Monday, July 29, 2013


 I wanted to share my new wind chime with you.

I have this thing about wind chimes.  I don't overdo it, but I do have several around the property.
I found this one in a thrift store.  It looks very handmade..
There is a beautiful turquoise cross the second strand from the left..but it is turned the wrong way so you can't see it.

 Spoons, forks, crystals and even a silver seashell.
 The wind was moving it around so it was difficult to capture all of the pieces..
I wish you could hear it better..very, very soft sounds.
I am losing my hearing and this has me wanting to get hearing aids, soon!
I can still hear birds, just not well..and I want to hear the water fountain and all of our wind chimes.
Age is running faster than I can..and it's catching me.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE wind chimes:) There is something SWEET about the sound! Have a blessed day dear Mona, HUGS!

  2. this is truly beautiful, I have never seen anything like it, someone spent a lot of time making it with treasures, and i wonder how it got in the thrift store...

  3. Doing some reading this morning - this wind chime is really a thing of great beauty - you feel something deep inside when looking at it and its a good feeling. This is a really, really good find Mona.

  4. That is a beautiful wind chime, Mona. I love them, too, and so did my brother. I have a wonderful set that he gave me. They sound like church bells. I have them in an area that gets restricted wind because they are so loud. xo Diana

  5. Oh what a neat find. I love it. I'm sure all the pretty crystals look amazing in the light. Hugs, Marty

  6. Good morning Sweet Mona Girl !!
    Gosh, just got around to reading my mail, and, saw my very sweet note from you .... thank-you soooo much from the bottom of my aching heart .... you are ever soo thoughtful to remember me !! Each day is a new day, and, some better then the others.. it's funny how one deals with such grief :( You just never know when it comes to want to express itself ... you know, I know ... just time I'm sure ...
    Just got caught up with ALL your posts !! Soooo BEAUTIFUL Mona !! like I say each time, I just adore your gardens and feel like I'm standing right there next to you !! Very peaceful and serene ... And, that BEAUTIFUL windchime ... my oh my, you SCORED !! I LOVE LOVE LOVE wind chimes and nothing better then hearing them all chatter about !! Very soothing to the soul. I can't believe you found that at a thrift store !! I would of snatched it right up as well !! They can get pretty costly I know !! The cross BEAUTIFUL !!! Can't wait to see it all in person again !! Soon my friend, once we get Tay off to school I will be a FREE bird pretty much !!
    Well my sweets, thank-you again for the kind words, and hoping you are doing better as well, and feeling blessed no matter what !! You are beautiful, and, you continue to warm my heart .... Have a wonderful, cooler day they say ..
    Love to you ~Tanza~ xo

  7. I'm not a big fan of wind chimes, they tend to drive me crazy after a few weeks :-)
    I can't hear grasshoppers and catydids with my right ear any longer, so if they are too loud at night I just turn that ear towards them :-)

    Have a great day!

  8. I love wind chimes:). This one is lovely!


  9. I love to hear the wind blow the chimes. Your new one is beautiful.

  10. This is just it, Mona.
    Yep, age is chasing me, too, and I am pretty sure it overtook me a few yrs back.

  11. It is gorgeous! The perfect blend of silver and blues! We have a lot of wind here in Florida and hear our neighbors all the time. It's nice! Sweet hugs!

  12. I am a huge fan of wind chimes...yours are very pretty....blessings

  13. I enjoy wind chimes and have a couple that looks like a string of fish..that one doesn't "chime" too much! The one you found is beautiful! I would have grabbed it too! My Mom got hearing aides last year and really hates them..but she needs them! I'm sure I'll be on that bandwagon one of these days. At work I have to hear a surgeon over the sounds of suction, heart monitors, phones, talking, very loud music, and everyone is wearing a mask over their faces! Sometimes I'm also wearing a space suit get-up..I'm doomed!

  14. I love wind chimes too . . . I think I will look for one this week and call it "Honor Mona!" . . .

  15. SUCH BEAUTY!!!! I love it! Happy to meet you and I am now your newest follower!

  16. Oh, Mona. Out of all the things you've found to enrich and beautify, this is absolutely the best.

    Far above a big chest of sterling, no matter the price, and absolutely so captivating, it must make your days even more magical.

    I've coveted two things in my life, and remember them well---both belonged to friends, and both were pieces of jewelry, and I don't even WEAR jewelry, except for my little gold band.

    One was a little lapel pin, like half a tiny chandelier, with the most cunning little carved-opal "prisms," small as sesame seeds, and the other an inch-wide amethyst, emerald-cut, and framed like a picture on a chain.

    I'd have worn neither, but just the looking at and the having, just for a moment, would have been wonderful.

    And now this---it's the most charming, most enchanting, most covetable item I've ever seen on the internet. And I'll have the great enjoyment of knowing such a dear person has the grace of it, every day.



  17. Okay I am late and behind - but I am here. I love the homemade wind chimes. It's beautiful. And I love your new header - with your pup there. Did you make it? sandie

  18. That's the prettiest wind chimes I've ever seen! Love them.

    I also know what you mean by age chasing you. It's chasing me and messing with my ears, too, and lots of other things as well! :)

  19. I love wind chimes, too! I have a few myself. They just make me happy. And I love the sound of water fountains, too. AND, I am with you on the age thing!

  20. Mona, wind chimes are popular w at our home too and at one time there were at least 6 hanging from the front porch, now there are less as some of the chimes have broken off. I have repaired many because we so enjoy the sounds. This new one of yours looks and must sound wonderful. Sad to read that your hearing may be lessening so perhaps an aid would help you enjoy the sounds more. Yes, aging does have it's downsides doesn't it?

  21. Dear Mona - I have just spent the most marvellous time catching up on the posts I have missed since I last visited. What a treasure you are!
    Huge hug, Desiree xx

  22. I do hope you'll visit Noelle at Her post is about miniature gardens and she has a give away.

  23. Oh what a sweet sweet post, both this one and the one about Danny. He looks to be such a great character within your family fold. Love the chimes! I can almost hear them for you. xox

  24. Beautiful.

    You know, even if you need hearing aids, if you listen hard enough you can still hear everything.

  25. What a fabulous find! I am so far behind on visiting, I will never get caught up...and am leaving for a couple of weeks in Vermont with the siblings.
    Have a wonderful week, Mona...

  26. So lucky of you to have found such a beautiful wind chime at a thrift store. It still looks very decent and I assume that it still gives off a good sound. :)


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