Tuesday, October 2, 2012


YOU have not seen me with my hair hanging down.  I aways have long hair  but I wear it up and hanging down, well ...yep...witchy woman! :)
I really DO like this little witch...but she hates me in "blue jeans" which I am forever in....and her smile makes me edgy.  As you can see, Scarecrow doesn't like her much either.   I think it's that ..grin!   
Ahhhh...now this Witch...we are great friends!  I think it was love at first sight.  She is in the living room and has her very own chair....for now.  She loves flowers.  Maybe that's why I love her. 
Yes, I think, or rather I know, that decorating is a sort of therapy for me.  I'm not saying it's for everyone because of all my friends, none of them are like me. 

I just love fabric sculptures.  I cannot imagine what it takes to do one of these.  Each is done by an artist.  I am sure there are probably patterns but as with everything, every artist has a different take on a sculpture.  The fabric is stiffened and it must be so hard to make these.  I don't even know how they are done and now I wish I had asked each of the artists. 

It's interesting what appeals to some and not to others. 
I bought these scare crows last year and they are fantastic.  Such detail. When I unpacked them this year...(wait...maybe it was the year before that I bought them!)  No matter.  You would have to hold them..feel their weight...they are amazing.  No drawn on faces...all lovely embroidery work!
Here is a photo of the pair of them sitting together in our dining room.  The artist that made these did NOT scrimp on quality.  Love these...
My crow on a stick!  He is so rustic and he sits above my sink and watches me wash dishes. 
He LOVES shiny things so I have to put the silver away...otherwise it disappears.  :)

 Witches are a favorite of mine.  I collect them.  This little sweetheart (she HATES it when I call her that) sits on an old suitcase on a drum table at the end of our couch in the family room.  I have to laugh at this old Witchy woman...did you notice she has my hair?  I wonder if we are related?   Don't answer that!! :)
Thanks to all of you for ...just being here!

Love and hugs to all,


  1. i LOVE the scarecrows. they are just great. as are all of your decorations!

  2. What wonderful decorations! I love your witches and really love the scarecrow.

  3. What great decorations to cheer you up. I think the face on that pumpkin head is amazing. I'm into witches but not crows. They used to eat the eyes out of the weak little lambs, when we were on the farm.

  4. Your witches are cute, for the most part, hah. I love it when little girls dress up as witches for Halloween....they just look so cute.

  5. You are not a witch - unless you are the good witch. I do love all your cute decorations and people. Your house is beautiful!

  6. I love that scarecrow...if I only had a brain! I love the Wizard of Oz, can you tell.

    You, my dear Mona, could not be a witch if you tried.


  7. I have a ton of witches that I decorate with for Halloween. I love them all! Love your decorations and the scarecrows are really cool. You are one super witch Mona! I have the cutest little teapot with witches on it that I love. I did a post a few years ago about all my witches. Fun!

  8. Your decorating has inspired me . . . tomorrow is my day to get my Autumn and Halloween items from the attic. I have nothing else planned for the day other than finding special places for my pumpkins, witches and goblins.

    I LOVE stay at home days to "putz. "

    I really like the embroidered faces of the scare crows. Your decorations make your home look happy and festive!

  9. You have the cutest decorations! I adore the scarecrows. And I think the witch in the last photo looks kinda like Maxine of the cartoons!

  10. You always have such great and creative vignettes Mona! I love your witches and scarecrows...oh those are amazing!
    Missin you come by when you can.
    Think of you often and sending prayers and good thoughts your way!
    Big Hugs from Wisconsin,

  11. You have really scared me this morning:) Love all of your collections! Have a blessed day dear friend, BIG HUGS!

  12. Mona, they are darling! I so have NOT done a thing yet for the season.

    Hope all is going well with you. Miss you, tho I've been really behind in communicating also. Sorry ...

    Have a beautiful day ~

  13. Ya gotta be the most beautiful and sweet 'witchy woman' of all!!!

    Everything looks more than fantabulous...ya set the bar high girl.

    God bless and have a fun day baskin' in your lovely witchy creation!!! :o)

  14. Love your Halloween decor...Praying for your family.

  15. Why any woman would want to have LONG Gray hair is beyond me!!! Yes, very witchy.

  16. Cute post, Mona, but you could never be witchy even though you think you might resemble one of your collection. We all know better than that!

  17. Hi Mona, Love your collection of witches and all the personalities. :-) Great Halloween decorations. You must have a lot of fun walking around your home. By the way, I sent you an email about your last comment on my blog. Did you receive it?

  18. Hello Mona It's sooo good to be back! You've quite the collections of adorable characters. What a festive bunch. The scarecrows with all that embroidery was one of my favorites. You rarely find such detailing.

    I've been gathering a few bits and pieces for fall fluffing. I lite some pumpkin scented candles getting me in a autumn mood.
    Now just a little baking to really get the ball rolling.

    Do you hear from Irma? I think about her, hope shes well & happy.
    Sweet wishes,

  19. What adorable little witches and scarecrows ...
    I used to collect lots of things but not so much anymore. I have very little fall decorations. I usually just use sunflowers and pumpkins.:))
    xo bj


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