Saturday, October 27, 2012


 I don't cook like I used to, I've gotten lazy and I admit it. and then I find recipes that are so simple and this blogger makes it so easy to follow them, that I just can't help myself.   
If you love to cook..and like to try new things..AND old things...visiting Joyce is recommended.

Of course she always takes photo's as she goes along..very specific..and so  easy to follow.
Here she is showing how to make a ghost cake.  :)  Not a flat one ..not a cut out one, but one that is standing UP!!  Neat? 

 Even though it is easy enough to go back and see the recipe's..because she keeps them all listed on her sidebar...SO convenient!   I found this wonderful loose leaf cookbook that has been great for keeping Joyces recipe's in.

Really heavy paper with nice pockets to store things.  I've removed all my stuff  so you can see.

several pockets through out the binder..makes it so easy to tuck things away and not lose them.

Lots of places to write in recipes also..but I like printing them and adding them to the binder under the right tab. 

See? :)

Thanks to Joyce@ October Farm for sharing so much with us..not to mention her lovely home.
I don't think there is anything this woman cannot do.  Sincerely!
There are other cooking blogs out there..but October Farm knocks my Autumn socks off!!

So..that's it for now. 

Lots of company..the pace is stepping up...October has been a busy month and we are thinking of planning a Halloween party for the family...something easy...
I mean really easy! 

Sending you love,

P.S.  I found this treasure at Costco..but I'm sure book stores carry it too.



  1. Thanks for sharing! Love your post

  2. Thanks for this tip Mona. I need help organizing. I am really good at writing things down on whatever little bit of paper I can find handy. Problem is ~ there are ideas, recipes and more all over the place on these little bits of paper. Then one day I say to myself ~ where did I leave that recipe, etc? I need an organization intervention and this may just be the trick! I'll stop by and visit this new friend. Have a fun Halloween party.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. I have to go visit, I don't know this blog. Thanks for the heads up. Love the cookbook binder too. Hugs, Marty

  4. I've seen similar recipe keepers and have often thought of getting one. Seems like so much work (for me) as I am lazy about those types of things. Great idea though and so much prettier! Going to check out October Farm!

  5. Oh, I have not visited her blog so I'm happy to know about it! Love your recipe holder, too. I don't cook as much either...try to keep things simple and healthy! Happy Fall my friend!

  6. Hi Mona- I am finally back to blogging (and visiting). I will pop over and visit this gal. I love you recipe holder, too! Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  7. I find some of my best recipes on blogs...I need one of those books, too. Between blogs and the Food Network and such, we hardly need cookbooks anymore and I have a ton! Now...I need to go and sort out all of my jotted down recipes! And I'll pop over to Joyce's.

    This has been a quiet month for me. I have to get back into the busy groove with the holidays looming ahead! ;-D


  8. Mona, love the new look of your blog and well, the cookbook...something I could really use!...:)JP

  9. thanks so much mona! i am so flattered! i wish my recipes were as organized as yours!!! hahaha!!! joyce

  10. Love that book and will certainly check out her blog. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day dear friend, hugs.

  11. Enjoy your Halloween know how much I love them! I did go over to October Farm..very interesting blog besides the cooking. I'm going to have to visit there more often!

  12. Oh hello Miss Mona! How are you girlfriend? I've been missing you so much!

    Thanks for sharing this SWEEET post my friend! I need all the help I can get organizing my stuff! I don't cook as much as I use to either...weigh out of measly chicken breast, cook down some green beans and have a salad and that's about it. Pretty boring. keeps the BP down and the weight OFF!

    Hugs and love to you~


  13. I will have to see if I can find that book - and I will check out your friends blog! Love, hugs, and prayers. sandie

  14. My Mom bought my sister and I each a huge "Chatelaine Cookbook" approx 40 years ago. It has my Mom's recipe's in it, some of my own inventions and several that friends have shared over the years. Don't laugh, but I would put this book in my bug out bag :)

  15. I've got to agree. Love that Joyce and her blog! I have a Susan Branch recipe holder that looks almost just like yours too. Love finding kindred spirits in blog land!


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