Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am NOT addicted to blogging. I just haven't had time to vacuum. I burned the garlic toast to a crisp tonight while I was trying to finish a comment. This morning I had to check to see what was new on some of my favorite blogs..and to work on getting some odd symbols erased from the top of my blog screen and you could hardly read some of the stuff because the color was so light. And..that is how it has been going. Oh...and I had to post a picture..(not a very good one at all) but it was a picture I had to take so I would have SOMETHING to post. You know, blogging is a full time job! Seems the more I look the more I see. Beautiful photos, witty stories, thought provoking questions to ponder and think about. Things I haven't thought about in YEARS! Not to mention all the beautiful homes and road trips along roads I would never otherwise get to travel. Another thing..I SEE things differently. I don't just see a flower, I SEE a flower! Anyway..hard to explain. I didn't make the bed yesterday. Didn't get dressed until 1:00pm today. Same yesterday. But..I am not addicted to blogging.
However..I guess I should sort of watch it. Right? :)
The picture is of three of my daughters. Mary is on the left, Dawn, the baby next and Erin Kathleen is on the right. One is missing. Sandy. I miss her. She is my oldest daughter and the only girl not in the picture.


  1. Great looking daughters. Addicted to blogging? Moi? Heh heh heh

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  2. Di and Smart Mouth...thank you so much for the compliments on my daughters. :) You have both been so sweet and kind to me. It is so good to feel encouraged on here.
    You really put yourself out there and are ..vulnerable? Thanks so much. :)

  3. LOL!!!! I am told that I cannot blog while I am cooking dinner!!! It is because I, like YOU, burn things. Countless things!

    Mona, your daughters are gorgeous! What a sweet picture. I know that they get their good looks from the Momma!!



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