Monday, October 8, 2012

~THEY SAY.....'s my birthday...but to be honest...I'm really pleased and surprised that I remembered.
I never remember ANYTHING any more!
  We were on our way out the door when sweet and patient husband snapped this of me. 
Today is my 76th birthday and I am trying not to think about it too much or I'll remember it's all a downhill slide from here on out.  :)
No partying..just a quiet dinner for PH and I.  Not in a party mood lately.
Now I have 80 waiting for me...and dear PH will be 80 this next year.  I am grateful for every single day. 
Wish me many more?  LOL   PLEASE? :)
My love to all of you,


  1. Happy Birthday, Mona! I love your positive attitude!


  2. Happy Birthday, Mona! You're one beautiful lady and I love your spirit. Yes! and many many more!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh, you just look fabulous. All the best to you and many,many more. Hugs, Deb

  4. What a nice photo of you. Happy Birthday-hope you have a great year ahead of you.

  5. Guess is my birthday as well. That is so neat that we share the same day. My goodness girlfriend you look wonderful. Happy Birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday Mona . . . Very pretty 76 . . . Enjoy many more years with smiles and happy!

  7. Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful 76 year old. May you have many, many more birthdays!

  8. Hy my beautiful Birthday girl. You look gorgeous.I'm wishing you many. many more happy healthy years together.
    Hugs Kay

  9. Happy Happy Birthday to you Mona and many, many more. WOW, cannot believe your age. You look fabulous. Whatever you are doing, girl, keep doing it - really great photo PH took.

  10. you sure look great for your age, mona!!! happy happy birthday to you!!!

  11. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I hope you are STILL celebrating! You look fabulous and I am wishing you many more happy birthdays and fun family times! You are the sweetest lady in blogland and I'm so glad you're my friend! HAVE FUN! Eat some more cake! Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. You look 50 girl! Happy Belated Birthday. And I wish you MANY MANY MANY more. Love, sandie

  13. Oh and I missed it! Happy Birthday dear Mona -- we love you bunches and bunches! And you have many many blog friends who love you.

  14. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Mona. You look terrific and have such a positive attitude that keeps you young at heart too.

  15. How did I miss this? Happy Birthday!

    What a beautiful picture. I hope I look that good...heck, I wish I looked that good now.

    Many many more to you!!!

    They say 80 is the new 60 so look out and put on that party hat.


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