Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I've been MIA, I know, but things happen.  It's hard to feel like doing much right now.  My LEFT knee gave out on me...and being out lounging on the patio has made me want to do a bit of clipping..
Yes, yes, I went to the doctor..but it took me over a month to get in...and THEN HE WASN'T THERE.  Sometimes I can't stand at all and other times...I think I getting better!

Tessa can tell you my tale of woe!  I've bored her to death and sobbed on her shoulder.
However she has reason to understand..
I do so hate having an OWIE!!

I bought two new dark wicker lounge chairs with matching ottomans.  They will all be put together and functional by this afternoon.  They match the Dragonfruit umbrella's.  

Why am I posting this?  Well..because it has taken me ages to get those stones in and the grass to cover the mud!  It's beginning to look so nice..and it's right under the arbor...

 ...which is slowly being covered by a climbing rose called AMERICA~!

 For climbing roses...these seem to large to me.  I have now planted four of them...and as I told someone..if I have to take my bathes in a sink...I am NOT letting my roses die!  We will eat on paper plates and use disposable clothing and an outhouse.  :)  :)  Okay, I won't go that far..but  I'm going down with my roses.    

See those faded plastic chairs?  They are going out under the tree's!  I hope our new chairs are comfy!

This past weekend..I found six brand new place mats by WAVERLY for just a dollar each at an Estate sale.  Never been used!  I took this picture before I got them.. soooo...now I am anxious to get everything together.  The family will all be here for Mother's Day.   The trim and colors in the mats match my green patio  table and umbrella perfectly!   

What else did I find?  An adorable Kentucky Derby hat and a gorgeous large silver serving spoon.
:)  yeah!  I did! :)

We waited until late to go so I wouldn't have to limp through a crowd...and..I was full of pain pills.

Bedroom is all done..and I am limping around trying to get it all back together.  

If no one visits me,I will understand.   BAD blogger here...one just has to take a break now and then. I notice I'm slowing down more and more.  So...time for a housekeeper?  Believe me ..it would be nice.



  1. You never have to apologize. I will be here when you return.

    I am glad you are able to still yard sale even "doped up" you found some good deals. Teasing you a little.

    I will set a chair anywhere you want to clip if you would come. I could use a full time gardener. I've been so busy I fall once a day just for fun!

    Hang in there. Heal quickly.

  2. I forgot...ice and elevate and then wrap.

  3. Mona, your patio and yard looks so beautiful! I got a chuckle out of your going down with your roses, but I realize it must be a big challenge. Gentle rain would be very welcome, I'm sure. Your poor knee! Hope that you get some relief soon.

  4. Mona, this does not look like the yard of someone who is slowing down! I understand about aches and pains though. :) Just take it easy and one day at a time.

  5. you have such a wonderful gift for nesting, creating the most beautiful surroundings, I sure hope that knee of yours improves,,

  6. Mona, I love all of your outdoor area. It so beautiful. Who would not want to sit out with a tea or coffee and enjoy your flowers. wishing you help with your knee and a full recovery. xoxo,Susie

  7. i wondered what was going on with you!!! isn't tessa the sweetest? i can't wait to see all of your new stuff! we have been in the 80's here so you know i am very unhappy! and i have been so busy i can't think straight. hope your knee feels better soon!

  8. I was so excited to see your post...missed you! Your yard and patio look so pretty Mona, I think you are doing a wonderful job keeping it up, esp. with your knee pain. hugs...

  9. Ohhh... Im so sorry you are struggling with that knee.. I hope you soon have some relief. Your patio is beautiful.. Im seriously jealous! Ive always wanted a nice patio. Where is my fairy god mother!? lol!! I hope you have a delightful mothers day and that your family spoils you well!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your big OWIE! I hope you feel better soon. Please don't apologise for not being around - it happens to all of us....life steps in and makes us take that break.
    Your outside table is looking very pretty, indeed!

  11. Your patio and yard looks great. Hope your knee gets better real soon. Take care. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  12. Oh, MONA!!! I feel your pain! I had a bad knee - bone on bone! for several years - before finally having insurance and got it replaced. It's amazing you did so much!! Your garden!!! Oh, my dear!! Your garden!!! I am drooling....

  13. Ouch !!!! I can feel your bad knee. I am glad you have a lovely place to sit and enjoy your beautiful garden. Don't do anything for mothers day. The children will bring every thing, knowing your family.
    I have shingles so I am putting up with awful pain as well. The best thing about mine is I know it will go eventually. Sending healing hugs.

  14. Your roses are gorgeous! I love their bright color and big blooms. You have such a pretty yard and patio.

    I hope you can get some relief for your knee pain really soon. My bad knees are always done for the day way before I am and it is so aggravating. Sometimes they feel like the Wizard of Oz Tin Woodsman knees in need of oil, except mine hurt.

  15. Your yard and patio are so beautiful! Those roses are amazing and I would sacrifice too! I hope your knee is OK. If anyone would understand it would be me...me with the 2 new knees! I'm able to work full-time again and walk without pain. I hope you can get some relief for yours. Please take it easy. I don't want you to fall and break something! The housework can wait!

  16. My left knee is also giving out on me Mona. Horrid, isn't it! I have to watch it bigtime on the stairs and it hurts all the time! Woe is me and you, it seems.
    Your garden is looking lovely and the new chairs are great.

