Thursday, May 28, 2015


  Sometime I read my comments and just cry.  How did I ever get SO lucky as to meet all of you.
Really.  You are just so sweet and kind to me.  I sometimes just shake my head in wonder.
I picked these Waverly place mats up at an Estate sale a few weeks ago.  We stopped in on the "half price day" as I wouldn't have been  able to negotiate the crowd with my knee and hip problem which is a thing of the past.  At least so far.  Nearly three months of pain..and it's now a thing of the past...for now.

 The place mats had the perfect apple green trim colors that went perfectly with the patio set.
The umbrella used to have a brown wood pole.  I painted it with the apple green to go with the pretty apple green umbrella cover.  
I get such a kick out of finding things that look like they belong.  Especially when it costs next to nothing.

YORK wallpaper by Waverly.    Or is it the other way around.  Source is American Blinds.

 This is the wall paper that is going up in the kitchen.  It arrived about a week ago...however...
I was one roll short on the paper for the accent wall in the living room..
This will go on the wall behind the couch.  They only sent me one roll so I had to order another.
I mean..why would I order just one roll???  but they insisted I did..  At this point I sort of trust them more than myself...but still...  ???
So..I'm waiting for my extra rolls.  My paper hanger is busy with another job that will be finished on the first of will work out perfectly.  :)

My kitchen is now  "kitchen aid red."  I cannot wait to see how the new paper looks.  
The living room wall is right around the corner from the kitchen.    I know, I's going to be GORGEOUS!   (almost)

 I know.  It's much for some of you..but I'm loving the coziness of my paper.

About the bedroom.  I have not posted pictures of it yet as I was waiting for my Laura Ashley Chalk pink lamp shades to arrive,  which they have..and so tomorrow I will snap a couple of pictures of the finished  room.  No..still no new bedspread.   Not a sophisticated room ..but it's me.!!!
  Did ...I ...say..."me"...   but of course I meant "us"   You DO believe me, don't you?

*Nothing like wall paper and chocolate to take your mind off the world's problems, at least until you watch the news again!  


  1. Such an exciting post today, Mona! I love your new wallpaper choices and cannot wait to see them up...and you can be sure I'll be one of the first in line, tomorrow, to see your bedroom! Yippee...I really do find it all very exciting...seeing everything you do in and around your beautiful home. You are sooooooo creative and clever and I wish I could be like you, truly...but I'm not. You just jump right in, so confidently. I've never painted sad is that, huh?

  2. Do I believe that your girly bedroom is "us" not "me" ??? NOOOOOO 😉

  3. Ooo, and your new header! I absolutely love how you change your header so often...they are always attention grabbing and just so special, because each one highlights a treasured vignette of your home and garden! Each gives us a little more insight into the beautiful, loving soul your are. Just precious!

  4. how lucky you are to be redecorating so much of your home! I wish I was.. but I am lacking motivation in that dept.! lol! I think your home most be lovely.
    have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Mona! Hooray for you, picking out that gorgeous wallpaper!!!! I just know it will look fabulous with all of your accessories. I just love the coziness wallpaper adds. I haven't had any in my house for awhile, but am definitely going to find a way to work it back in soon. Happy Friday to you my dear! Jane

  6. i can't wait to see your wallpaper! i like how you are always changing things up and redoing things. you put so much love into your house.

  7. Yes, let's stare at the wallpaper and keep the News turned off! SO many bad things and they just don't seem to ever stop but keep getting worse:( Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  8. Good news . . . hip is feeling better, knee too . . .
    And I love hearing you happy about your wallpaper, "tweaking" this and that and making everything full of color and charm. It makes me happy to hear you sound happy. I love the header "change up" too . . .
    Happy weekend Mona . . .
    (HAPPY must be my word of the day!)

  9. Mona your kitchen is going to look so swanky. Plus that Laura Ashley lamp sounds beautiful. I love the Laura Ashley look.
    Hugs Kay

  10. A sweet girl after my own favorite toile pattern gracing your kitchen...oh, home sweet home! It's going to look fabulous!!!!

  11. Oh, I love your choice of paper for the kitchen! I have been so busy getting ready for company that we are having next week that I haven't visited like I should, forgive me? H's brother from New York is coming to visit and we are so excited! He and his wife are also bringing H's sister...what a wonderful time we will have! Glad to hear that you are feeling better, I worry about you! hugs....

  12. This brings you much joy so in turn it brings me joy.

    Glad your leg is much better.

    Will look forward to seeing the walls when they are finished.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  13. I-love-your-wallpaper!!!!! Both of them! Love 'em!!!!!



    Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs,

  14. I adore wallpaper so am eager to see how the kitchen and living room come out. You have chosen such nice selections. The placemats are wonderful!

  15. The place mats are pretty. Love the wall paper. Will be looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. Oh- I LOVE that toile for your kitchen, Mona. It is going to be just beautiful...BEAUTIFUL. That rose wallpaper I had in my daughter's bedroom. She had the matching bedding, too. I always loved that pattern. I had the pillows, too. If I still had them I would send them to you...but I don't.

    Can't wait to see your bedroom with your new lampshades. I bet it looks great. xo Diana

  17. Mona - I love your choice of red toile wallpaper for the kitchen. I just finished making bedroom draperies out of the exact Waverly paper. So, great minds think alike - right? I have always loved the look of toile & the fact that almost everything blends with the patterns. Love how you painted the umbrella pole apple green to match you placemat find. It looks lovely on your patio. I also have a large collection of Spode china in the same cranberry toile called Camilla which I started collecting way back in my 30s. Now that I am in my late 50s, I finally decided to start using the china rather than just looking at it displayed in my china cabinet. You inspire me with your creativity & decorating your home to suite your taste rather than having it look like a page out of a catalogue like so many homes do these days. Glad to hear your aches & pains have departed for now.

  18. Dear I wish you had an email address, a blog or something that I could contact you. I've wished that so many times!! Thank you for your compliments. I've been wanting to do wallpaper for a long time and I'm finally doing it. Please send an email so I can respond to you when you stop by. :) Mona

  19. I've always loved toile and red is another big fav of mine! Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm also glad I've found someone who has dipped a brush in more cans of paint than I have...or possibly squeezed more spray cans of paint than me! The placemats are a great find and look wonderful! Have a good weekend. I wish I could send some of this rain we're getting out to you!

  20. Oh, Mona, that leaf wallpaper is to die for! I saw fabric that looked just like that but it had beautiful birds in it! It would be perfect for a pillow(s)! I can maybe find it, if you like. And toile, well don't get me started! I have a dining room full of blue and white toile, and it's your same pattern. What a great fabric it is, too!
    Your taste runs the same as mine, and I just found your blog, so I will be tuning in daily to see what you are up to! Thank for sharing all this eye-candy with us, Mona.
    Judy from Arizona


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