to have fun and do the things we like to do. Have a blessed day.. Madeline

  11. I like your blog. I like your honesty about sacrificing and living on a budget and about trying to decide what to pay and about checks going out before deposits are made! To me thats all just real life. I have done a lot of creative bill paying! lol!
    and one more thing.. I LOVE wallpaper. pretty much my whole house is papered.
    have a great week

  12. Oh, that wall paper is gorgeous and I am so happy that now you have the time and the money to do this. How exciting! Be sure and post before and after photos.
    Have a Happy Day.
    I'll be thinking of you when I'm watching Downton,
    Connie :)

  13. Such pretty paper! Our new/old house is just begging for some dainty florals - they will fit her age.

  14. I love wallpaper and it's coming back into homes now. I had some beautiful flowered wallpaper that was Waverly and I got the matching fabric to make the curtains. Oh how I love it. But after 15 years it was time for a change as I wanted a Country French kitchen. Taking off that wallpaper was really, really hard and now the only place I have it is in my small bathroom in a toil to match my drapes.
    Yours is going to look terrific, Be sure to do a post.
    Have a terrific week my dear friend.
    Often remember our great time and lunch together.

  15. I'm joining you in spirit! You wouldn't want to be here with me..the temps are below zero and the snow is everywhere! Love the wallpaper and I'm going to assume you'll post an after pic? You remind me of my Mom. After raising 6 kids and living with used furniture, she loves to buy new things...linens, dishes, furniture. You both deserve it! Take care Mona and I'll be watching Downton too!

  16. Mona . . .
    Love that you are doing your own thing!
    Why not . . . about time, right!
    Love the delicate wallpaper, yes on the ceiling too. (Happy it isn't the "slipped in the bucket" wallpaper man!)
    Love your doll in pink and the little sewing basket . . .
    You like eBay?
    Love, Lynne

  17. Perfect choice for your powder room wallpaper. It looks so deliciously girly. Make sure to post a few pictures when you're done.

  18. I really wish I could have joined you!! 😀

  19. I am loving that sewing box!!! It is so sweet! Glad wallpaper is making its way back in popularity. Love yours!! Pretty, pretty!

    I think I am the only one who doesn't watch DA. Really....

  20. Good thing I didn't mention that homemade ice cream until after reading this post a few days late, Mona. Grenville watches Downtown Abbey faithfully AND likes ice cream, a lot too (so do I). I join him after DA and we watch Grantchester together.
    The wallpaper looks lovely and yes you DO deserve it!


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