Wednesday, October 10, 2012


...but of course! 
This spidy is very old.  I've heard spiders don't live long, but this one has followed me to three homes.  She doesn't even scare me anymore, except for one..tiny little thing... 

She doesn't look so big from here...however... living room window looks right out on her's sort of startling! 
I can see her clear from the family room, through the kitchen and clear through the living room...which is kind of unnerving ...especially after we just had our home sprayed...four times in a row trying to get rid of ants.  Sort of like a horror film where you kill all those ants and it ends up something that makes SPIDERS GROW HUGE!  *giggle*
I have this active imagination! 
And so on to the
it'  :)  PERFECT!
Used to be a terrible rusty black...very old.  Probably like...40 years.  PH NEVER throws anything away!
NOT if its working..(or holds mail) .ah well...  so...I painted it...(it's a much deeper red than this photo!
it has a magazine holder at the bottom which is perfect for holding baskets of blooms!! 
Yeah??  :)  neat huh. this witchy shoes came out on the front porch...
That's all I have to say about that.
This huge pine tree in the front yard gives off tons of beautiful pine cones...those have been there.....never mind..but I really do need to do something with them.  (trash can?) 
uh huh..uh huh.  Lots of stuff..lots of stuff...
The heat killed all my ivys...and..listen..WHO would design a home with the bathroom window..right next to where guests knock on your dingy dang door??? Sheesh!
The door bell rings...then the toilet get the picture.  Terrible design! 
 ...and who the heck hung that sign on my front porch!!  :)  Me of course.
My mother and my brother bought that for me one Halloween many years ago.
My mother has been gone for nearly 14 years now...I treasure that sign.. 
Too long of a post?  I try not to do that... :)
My love to all of you,
The End 


  1. Your posts are never too long Mona. I
    Don't know how you can cope with that huge spider out side the front door. I would think it would scare your friends away. (Probably only in America it doesn't.) All spooky things for Halloween. Love the shoes and every thing else but NOT the spider.

  2. Love your post and it's not too long at all! What a cozy front porch. I love that sign, too. :)

  3. the witch shoes are great! i love all of your decorations.

  4. Your porch is fabulous. I love it. Big enough to really decorate and to have furniture on so you can sit and enjoy. How fun. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hello Mona, we haven't visited in a while. I agree with the others your posts are never too long. I enjoy each and every one that I catch. I do agree, bad design on the bathroom window being by the front door. Oh well, right! You must not throw away those pine cones, Christmas is right around the corner. Have a lovely day!

  6. Hi darling, your posts are never too long. Loved the tour of your spooky welcoming porch. The spider hmmmm, I'm personally on a mission for crows am obsessed with finding some. Since I don't leave the house.. pretty difficult to find... love ya girl. hugs ~lynne~

  7. Your posts are never too long Mona, they always tell a story and I love your photos. Halloween decorations look swell and I love the bright, cheery colours in your photos. Love the Spider - witch shoes, mail box - all seems very lovely indeed.

  8. My laundry and my kitchen appreciate the fact that these comments are not one of those drinking games where if you see "Never Too Long," you have to take a drink. I'd never get anything done.

    And my feet are still wet from where I just scrubbed the downstairs shower.

    I love your imagination, Sweetpea!! And envy your hanging baskets and wicker clear on into Fall. Mine are full of dead leaves already. So I'll enjoy from afar . . .

    love and,


  9. Your porch is so the witch is in sign!

  10. Oh I love to see and read your long post. What a beautiful porch you have and love the quilt in the window.

  11. The shoes are my favorite and the sign! Love how everything looks, even the spider!!! Hugs, Linda

  12. I love those shoes!!!
    You're such a sweetie pie. I truly appreciate you following my blog and I am looking forward to becoming great blogging friends. Connie :)

  13. You are reminding me to post my Halloween "stuff"! I'll do it, but it won't be anywhere near as cute as, love, love the witch shoes! ( I wondered where my had gone!)

  14. Hi Mona,
    I love this post!!! everything about it. You are a good witch right LOL.
    Love that sign! I need one of those my kids would get such a kick out of that.
    Love your porch I want to sit there with you and just chat
    the day away.
    Sending love and hugs, Elizabeth

  15. O, I love love love your pretty porch and the sound of a flushing commode does not bother me one bit. After all, we ALL do it. :))

    Love that big ole spidy...I have a witch to put out but nothing else...o, yes, I do have some scary looking lights...all this will go out on the porch the week of Halloween. Fun time of year..:))

  16. I love your porch Mona - I love Halloween and it is for everyone. Scared of spiders - but not yours. lol
    You have done a lovely job. ♥

  17. Love that sign, I bet you REALLY do treasure it:) ALL of your decorations are so darned cute, except for the spidy:) I am a bit SKEERED of them, I have REAL ones around here! Have a blessed weekend dear Mona, HUGS!

  18. You have a nice big porch! I love all of your decorations, the witch shoes, the sign, even the spiders, and most of all that cute red mail box!

  19. You have a beautiful porch! And I just love that cute sign!

  20. So pretty!!! I haven't started to decorate yet!! Probably next week I will have more time!

  21. Hi Mona,
    I love all of your posts! They are never too long for me.
    The front porch is just as charming and beautiful as you!
    Hope all is ok, think of you often.
    Big Hugs to you,
    p.s. My Mom always says the same thing, that she has a very active imagination. When she lived at there river house she was sure there were unicorns hanging around! hehe.

  22. have the most beautiful house, family, yard, and décor of anyone on the blogs. I am always drawn to the way you decorate and my goodness...your kids are so beautiful they look like actors or models for God's sake! What a lucky lady you are.

  23. Hi Mona,
    Your porch looks oh so comfy, especially with your cushioned, white wicker chairs. Lovely decorations.

  24. Your front porch looks so relaxing and inviting.

    When the kids were young, we put a scarecrow kind of guy in one of our front porch chairs for Halloween. Darn thing startled me every time I went to get the mail!


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