Friday, July 5, 2013


My 4th of July began with a bang!  Or rather I should say, a ring!  This blogging thing is an amazing thing.  A dear blogger friend of mine from way up in Canada called me this morning at 7:30 our time, and sang me her own version of a 4th of July celebration song.  It went to the tune of Happy Birthday...   We have never spoken on the phone before..and I had no idea the phone call was coming.
 We talked and talked and talked and only hung up because I had to be somewhere at nine and she was off on a bike ride.  What a PLEASANT surprise.
Thank you, Lilly..I smiled all day long!  Lilly's blog is Saucy Kodz
After a morning at Starbucks with PH's family, this is where I spent the rest of the afternoon,
dozing and watching movies.  Lots of lovely AC.  Cool, cozy and lovely!

My Kindle Fire, a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer and a huge chocolate chip cookie baked by daughter in law, Debby.  
It was quiet and in no time I was fast asleep for a long nap!  Let the young folks zoom around celebrating.. :)  We were invited but decided to stay home and kick back.  Last weekend was very busy...and so was the week. 
PH was in the family room on that couch.  You could hear the Grandfather clock ticking nice.
Isn't she sweet?  This little doggie is very, very old and was sent to me by my dear blogging bud, Gail at The Farm.  She sent her to me for my little fairy garden and  said she was as close to Mele (our little dog) as she could get.  :) Adorable.  The note that came with her was as dear as this little treasure!
Thank you again, Gail!
After my long quiet afternoon, I made potato salad, baked beans, big turkey sandwiches for dinner, and we watched the fire works in Washington D.C.  on TV.  Nope, we didn't join any of our children.  This was our own quiet, peaceful July 4th.  Ice Cream for dessert.  (I already ate my cookie!)
Everyone texted or called with sweet greetings.  What more could we ask for? 
Love to you,


  1. I spent a very quite 4th also. My two dogs are terrified of the fire works so they never left my side.
    I also had a nice ice tea, nap on couch and watched movies.
    Have a great week Mona.

  2. We had a quiet day too:) Rain kept us inside! What a wonderful way to wake up... with s song from a sweet blogger friend! Have a blessed weekend dear Mona, HUGS!

  3. a perfect 4th of july mona! what would we do without A/C?

  4. ha,ha I had to wait quite a long time to call you that early with our time difference. I did want to do the " wake up" call and thought what a nice way to first talk - between my Country's Big Birthday and your Independence Day - so I guess it was a bang-ring. YThank you dear Mona for the lovely chat. It made my day also and I had this huge smile that lasted the day. We will do this again.
    I could have easily eaten potato salad, beans and turkey sandwiches, instead we had fish n chips from the best little takeout down town - the place is just a tiny little thing, but the food is just scrumptious. Well, the St Croix Rally in the Valley kicks off this morning with a lovely day. There should be approx 1700 - 2400 motorbikes from all over, so I shall be taking some photos and actually am going on the parade of lights tonight at dusk. I have been invited to sit on the back of this wonderful big ole harley. OMGosh, this will be fun. Until later - lol and hugs to PH :)

  5. Nice early morning surprise! What fun that must have been!

    We enjoyed a quiet day as well . . . My hubby guy did some fixin of things, we read, I made some delicious ribs, we went for ice cream, checked out all the people lined up along the water to watch the fireworks and came back home and watched the NYC city fireworks and held Snickers who was shaking from all the big booms she heard in the distance. A very nice Independence Day!

    Enjoy this long weekend and stay cool!

  6. It sounds like a very contented 4th of July.
    What a great bloggin friend who rang in the morning. We do make great friends on this pooter.

  7. I can picture you all snuggled up on that beautiful sofa in your gorgeous castle, lingering away the day. How sweet to get that special call. It is such fun to chat with our friends. Sounds like a deelish day to me ...

    We had a very quiet day, hubby is sick.

    Give Howard our best, big loving hugs to you ~
    TTFN ~

  8. How cool that she called you. I just love my Canadian blog commenters! Seriously, they are the nicest people. :)

  9. Sounds like the perfect day, we stayed at home too and it was wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  10. Sounds like the perfect 4th to me. I spent the afternoon trimming on trees trying to get things cleaned up around here, great therapy for nice of your friend to call.
    fondly ~lynne ~

  11. What a perfect day! - Rhonda

  12. Sometimes it is fun to just kick back and spend the day resting.

  13. Sometimes it is fun to just kick back and spend the day resting.

  14. Sounds perfect to me! A/C ahhh - yes it does come in handy add a nap and yep a great afternoon.

    Ours was pretty low key too - after we unclogged the kitchen sink;(

    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. My 4th was very quiet too..I did clean the garage and make blueberry cobbler and homemade icecream...and cooked some burgers for my son and myself..hubby is still at Boy Scout camp! I did watch "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and because of the rain, just chilled inside also! Yours sounded very nice..I could almost hear the clock ticking, then I realized it was my Grandfather clock ticking! Ha!

  16. It sounds like you had a wonderful day, Mona. A day to relax and just enjoy BEING. I haven't had a day like that in a long time. I think days like that help us rebuild our spirits and sooth our souls- xo Diana

  17. What a wonderful surprise! You were smart to stay in and stay cool. I hope the hot weather is breaking soon! Thanks for your sweet visit to my holiday table.

  18. We also had a nice day which I posted about, Mona, going to the local parade and helping out at the library's book sale, then visiting with friends later in the day, capped by watching a movie later at home.

  19. I believe I know your Lilly. She is a sweetheart.

  20. You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy her.

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