Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Please, God, help us reunite as a nation and to stop hating and trying to destroy one another.  Give us the heart to compromise and be what our nation started out to be.  Bring PEACE back into our vocabulary.  Remind us to be what we profess to be in church each Sunday.  Sometimes I think we forget when we walk out the front door.  I think we are mostly all good folks.  At least I like to think that is so. 
So please help us be a bit more grateful for what we have and be more supportive of our democratic way.  Help us show the world what a really
GOOD country is!  I think we get lost along the way sometimes and start sniping when we don't have our way.   
I love our United States, our people and what our country and our flag stands for. 
I want to be really proud once again, not just sometimes, but ALL the time, so give us a hand God. Ok?
Sweet blogger friends, you don't have to agree or disagree..this is just how I feel.  The news is so disheartening.  I feel so sad  hearing the Government, the President, and it seems everything, constantly put down.  Nothing positive to say.  All negitive and not supportive at all!
It seems we sit around and just wait for an opportunity to go for someone's throat.  The hatred in this country is so sad!  My mother used to tell me, if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all.  I wonder what the country would be like if everyone practiced that.  If we don't like something, we can change it..but we don't have to behave so badly in the process is all I am saying. 
Yeah...I'm a pollyanna! :)  It's's my blog..or so they tell me.   :)
God Bless..


  1. I think a big part of the problem is that not enough people go to church anymore. People get so busy with life they forget the most important things-worshiping God and following his commandments.

  2. Dear Pollyanna,

    I agree. Mom and Dad told me the same thing. Respect seems to have left the building.

    Have a very blessed holiday.

  3. I'm a Pollyanna, too....that's why we are such kindred spirits! Sending you BIG sweet hugs tonight and wishing you a wonderful Happy fourth! Your buddy, Diane

  4. Great write Mona. Have a beautiful & fun filled holiday, remembering what our forefather's gave to us ... & all those who have fought for & given their all for us.

    TTFN ~
    Big loving hugs,

  5. This is the most wonderful country in the whole world and I love her and what our flag have stood for all these years. I also wish we could be united as a people but that won't happen as long as the president continues to divide us. He is supposed to be the president of all people not just those who agree with him. While we are praying, remember to pray that his eyes will be opened to see how destructive his ideas are for our beloved country. Compromise is not always a good thing especially when one side expects the other side to compromise their values. I want us to be upbeat and happy too but it is going to take a change of hearts and minds which only a return to God can bring about. In the meantime, let us celebrate our love of country and commit ourselves to work harder to return our beloved country to the great beacon of hope, love for each other and morals that we used to have. I hope you have a glorious Independence Day!

  6. This is NOT A PLACE TO pound on any one person, any one party. Please do not do that! Thanks!

  7. Amen, Mona--Amen. I agree with you. I am listening to a series of Freedom cds and it is amazing how our country has backslid in support and standing strong and proud as Americans. Most of us do not know anything about how the government really works and our children know even less. It all starts with the upcoming generation to take our country back to Godly roots....stepping OFF my soap box now- xo Diana

  8. I agree with your thoughts Mona. We need to get back to serving our God with our whole heart, soul and mind. God will forgive our country for its failings if we get on our knees and confess our sins. Someday this struggle will be over - I can only imagine!!

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  10. you are so right, it seems like every one is for themselves and half of the government is crooked. Then we have a tragedy like the 19 firemen lost in Yarnell and you see how good people really are. God is good and so are a lot of His people. Hope you have a super and Happy 4th. God Bless America. Hugs, Marty

  11. I agree with you Mona - kindness and respect seem to be a thing of the past. It's shameful how people disrespect our President, our teachers, and authority in general. All we can do is pray and be an example ourselves. Hugs to you sweet lady! - Rhonda

  12. Mona, I agree with you 100% Where is the love? Seems like there is so much hate in the world. We ALL need to work together, try and fix it.

  13. I agree with you 100% Mona - If you respect yourself, then you will respect others. If you love yourself, then you will love others. Spreading love and kindness is easy enough to do, so why aren't more people doing it. We have it in our families and friends - that's the world I live in and how I wished the rest of the world would follow. I have met many wonderful people blogging that feel similar as I do. I feel as we continue to set an example, perhaps others will also - You write just how you feel Mona, nothing wrong with your opinion on your blog - you got another Pollyanna right here in my back yard, even though I am not a citizen of your great country. Have a wonderful holiday and wishing you the Hugs to PH :)

  14. We don't all agree but we all need to strive for a common goal:) That's what works! Have a blessed day, I am praying for our Country!

  15. And all that God asks of us is "to love one another". Such a simple command, yet so difficult for us.


    GOD BLESS AMERICA & Happy 4th of July

  16. It all starts with us. We can do a bit of loving one another and being positive, and I know you do your bit Mona. You have a wonderful country and so do we here in Australia.
    Happy 4th of July to you.
    Hugs Kay

  17. Well said Mona . . .
    It seems so simple to me . . .
    Help instead of hurt . . .
    Kindness breeds the same . . .
    Reach out with openness . . .
    Realize fragility . . .
    Pollyanna instead of Wicked . . .

    Smile, laugh, talk together about likes and differences . . . quietly without a scream . . . work together, bring others in instead of pushing them away.

    Believe people are good and it will be so . . .

  18. United...that's a word people seem to forget!...:)JP

  19. Right on Mona! I love this country and I'm a flag waver and teary eyed "Star Spangled Banner" singer...and throw in a few hotdogs and apple pie please! Have a wonderful 4th! (OH, anyone who actually hears me singing the national anthem gets teary eyed too..but not in a good way!)

  20. I am a pollyanna too and GOD BLESS AMERICA! sandie

  21. I agree, Mona. I'm another Pollyanna and was taught the same way. God Bless America.


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