Friday, July 26, 2013


It's less!
Well, I give up!  I've sent the past hour and more, trying to download my pictures.  Mostly of garage sale finds last Saturday...and none would download except the ones below.  Most came up with a black X on them and I had to delete them.  So..I just give up.  It's stressful when this sort of time wasting thing happens.  GRRRRRR!
However, something is better than nothing..right? :)
I found this pretty Fall centerpiece at one yard sale where the lady was closing her floral shop.  I only bought this and now I wish I had bought more.  The compote is nice and heavy and BLACK!  The silks are beautiful.  This picture does not do them justice.  I had a better pic. but it wouldn't load.
Price? $5.00   I couldn't buy the makings for that price..not at all!!
A large clay pot.  Heavy.  With a sturdy iron stand.
I quickly spray painted the iron as soon as we got home..and I LOVE it!  Those very large pots are expensive..

A few flowers to plant..25 cents each.  I bought two flats.  The other flat of six was Impatients.
It wouldn't load! 
I put some in a little flower pot for the table ..and it LOADED! 
Yippee!  (doesn't take a lot to make me happy! :) 
If anyone of you who happens by, has had this happen to you know what the problem is?
I retook every single photo that would not download..and nope.  Could not get them on here.
Dunno whatta do! :(


  1. WOW Mona you really got some good deals. I like the flower arrangement and it will work great for fall.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I like your new treasure. I really like that big pot with stand. I love to see the things people get at sales. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo,Susie

  3. wow! what great finds! i don't know what is wrong with your photos. i use iphoto and it gives me fits. it does all kinds of strange things.

  4. Oh love your plants and the pots are wonderful. Way too hot here for garage sales, so I can't wait for cooler weather. I have no idea what happens when pictures won't load, really weird. Hugs, marty

  5. Sorry you couldn't get all of your pics to download. That can be so frustrating. I haven't had the black x problem on my images.

    The flowers are wonderful! What a find!

  6. Mona- It all looks just gorgeous. I love it. What good finds. I like the heat but can't stand the humidity and we have a lot of that here. Fall is my favorite but I am not ready to let go of Summer just yet- xo Diana

  7. Good deal on the flower arrangement! And the big pot with the wire stand is also a great find for very little money!

    Not sure why they wouldn't load. Sometimes I shut things down, reboot, start over . . .

  8. You score big Mona! Love the pot! WOW!

  9. You always find the best deals when you go garage sale shopping. Wish you were my neighbor, Mona, I would tag along with you on Saturdays!


  10. Hey I want that big pot for two dollars! I love it. sandie

  11. Love that two dollar flower pot and stand. What a lucky find. Big Terra cotta and ceramic pots are so expensive, but I love the way they look. Around here Terra Cotta sometimes breaks in winter, I've never left my ceramic pots out to see what happens. Your new flowers are pretty, too.

    The centerpiece you got was another lucky find.

  12. Love, love the fall centerpiece and the big flower pot and stand. I think those flowers are of my favorites!

    I have been having problems downloading pictures from my phone and I use that a lot as my camera is big and bulky.
    Such a disappointment


  13. "SCORE!"
    Oh I love all the treasures you got.
    I just posted on my Hollarwood blog of my finds. I hope to find a few more things tomorrow ;-)

  14. Mona, I could swear at my computer only it is not worth it because it won't listen. Mine is off being fixed at he moment so no posts. I am trying to get a loan of a friends to put a post up this weekend.
    HUgs Kay

  15. It's so annoying when photos don't download as they should. I had problems some weeks ago but it turned out it was my new internet subscription that was the cause of all problems I had :-)

    Beautiful flowers! I rarely have any pots with flowers since I tend to forget to water them :-)

    Have a great day!

  16. I wish I could give you some helpful answers to your upload problems Mona. I'm not a computer geek, maybe you need a professional come and take a peek and help you! The pics you posted are beautiful and you did find some gems in your garage sale hunt! It's hard to find any flowers to plant this time of year in my neck of the woods..I'm just trying to keep the ones I planted in the Spring alive and not drowned out from all the rain..which it's doing this lovely Sat. morning...again! I hope your weekend is great Mona!

  17. Wowza. You hit the jackpot. Love your purchases. I don't know why your pics won't download. Something must be going on because I can't load videos lately. Hope they get the problem solved. Have a sweet Saturday dear Mona. Hugs

  18. You got some great finds Mona! I love that large pot in the stand. You sure got a deal at $2.00 on that one. Your flowers are always so pretty, I picture you out watering them in the early morning hours. If you have a chance stop by my place and check out my pickin' treasures!

  19. You were certainly lucky at those sales. What occurred to me is that I'd have been attracted to exactly the same things and would have sprayed the iron black as well. I love it all!

  20. Sometimes when I'm trying to insert a picture in a post, blogger gives me problems. Usually I sign off and try again later and it works, Mona. However, I never got a big "x"...:)JP


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