Friday, October 19, 2012


Yep..that's what I am all about.  Things that taste good and look cozy...but first the sugar!
My sweet daughter came to visit me.. and brought me these 6 inch sugar cookies that she makes.
Many years ago I gave her my sugar cookie recipe and she has tweaked it to make it her own.  They positively melt in your mouth.  She doesn't say..but I think they have lots ...and lots...of butter.
Believe me, I've asked...all she says is that she will make them for me.  Bless her little bakin' heart!
Spice cupcakes made from scratch.  It could not have been a better birthday. I happy.  She does such a great job.  
I have a bit of a thing about bows.  I tie them on everything..almost. 
Am I bragging about my next to youngest child.  YES!  I am! 
I am so proud of her.  I have great kids..and would you believe that all seven of them cook and bake?? 
Restaurant owner-son
 Cabinet maker-son
 Cabinet maker and student-son
Office manager for 5 doctors and homemaker-daughter
 High school councelor and homemaker-daughter
 Homemaker and manager of their own construction business.-daughter
 Masseuse (and a fantastic one!) and homemaker-daughter
Is that seven...yes.   
No doctors or lawyers... :)   Sooo...anyway..where was I..??  Sorry, my mind wandered....Oh yes..
 I love my Halloween table this year...even if it is a bit messed up.  Perhaps I'll set it with china for Marty's Table Top Tuesday.  ???   :)  IF I don't forget.  Do you think it's my age?   Shhhh...never mind.
I couldn't help it.  I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything this year..but I had to buy another black cake plate.  The BIG one.  I had one but..bakin' daughter sort of borrowed it and then it!  It happens with daughters. 
(yes...that's birdie feathers on the floor in the background...  HEAVY sigh..
 and then I saw the tea pot.  Both are by Rosanna Rococo Noir.  There were offered on Amazon. 
I ordered the creamer and sugar too.  I found those on ebay..but so far they have not arrived.  They are in the exact style of the teapot.
Cute?  :)
Thank heavens daughter's aren't into black decor...  Yet!
This is the post I did a couple of days ago..and it wouldn't work.  Fellow blogger Sandie
@ Chatty Crone helped me..figure out this complicated situation by telling me to.."just erase the whole thing and start over!"    It worked.  She is SO smart.  Is this where I say "DUH??"  :)
Sending you love,


  1. I'll give you some sugar - sugar! Hugs.

  2. I came over from Chatty's blog....she's a good friend of mine here in have a beautiful lucky to have all those children and grandchildren....I only have one of each (that's all I can afford :) )
    it seems it must have been your birthday so Happy Birthday....October birthdays are special....mine was the 8th.....Have a wonderful fall !!!

  3. happy birthday mona! everything looks so wonderful. and your new teapot!!! i love it!

  4. May I have one cookie . . . PLEASE!
    Seriously, they look so filled with yum!

  5. Yummy looking cookies:) I would like one with my coffee! You sure have LOTS of talented children! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Mona, you are not helping me. I am trying to give up those sugar delicious sweets. Those cookies definitely make me want one. Good thing you live too far away or I would be knocking on your door, with my coffee of course! Have a Great weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday, Mona! Those sweets sure do look good...

  8. It' always a SWEET moment when your light pops on on my sidebar.

    Hope you're having a wonderful October!!


  9. Oh, I wish you had the recipe for those cookies! Bribe her! They are darling! All of your kids are successes! And as long as they are happy, I'm sure you are happy!

    Happy Birthday, sweet Mona!


  10. Mona, I can't tell you how yummy those cookies and cupcakes look...sooo much better than those candy bars and old fortune cookie I ate. Your table is really cute and it looks like your birthday was sweeeet! Happy Birthday!

  11. Hi Mona! Oh, what a wonderful daughter to shower you with sweets! Those are some darling pun'kin cookies. How did you know I've been craving cookies all afternoon long! Waaaa!!!
    You have every right to be proud of your children ~ that's a mother's job! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mona, I am glad you celebrated with lovely home made cookies and cake your daughter made. Those pumpkin cookies look to die for. As long as they are the sort that doesn't want to cling to your body for ten years afterwards, or make it sag any more.
    I love your tea pot.

  13. Oh you should be proud of your children, they are all wonderful and good to you, so that makes them especially special. Love the cookies, yum. I gained 5 lbs just drooling. Hugs, Marty

  14. Super sweet post Mona! Love the table and all the goodies are just to die for! You have such good taste in decor I would be "borrowing" your items too! I don't have any daughters but I have loaned a few items out to one of my daughter-in-laws and then found them years later! As long as they were enjoyed, I'm happy. Have a fun weekend!

  15. Your home looks so wonderful! Thank for sharing.

  16. This is so fun Mona!
    It looks like you had a terrific birthday!
    Your table is amazing and so are the cookies!
    You have an amazing family, you have so many reasons to be proud!
    Hugs dear friend,

  17. Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Those cookies look almost too cute to eat. Love that shiny black tea pot.

    I had big problems doing my blog post today. It may have just been something I was doing wrong, but I don't think so. It kept changing font sizes and alignment, and putting pictures in the wrong place. I ended up just starting over again and finally got it done. Being kind of new to blogging, I never know if I'm doing something wrong or if there is something else going on.

  18. What adorable cookies...and your table...O, I do love it. So festive and happy.

  19. Belated birthday greetings, Mona, and all those sweets were perfect for your sweet self...did you share? The table does look very festive, and it's too bad the celebration is only a day-long. We won't be doing any decorating so it was nice to see your festivities.


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