Thursday, February 26, 2015


Panic set in when my blog address failed to work.  It's been a week since my last post and when I tried to get on my blog it DIDN'T name was up for grabs!!  Strange.  But..after fiddling around's back., far.

What's new?  Well, I was going deaf and now I can hear!  I am wearing hearing aids now, in BOTH ears!
I realized when I plugged my left hear..I could not hear the birds, could not hear the fountains water running, and my hearing just kept getting worse over the past two years.  In a group of people..words were garbled.
I struggled to hear people on the phone with my best ear.  
I am all better!  The birdies never sounded so sweet this morning and when I sat down to play my piano this morning, I burst into tears..of pure joy at the sound.  
The ability to do things I've always done..
To run
To ride my bike
To hike on mountain trails..
Go on long walks
Slowly, going unnoticed, they are all slipping from me.
My hands..and arms..there are spots on my skin that used to be so smooth.
My slender ankles..gone.
My dark hair, white as snow....'s going to be fine..because
I can STILL dress a baby doll. :)

This poor little girl looked like this when she arrived from a seller on ebay..
I thought she was a beautiful doll.  At one time, she was pretty expensive.
A Lee Middleton, Riva Schick creation.
"Princess Diamond"..without her clothes and tierra...

 ...and in nothing flat..she looked like this...
Click on the picture to see how really pretty she is..

Tiny white patent shoes with hearts..
My little great granddaughters are going to LOVE her!
I used to collect baby clothes that were doll size 0 to 3 months,  at a second hand shop just for babies.

Lots I can't do anymore, but I can still dress baby dolls! LOL

I know, I know..not much of a post, but at least I'M STILL HERE!



  1. glad you can hear again. there are things we take for granted.. hearing is probably one of them.. but you're right .. the sound of birds chirping and water running.. waves at the beach.. music.. grand children's laughter.. I can not imagine not hearing those things. So glad you wont be missing those sounds now! Love that baby doll!
    happy weekend!

  2. Look at you..all pretty in pink! Your blog header looks so sweet..just like you. I'm glad you can hear and aren't we lucky to live in an age where we have all the technology to make that possible. I know when I help in the eye room at work how wonderful it is when people can see without those cataracts and now the procedure is so advanced and perfected. It's like watching miracles every day. My Mom has hearing aids too. We'll all be in that category where one day we wake up and look in the mirror and wonder who the heck that is looking back at us! Ha! Well, if we're blessed to live that long. Enjoy your life may be sprinkled with a few age spots and white hair, but hey, it's a good one!

  3. I also have my Doll in a high-chair with the three Bears tea set for her to have her tea. Are you sure we aren't Sisters?
    Barbara in sunny Florida

  4. You have a beautiful baby doll Mona, I bet you had fun dressing her.
    Puters can be a pain in the BBB.....t
    I am glad you are up and running.
    How special to hear the birds and singing, and all the lovely things.
    Hugs Kay

  5. I am ever so happy for you Mona. That would be so hard not to hear on the phone or in a group. I remember my father in law struggling with that. Mother always said aging does not treat us kindly and now I can understand and agree. I LOVE your new doll. I have about 8 Lee Middleton dolls and they are so precious! i can imagine how playing the piano brings you happiness! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  6. So glad your hearing situation is fixed. SWuch a blessing and that baby doll is so precious.

  7. well I am so glad you can hear again! That must have been frightening!

    I had that exact thing happen, my blog disappeared and before I could even fix the problem someone stole my name!
    that is a beautiful doll,

  8. Beautiful little baby doll! I am happy you can hear, my Sister is about to get some help with her hearing! I can't wait to see how happy she is when she can hear again! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Glad to hear your blog is still here. I don't know what is going on with blogger but it is A MESS!!!!

    I am so glad you can hear again. It is something so many of us take for granted. I am glad that they were able to "fix" you with hearing aids. How wonderful is that.

    Your "baby" is beautiful all dressed for the day. xoDiana


    that Banner pic!!!!!!!!!!!


    ok, now I will read the post.



    that Banner pic!!!!!!!!!!!


    ok, now I will read the post.


  12. well, my first comment, posted twice, I see. but hey! your Banner pic deserves a double WOW!!!

    blogger "ate" your blog URL?!?!?! &(*&%^&^^^!!!!

    but you "got it back"! hooooray! see how techie you are getttttting??? you go Babe!

  13. your can hear again!!!!! wonderful!!! and they are comfortable!!! that is the key. comfort. I am so very happy for you!!!!!

    the ones I had, years ago, which I was not able to keep using... but. I remember sitting in the office, after putting them in, and realizing I could hear the leaves, rustling in the trees, outside the office window!!!!!!!!!

  14. life moves on. what we could "do" then, becomes harder now. (or impossible)

    so we have to do what you are doing. concentrate on and celebrate, the things which we can do NOW! and take joy, in them.

    the message in this post, is a very, very important one! it shows the essence of later life. how to deal with, and glean happiness from, later life.

    and that is an important post!!!

  15. What an ordeal you've been thru....glad you're still here! I still love to play with dolls too and can't hardly pass one up ! Hugs...

  16. my hubby went through the same thing as you have and if he were a woman who would have cried when he could hear again... just like you. the new hearing aids are miracles. he can hear birds and hear eggs frying. and the TV is down where it does not burst MY ear drums. so happy for you that you can hear. and dress your dolls. i look at my arms and ankles and want to cry but not from joy. but we are alive and kicking and typing.

  17. Mona I have been wearing hearing aids for a few years, and like you I did not know what I was missing until I could hear the wind rustle the leaves and the birds singing. Your baby dolls are just beautiful. Glad you got the problem on your blog fixed. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. My husband will need hearing aides soon. He says he won't get them. We fight over the volume on the TV and on the phone. Not really fight but it is an endless turning up and turning down. So glad you can hear better.
    Age has a way of slowing us down. But you age very well my dear.
    I love dolls as well. I am definetly on the doll house kick right now. Are we trying to relive our childhood.
    Those dolls are beautiful.
    You and I will be sitting in nursing homes (hopefully not) holding our dolls.

  19. Don't give up yet you can still go for walks and ride your bike. We all have spots and white hair. Some just don't admit to it.

    I think blogger has been having spasms lately.

    To hear again is a great blessing. Enjoy.

  20. I've just clicked onto your blog and it was smiles as I read your recent post.. I too have been given ear pieces to help me hear better, but I find it makes everything loud** I can hear each sqweek of the shoes, and all sorts of sounds as I walk.. however, I did feel happy that you can hear again, and I will be back to see all the latest.. blogging is such fun, but hard to do regularly..

  21. my husband was 'born again' when he got his hearing aides! he had no idea how much he was missing. we no longer have to scream at him. aging sucks!

  22. I am so glad that you can hear again. I was worried about hearing and I had a audio test and he said that I was fine and I did not need hearing aids, I was happy about that.
    Don't feel bad Mona, we are all experiencing getting old, that just what happens as we age. We just have to keep trying and moving on as best we can. You looked terrific that day when I met you and we went to lunch.
    I am excited that we are getting RAIN. I don't care if it rains for 4 days.
    Have a great weekend and I love your doll.

  23. I too am quietly climbing over the hill:) So very, very thankful that I can still walk with my neighbor every morning, can still throw a Frisbee with my grandson, can still dig in the garden, and many more things that I know will slowly go away. Until I'm just thankful. Love your sweet baby doll. So glad you rescued her. Love your blog. Come over to visit me sometimes now that I'm back online.

  24. it's VERY MUCH of a post dear heart!
    bless you!!!


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