Wednesday, January 28, 2009


What is it about the love of decorating! Not every friend I have does this..actually I am the only one. My daughter Mary does it. She usually shops at my house. I hope she does again one day. I think..decorating for every occasion, every holiday, every season is a way of fulfilling something inside. I know it is a comfort to me in some way. I think it is like a person who paints, or writes a novel, or composes music. I think it is the same type of thing. I am considering myself..on the same par as a novelist, a composer.. (now to get published!) ROFL here!!


  1. Hello, I came upon your blog and thought I'd leave a comment as I see we have the same taste in backgrounds (Thank you Graphics Fairy!)I enjoyed visiting and seeing your pretty pics of red!
    Kindly, ldh

  2. first time here. We have similar stories about our marriages.I lost my husband of 46 yrs. to oral cancer. Later on I met a man whose wife of 46 yrs. died during her sleep... five weeks before my husband.This is what is strange. I went to school with her and my 1st husband went to school with my present husband. We didn't know each other, however. Friends got us together and we married about 6 yrs ago. I'm so glad that we took the chance at marriage again. So nice having someone to share with.
    I enjoyed your the pictures.

  3. Decorating is a fun thing, isn't it?...a way to express yourself to your family or friends. I always thought of it as creating traditions, letting my grandson know that a special time is coming and that he is speial!...Debbie


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