Saturday, July 13, 2013


Misty water color memories....:)
This is the very Mission where I rolled down the grassy hillsides with my high school boyfriend on several afternoons after summer school.
He would pick me up in front of the school and we would go get a coke and a "Cup of Gold" which was my favorite candy bar back then. 
This Mission is in Mission Valley in San Diego County where I was born.
He and I would rome all around the grounds..peek in the doors...
You can see the bells there in the tower.  I will always remember the sound of them ringing.
This month is the Celebration of the Bells in San Diego.  I would love to go.
All the missions will be ringing their bells.
I LOVE San Diego! 
Patrick and I were both born there.  In the same hospital!  :)
I found this photo online and the memories began to wash over me.
What fun we had.
The only problem back then?
How to roll straight!  I tended to roll off to the a large curve.. :) 
What fun it all was!
I was engaged to Chuck at the time. 
Pat graduated from high school and went directly into the Marine Corp..
It's a long story as most romances beginning in teen years and culminating in marriage are.
But..I have wonderful memories of those days..
Those romantic days of the 1950's...
It's complicated... 


  1. Looks very beautiful!

    Have a great day!

  2. I love memories Mona, and some times I thin of them a lot. Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood, So many children didn't any get memories we are so lucky.
    Wish is would cool off some and get rid of this darn humidity. I have COPD and that darn elephant is setting on my ches Oh well it will

    Have a great week.

  3. i like that mission... and all my most happy memories are from the fifties...the years we were in Kentucky. and pictures do jog old memories.

  4. HI Mona,
    All I can say is it sounds like you lived a storybook life back then.
    That mission, amazing!
    And growing up as a California girl, that was always my dream when I was little.
    I bet so many guys had their eyes on you and you could pick the best.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Great Memories,
    Big Hugs,

  5. i was just being born when you were rolling around with your boyfriend...hahaha!

  6. Life is like you rolling down the hill. There never is a straight path. There are always twists and turns.
    Some how all those things we remember are what makes us who we are today.

  7. Hi Mona! Oh, I love memories too - sweet and bittersweet ones. Your title brought back the memory of the movie with Natalie Wood and Warren Beaty. Loved that one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time! LOVE those teenage memories! Have a blessed Sunday dear Mona, HUGS!

  9. Oh Mona, I think your life is full of great stories and memories and the things that make what we call "life experiences". I was born in '53 and by the 60's everyone wanted to be a California a bikini..or flowers in our hair in San Francisco! The Mission looks so beautiful in that pic and I'm sure it would be wonderful to hear all the bells. You need to go back and see and hear it again!

  10. I loved this rolling down the hills at the Mission story . . . with the boyfriend . . . and I am waiting now for the rest of the story! You are sooooo very good at creating just a tiny bit of mystery to keep me hanging on . . . and waiting . . .

  11. Beautiful pictures and memories, Mona! I envy you for being able to visit those places in your long still be in the same area. There's a sense of permanence with that.

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer, my friend!


  12. Aw, come on girl... spill your guts and tell us just how complicated it was. LOL

  13. Beautiful picture and I can tell the memories are too.

    Go!!! Go hear those bells.

  14. Did you roll down the hill for old time sakes? Fun to visit places from our past and remember happy times! Sweet hugs!

  15. Isn't that beautiful? And you were both born there! Ho neat is that. Love that song and now it will be pouring through my head- ox Diana

  16. Hearing the bells ringing would be great won't it? I've never been to Calif. but your growing up years sound wonderful.

  17. Hearing the bells ringing would be great won't it? I've never been to Calif. but your growing up years sound wonderful.

  18. Mona, it's wonderful how you feel comfortable enough to share your life memories in your posts and do so.

  19. So glad you were able to get to my blog. I only use my sidebar to follow blogs. Never did use the Google thingy and probably won't use the Bloglovin thingy either! ;)
    love you, sweet Mona.
    Shelia ;)

  20. Dear Mona,
    Have been reading your blog for a long time and have enjoyed reading your stories. Life is made up of so many "memories" - and some are bittersweet.
    I will turn 72 in September so I have many memories. Some I would rather forget and others I would like to relive. LOL
    Thanks for continuing to enlighten us with your stories. I love them. You are a remarable lady. I wished I could meet you in person.
    Connie, IN

  21. I love your stories, Mona.
    One reason is that we went thru much the same things during the fabulous 50's. OOO, and I had a Chuck, too...from Riverside Calif. He was in the air force and stationed near my small hometown in Texas. I would love to know if he is still alive, living in Calif. I didn't love him...but we had a lot of fun, dating.:)

  22. Delighted to have discovered your lovely blog. The aloes around the mission remind me of my home country, South Africa. Bet you have monkeys there too!


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