Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Cloches are something I have very few of...but...since I want to join in Table Top Tuesday..
this is my tiny contribution...
and yes...
I'm just a PARTY ANIMAL at heart!  You heard me right.
I did my post last night...and then this morning..found this little cloche.  Very Halloween.
A tiny Fairy that the Wicked old Witch caught,  or so they say. 
I found this little Halloween treasure on Esty. 
and then there's ...
...there's this little one...and..
Tha...tha...tha's all folks!! 
Now I'm off to see some REAL cloches... :):)
Wishin' you love,
Joining the only meme I ever join...MARTY'S  @ TABLE TOP TUESDAY...
Join her to see some REAL cloches... :)


  1. Love your cloches. I did not think to put a ribbon on mine-may have to do that.

  2. I have always wanted a cloche to cover a cake dish. One day I will find one in a thrift store. I had a look at your friends. They are so ornate and beautiful, although your touch Mona is special.

  3. Everything Halloween around your home . . . Such fun you must have!

  4. i always knew you were a party animal!

  5. Yikes, cloches are nice for every Season:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Oh I love the skeleton! That's fun. :)

  7. Hi Mona, I'm happy to see that you popped a few things under glass for Halloween! I have a similar skull I should use for a Halloween display. I threw a couple together last night but need to edit pics before I post. I'm a last minute Louie!
    Hugs, Sue

  8. Sue(that just posted her too) talked me into buying my first cloche. They are fun. I need to post mine soon.
    So sorry it is still hot there. You can come for a visit here.

  9. Oh Mona, I love them both. They look wonderful and full of fun Halloween. Thanks tons for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hey beautiful friend of mine, I always knew you were a 'party animal'!!! Heeeehehehehe!

    Have a fun day throwin' caution to the wind girl...party on!!!

    Love your cloches precious one!

    Hey, I have a confession to make...they say it's good for the soul, ya know? When I began bloggin' I saw announcements of Cloche Parties and I didn't have a clue what everyone was talkin' 'bout. Heeehehehe!!!

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful day in the Lord Miss Mona! :o)

  11. Very cute, Mona! I am cloche challenged so I didn't join the party. I hope to get some ideas though!

    Have a great week! :)


  12. Thank you for sharing, Mona. I hope you come visit me.

  13. Cute and scary!Love them, Mona. Thanks for stopping by!...Christine

  14. Hi Mona! You silly little one, your cloches are darling! Oh, I've never seen the skeleton of a little fairy before! :) I scrolled down and looked at your porch! OH, my Lord, it's wonderful, Mona! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  15. Mona, you party animal you, your cloches are lovely.
    Love the scary skull inside.

  16. Very creative Mona. Love all of them!


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