Saturday, July 27, 2013


I thought of all sorts of things to make this outdoor area into a room of sorts.  Hanging drop cloths tied back with decorative rope..(saw that somewhere)...
 Finally..I have decided that a living wall will do it.  So..
I have begun making my wall of hanging plants that you have to push aside..and even when it is's really rather nice out there.  I wet down the flagstones..and it stays very nice even at 100 degree's.  Ok..yes..I'm telling you a gollywogger...but it isn't bad.  At least not THAT bad!
I have two fans because the tin roof won't support an outdoor ceiling fan.  Did you know that tin gets HOT!!  HOT! HOTTER???
 Slowly the vines and roses are closing us in..
 This is outside the actual patio area..over to one side next to the shed. 
 On the left (behind that chair back)  you can see where you have to push the vines aside to get past.
This is the vines from the other side.

Mercy!  I never remember to roll up the hose..We have two out there..a double faucet..and I love it.  Can water the lawn which I water the patio.  I want one of those.."Pocket Hoses"...One of the bloggers has the cutes story about hers.  Must go find it and put a link on here.
The extra footage we added to the patio..about seven feet..has been quickly filled.
I promise myself that when I get the patio enclosed..I will stop my Saturday forages for plants to it up? 
Today I used my clothesline..the kind that is attached to one wall and pulls out to attach to the other side.  I hung up my jeans to dry..(don't like what the dryer does to them...) and suddenly realized.. is QUITE cozy enough.  Perhaps...just a WEE too cozy??
I must think on this.  LOL


  1. Oh I love it Mona!
    Wild and woolie, my favorite look!
    It really is lovely and it reminds me of an exotic get away.
    You always have such lovely plants and they do so well in spite of your heat.
    Big Hugs friend,

  2. Your living wall is very pretty. Shade and privacy, you can't beat that. I have planted blue morning glories in the past for shade on the front porch, in fact I planted them three different times this spring, and none survived. Some kind of bug ate the seedlings as soon as they came up. Ants or slugs are at the top of my suspect list.

    I like the way the bright pink chair looks in your pretty green yard.

  3. Mona, I absolutely love your cozy green hide-away. Your backyard area looks very nice, with all the greenery. You surely have a green thumb.:):) xoxo,Susie

  4. Love the living curtain. Just enough to keep the flies out.
    ha ha.

  5. Love your gorgeous plants! Nice curtain that breathes:) Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  6. wow is gorgeous! you have created a fabulous oasis!

  7. Love your vined wall of green . . .looks cozy, private and charming too.

    Looks like you are back in business with posting your pictures. Did blogger have the answer?

  8. I wanted to drop back by to tell You yes I have that little book You spoke of.I'm so glad I did because I too want to build a "living wall",You've done such a beautiful job.I love Your patio and yard and I'm so glad I didn't miss this post.Hugs to You -Denise

  9. What a beautiful yard and patio! I'd love to curl up with a book or sit and stitch but it may still be just a bit too warm for me. But oh, so pretty!

  10. Oh wow, you have so many fabulous plants. We can't grow hardly any of those beautiful plants here in the desert, but I love looking at yours. Hugs, Marty

  11. Looks like a secret garden! Makes me want to pull back your curtain of plants and see what you're doing in there! Love it!

  12. So beautiful!
    I recognised many of those plants as indoor plants up here, they wouldn't make it here outdoors a normal summer. This summer however would probably have been perfect, hot and humid (for us that is, we reached 83 as warmest this week :-)

    Have a great day!

  13. Great idea and it is very pretty and very "green" minded of you! Your yard is amazing even in that heat. Today it feels like fall here. It might get up to 70, but right now the breeze and 63 has me wearing a sweatshirt! No pool for a few days! Brrr..! (I'm really loving it though!)

  14. Mona...this should be in a gardening magazine, seriously! It's just beautiful and your plants are thriving. I look at your pretty backyard, this, and your warm inviting home and I wonder how on earth you find the time to make everything so pretty! What an inspiration you are! :)


  15. Mona, this looks like a cozy retreat and yes I did know how HOT a tin roof can get, so glad you have those fans to help out. We have a ceiling fan outside on our front porch ceiling and it also helps to keep insects away to a point. Blogger is not my favorite way to do posts as I still prefer to use Live Writer.

  16. Your wall of green is gorgeous. My grandma had green thumbs just like you must have. The green vines are a lot cooler than cloth drapes of any kind. Enjoy your outdoor room...

  17. Beautiful. Blue Ribbon yard...and mine is a black ribbon!

  18. I love your secret hideaway Mona. LOL! A metal roof does get hot but I love hearing the rain on it. SO relaxing. Have a lovely week.

  19. I love it Mona - a wall of beautiful green. I want it! I bet you are the envy of everyone on the block. sandie

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