  17. You know in your heart, we will always be here. I wish I lived closer to help you do things. Hard to say take it easy, when you do it anyway, probably limping round, till you just have to rest that knee again. Get back to the Doctor and get going on that, find out what is wrong and get it fixed or improved. Those pills sure will ease the pain. Your patio and yard look adorable and most beautiful. Take it easy my friend,elevate and ice twice a day - can you do that. And it would help if you used a walking stick or that dreaded word "cane" - either of these devices take most pressure off knee, so you are able to move much more and have more comfort and not as much pain. You cannot keep abusing the knee, so continue the baths at the sink and tell PH for goodness sake to put that mirror down. We have enough heat for now. Thanks honey n PH - luv you guyz. lol

  18. Sending prayers for healing and feeling better:) Have a blessed day in your piece of paradise! HUGS!

  19. your yard and patio are beautiful, all those wonderful plants and flowers and since i am number 19 to comment it seems SOMEONE cares to comment. LOL
    i went through the knee thing, my right one and when it got so i could not walk the xray showed a spur... that was in Dec and now i am pain free from 4 months of 5 days aweek in the pool and at home doing leg exercises. forgot to say i got a shot in the knee so i could exercise. depends on what is wrong with yours. mine is mr Arthur. hope you get to see the doc soon

  20. I remember those paving stones!!!! And they now look super!!!! Perfect!

    Yes, we are both in "our damn knee/leg, hurts like hell" mode. :-( And it sucks!

    If I am ruffling any of your commenter's feathers, with such words, so be it. Let them have our painful knees/legs, and they will say non-lady-like things too!!!!!

    Your place looks like an oasis.

    Yeah, a housekeeper would rock. Better get one!!!!!!

    Here, my husband knows how to cook, and do stuff around the house, so we are getting by. But we do have an every-other-week house cleaning lady.

    Life changes, and we have to deal with it.


  21. I do hope your knee is starting to recover and give some relief! Sounds like you were in a bad way and I sympathise fully! Your patio and garden look so lovely! And Mele peeking in the background...precious as always! The fragrance from your roses and star jasmine must be heavily! Cannot wait to see your bedroom and the new patio furniture...when you feel up to taking a few pictures! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!
    Huge hug xxx

  22. I love it that you are back Mona! The garden is gorgeous as always your magic touch! How do you manage to find such great bargins at those Estate Sales....lucky you! Get that knee to feeling better.....big hugs!!!

  23. Hi Mona! Thank you for visiting my blog. I LOVE your back yard! (and I'm sorry about your knee.) Looking forward to getting to know you!

  24. You are not alone with your knee. I am having the same thing. Ouch! And I have to go to work everyday. But I sit as much as possible.

    Your roses are magnificent! Mine aren't blooming yet. But yours are amazing.

  25. Hi Mona! I sure hope you feel better real soon! You have such a gorgeous outdoor area...i love it! Cant wait to see the new stuff too! What did the doctor say to do about your knee?....was there another doctor there for you?

  26. Have you tried rubbing your knee with ARNICA? Its an all natural gel and does nnt smell! Helped me til mine got so bad! I got the shots in both knees last month and the dreadful and intense pain was GONE THE NEXT DAY! It was so amazing and such a God send! Finally....relief! I suffered a long time.....i will get the shots again if they off in a few months!!!

  27. Hi, Mona..hope your knee is better by Mother's Day...have a great one. xo

  28. You poor dear Mona . . .
    You need to have someone look at that knee . . .
    I hope you can rally for Mother's Day . . . better yet, sit back, legs up and let the family come to you and pamper!

    I must say, you have gorgeous flowers, gardens, plantings, landscape . . . Does PH help with the gardens too? My oh my, it looks like plenty of work . . . So lovely though to have all that beauty surrounding you. What time of the day do you have to get out side to tweak, trim, etc with your heat?

    I so hope you get help with that knee, don't wait any longer!

  29. When your housekeeper gets done by you....send her over to me! I think I am losing the battle!

  30. Good luck with your knee. I have that problem sometimes and it really hurts. Ice and Heat is what they recommended. Your roses and yard look so pretty!

  31. Good Morning, Sweetpea!

    I've been MIA as well, mostly, with a kitchen demolition and all its attandant messes and murks.

    I'm sorry to hear you've been having knee problems, and I hopw you're on the mend soon. All your new goodies and pretties will cheer you right up, just looking at them, and I know you're rarin' to go to get everything in its new, shining place.

    I bought two cans of Laura Ashley white spray paint for a shelf for the microwave--it's huge and up on the wall out of way of the counter, and I can't give it up, no matter how many nice new cabinets get put into place. I'll think of you as my inspiration with every whooosh of those spray cans.

    And, in my usual fashion, I'll probably go on whooshing stuff---I've got a lovely painting picked out for the new kitchen---a rosy Dufy print---and it has a tan bamboo frame, so maybe I can paint that without covering the glass.

    Feel better, my faraway friend,


  32. I can't believe all you're doing despite that knee! Oh, Mona, be gentle on yourself, dear lady. Maybe a housekeeper isn't such a bad idea. Then you can spend your energy on the fun stuff!

  33. Belated Mother's Day wishes, dear Mona. Please never feel you must apologize for not posting. We all know too well that life happens and sometimes we need to take care and rest up. Hope that the knee pain is easing or that you have been anle to get a dr appt, whichever comes first. You always find the most marvelous estate sale bargains. While I would enjoy going to them, we are desparately downsizing now so I would onky have to look and not buy! We have been busy clearing out my late mother's home and teying to pack up final items from our VA home, which sadly remains "on the market"

  34. I have been MIA on postings too so I know how life gets in the way sometimes.Your rose is so pretty. Yes you must keep it alive no matter what. LOL! So sorry to hear about your knee. I think this getting older stuff is for the birds. I hate falling apart a little at a time. LOL! Hope your knee gets better girl. Take care of it.


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